10 Ways to Make Extra Money Online

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Saving up for something special? Feeling strapped for cash? There are many reasons to seek some extra cash in your bank account. We work hard for our money, as the song says, but sometimes the paycheck doesn’t quite stretch as far as we’d like. Thankfully, in the internet age, there is a whole economy online that is accessible like never before. There are thoughtful, creative and sometimes wacky ways to earn money online.

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  1. Freelance

Getting paid for freelance work has never been easier. You can now access contacts and projects not only from your own network, but from across the world. Whether you like to write blog posts, transcribe interviews, do accounting design websites or build apps, there is a client out there for you. One of the biggest freelancing websites, UpWork, is used by over one million businesses to get work done. You charge your own rate, and the freelancing platform takes a certain percentage. However, the platform helps provide a guarantee to make sure you’re compensated for work completed. Though there are hundreds of different task types, it’s best to narrow in on your specialty and build a portfolio in that vein. Your work will look stronger, and it will become easier and easier to win contracts.

  1. Sell Your Stuff

People in North America spend a lot of money on storage. Whether it be a bigger home to store your stuff or a storage service. What if you saved money on storage and received money for that stuff. Open up your own ‘storefront’ and sell those items that are hanging around and you likely won’t use again. Great books, nice clothing, handy tools could all make you money. Create an account with e-bay, Amazon or even your local online classifieds, take nice photos of your stuff, be honest and reasonable and you could easily turn your stuff into cash.

  1. Rent Your Stuff

If you’re attached to your things, you can consider renting your stuff instead of selling it. Want to rent your clothes, try DateMyWardrobe. You can rent your camera equipment or your parking spot if you’re in certain cities. And of course, there’s the classic rent your spare room or whole apartment with Airbnb. If you want a platform where you can rent out a range of items, try Rentything, where you can rent truly anything and everything.

  1. Shop Online

If you like to shop online, why not get paid for it, too? Through SwagBucks, your regular internet activities could earn you cash or gift cards. For every dollar spent, you earn SwagBucks, and 1 SwagBuck is equivalent to about 1% cash back. If you’re shopping online anyway, why not check and see if that item is available through the SwagBucks portal and earn SwagBucks. If you want to maximize your shopping, you can also sign up and search through the similar Inbox Dollars website. Just your sign-up there will earn you a $5 bonus to start off right.

  1. Search the Internet

SwagBucks and Inbox Dollars conveniently also pay you for a whole range of activities, including watching videos and taking surveys. However, one of the most cost-effective ways to earn on these websites, especially SwagBucks, is to use their search engine. It’s a still useful alternative to your normal search engine, but you’ll earn points as you search.

  1. Test Websites

There are a lot of bad websites out there. Ones where you get lost, requests are incorrect and other annoyances. Thankfully, there are developers who are looking to make better websites, and will pay you for your feedback. The job is to use and review a website while you narrate your experience. All of your experience and thoughts are recorded. For each 20-minute review, you can earn $10. Plus, you’re improving the internet experience!

  1. Rate Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines are continuously updating their algorithms to better meet your search criteria with results on the internet. Perhaps surprisingly, they get real humans to help with this work. Big search engines contract out this work to companies, like LeapForce, who hire independent contractors to rate search engine results tasks. The training for this job is not insignificant and is unpaid, however, once you’re approved, you could be making up to $12 an hour.

  1. Sell Your Photographs

If you’ve got an eye for lighting and capturing moments, even as an amateur photographer, you could earn cash by selling your photos to advertising companies. Well, not directly – Foap will take care of that for you. Post your best photos on the Foap app, and if yours is purchased, you’ll receive $5.

  1. Tutor

You may have always wanted to share your classroom knowledge. Now to earn some dough, you can become an online tutor and teach students across the continent. Websites like Tutor.com will connect you with students who need extra help in their studies. If you’re an expert in anything from algebra to Spanish to microbiology and have a knack for explaining that knowledge, you could help a struggling student better understand a subject  and earn money.

  1. Start a Blog

It’s now an almost classic way to earn money online. A blog is a long-term investment of time and effort, so it should be a blog on a topic that is interesting to you. Once you build a community around your blog, you can monetize various parts of it to earn income. If you’re connected with certain products, say a travel website, you could earn money by having affiliate links. These links are directed to product sales pages, and click-throughs will earn you money. You can also make money by producing e-books on your topic of blogging expertise and selling them on your website. Or you could create a special paid part of your website with exclusive content for members only. However, to be able to sell anything from your blog, you have to build your voice and community first. No fast cash here, but bigger long-term gains.

Making money online is not much different than making money offline. If you have a specific skillset, you can earn more money per hour because of your expertise. If you’re looking to make quick cash, you can do a range of tasks that are accessible to anyone for a lesser amount. However, the options and combinations of online earnings are vast, with new options, websites and apps coming out all the time. If you are conscious of your time spent and combine a few different strategies, you could have a nice addition to your income to save or enjoy!

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