Top 5 money mistakes all freshmen make

A recently carried out survey by Walletpath revealed that even though 65% of college grads wished they knew more about personal finance, they seemed to be doing pretty well for themselves. However, things are a bit different when it comes to college freshmen across the United States. As per a 2013 Higher One study, a[…]

Review of the Best Online Budget Software

Very few actually enjoy the task of budgeting. Understanding and maintaining a cash flow system for income, bills and savings each month takes equal parts effort and time – and when the numbers fail to create a surplus, the big bad “b” word turns into a despised chore. Fortunately, the fusion of technology and innovation[…]

Top 6 money management methods that always deliver

Tired of the constant unsolicited financial advice given by the so-called money experts in your environment? These people could be anyone including your relatives, friends or even acquaintances that you often run into during your morning walks! While one may urge you to invest into blue-chip stocks, others may consider them an absolute waste. Your[…]

Is Making More Money or Limiting Spending Better for Getting Out of Debt?

When we fall behind on our bills, our initial hope and wish is that we made more money. If only we had higher incomes, we wouldn’t have money problems, right? If that were the case, then Kanye West wouldn’t be $53 million in debt. Kanye and others with extremely high incomes going broke and crashing[…]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use a Credit Card

The average household credit card debt has risen dramatically over the past decade, now over $15,000 per household. This is pretty significant, and is usually a sign of living beyond your means or overspending. And, it might be a sign that it is time to cut up some of your cards and get caught up[…]

5 Reasons You Should Get a Credit Card

Don’t be afraid of credit cards. They can have many advantages! If you are a responsible credit card user, then you can experience many benefits from having credit cards. Here are 5 quick (and great) reasons for you to get a credit card: 1. Improve Your Credit Yes, it’s true, getting a credit card can[…]

How to Create a Budget in No Time!

One of the most important things you need to do when it comes to your financial health is to create a good budget. Having a budget, and sticking to it, can lead to greater financial stability, regardless of your socioeconomic status. Having a budget means setting limits, being disciplined and being responsible. When you have[…]

Get the Whole Story on Your Credit Card APR

Many people believe that to calculate how much interest they pay per month, they simply have to divide the APR by 12. Not so. APR, or annual percentage rate, is the quoted rate of interest that you pay over a year. But the quoted interest rate doesn’t precisely match up to what you actually pay[…]