Earn More Points & Miles with Dining Programs

Some think that dining out is an unnecessary splurge, and that it should be avoided. While it is true that dining out can get pretty pricey, especially if you are drawn to the higher-end restaurants, when you use a credit card associated with a dining program that helps you accrue points for cash back or[…]

Review of the USAA Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Cash rewards credit cards are among the most popular. Although travel cards offer some great perks, not everyone takes advantage of redeeming those hard earned points. Cash, on the other hand, is always appreciated and nearly always redeemed. Let’s take a look at the USAA Cash Rewards cards to see what they have to offer,[…]

How Getting a Credit Card Can Improve your Credit Score

Is your credit score low? Or, at least lower than you would like it to be? Getting a credit card can actually help to improve your credit score, in some situations. Understanding the basics of how your credit score is calculated can help you to raise your score, by making improvements to the various factors.[…]

Barclays Makes Changes to Arrival Credit Cards

The Barclays Arrival credit cards have already been offering great benefits to card holders, and they have recently announced a few changes that are sure to impress current customers and lure plenty more people to the Barclays camp. Here are the changes that have been made to both versions of the Barclaycard Arrival. Links to[…]

Ways to Redeem Your Discover it Rewards

Well, you have been spending and paying, spending and paying, and now you have a great balance in your Discover it Rewards account. What should you do now? After taking advantage of the regular points earnings, and the bonus rewards rotating categories, and even shopping at the ShopDiscover portal store, you are ready to redeem![…]

Wells Fargo Propel 365 Amex Credit Card Review

The Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express card does just as promised—propel your points earnings into a new level, and very quickly. As one of the biggest banks, Wells Fargo does not always offer rewards cards, so this is a pretty special thing happening. Let’s take a look at the finer points so you can[…]

How to Choose a Secured Credit Card

Those who are searching for secured credit cards have little to feel secure about when it comes to their credit, which is why making the right choice is so important. With many options available, it is critical that you examine each offer carefully so that you get the secured credit card that is right for[…]

USAA Active Military MasterCard Review

USAA recognizes that active members of the military certainly deserve some special benefits in exchange for their sacrifice. They are offering a special USAA Active Military MasterCard that provides specific benefits for those who are active military members.   Apply Now: USAA Active Military MasterCard®   Benefits No Annual Fee, Ever! The USAA Active Military MasterCard[…]

How to Build Your Credit with a Secured Credit Card

Having no credit is often just as problematic as having bad credit. When you have good credit, you are able to show a bank or lender that you are a great risk, that you always pay your bills responsibly, and that you are committed to returning the money that is lent to you. Even if[…]

Which Credit Cards Offer Your Credit Score for Free?

Getting your credit score often requires you to pay a fee, or apply for a loan or credit card without knowing exactly where you stand. But, that is all about to change! Some credit cards are now offering free credit scores, and they are printing them right on the credit card statements. Because knowing your[…]