The Discover it Quarter 4 Spending Bonuses, 2014

Each quarter, Discover offers bonus categories that allow you to earn 5% cash back on purchases using your Discover it®. This allows Discover customers to get great bonuses, by purchasing the things that they are most likely to need. Popular categories include groceries, gas stations, online shopping, department stores, dining and more. The spending bonuses[…]

The Best Credit Cards From USAA

USAA offers credit cards specifically to members of the armed forces and military, including all branches from Navy to American Legion members. Since 1922, USAA has shown their appreciation for those who serve our country by offering helpful financial products that range from auto and life insurance, to loans and credit cards. USAA has developed[…]

Can Apartment Hunting Hurt Your Credit Score?

Are you currently looking for a new place to live? You might want to know how apartment hunting can affect your credit score—you may not even realize that this is possible, but many landlords do require a credit check, and certain types of credit checks can affect your credit. Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiry The[…]

Capital One BuyPower Credit Card Review

For Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac loyalists, your card has arrived! With the Capital One BuyPower credit card, you can earn tons of points that can go toward the purchase of your next vehicle. Use this card over the course of a year or two and you will find that you can build up a great[…]

Which Airline Credit Cards Offer Free Checked Bags?

If you travel frequently, then you might be aware of some of the big changes that have taken place over the past several years, in terms of additional fees and charges. If it’s been a while since you last boarded a plane—hang on, there might be some surprises. One of the big changes, and one[…]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use a Credit Card

The average household credit card debt has risen dramatically over the past decade, now over $15,000 per household. This is pretty significant, and is usually a sign of living beyond your means or overspending. And, it might be a sign that it is time to cut up some of your cards and get caught up[…]

What Can You Do with 40,000 US Airways Miles?

A bonus of 40,000 US Airways miles can go a long way, if you learn about the options that you have. It’s important to know that within the next year, American Airlines and US Airways will merge, and all of your earned miles will be American Airlines AAdvantage miles. This may change the way that[…]

Which Airline Credit Cards Offer Elite Status?

As you check out the many options for getting a credit card with airline rewards, it is helpful to know what you will get for perks. Some airline credit cards will get you elite status more quickly (or automatically), while others have pretty regular perks. Depending on what you are looking for, you may prefer[…]

How Credit Card Car Rental Insurance Works

Many credit cards offer auto rental insurance as one of their perks or benefits. There are some details that you should explore before you turn down the insurance offered at the rental counter and walk away with the keys, but let’s go over the basics. Nuts and Bolts We should start by reviewing the basics[…]