JetBlue Plus Card

A Review of the Three New JetBlue Cards

Anyone who travels frequently knows it can get a bit pricey. This is why major card companies such as Chase, American Express, etc. have come up with a “frequent traveler miles” system that allows a card holder to gain miles to travel with every purchase made; allowing for an easier and more affordable way to[…]

How do balance transfer cards work?

Let’s cut to the chase and get behind the workings of balance transfer cards right away! Once we’re done doing that, we’ll go over few more aspects of balance transfers which are integral to the process. The term ‘balance transfer’, unlike other complicated financial terms, is fairly easy to understand. A balance transfer is simply[…]


How Do Balance Transfer Credit Cards Work?

You come home from work and walk out to the mailbox to see what the mailman brought you today. You walk back to the house paging through ads, bills, and colorful envelopes offering you credit card rates that sound too good to be true. You might read it and see a promise of financial freedom[…]

Discover it Review

Discover made a very bold move in the year 2013 when it suddenly stopped offering all its existing credit card products to the new applicants and replaced them with one single card offering called ‘Discover it’, targeted at all kinds of credit card users! The company has made several feature additions to this card ever[…]

Amex PRG Perks

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Review

You just landed back in your home city, and you’re rushing to the grocery store to pick up the weeks essentials. You’re too tired to cook tonight though, so you’ve stopped off at your favorite Thai place to pick up some dinner — and you paid for it all on your American Express Premier Rewards[…]


How does credit card interest work?

Seventy five percent of Americans have credit cards but only one-third of the country understands how they actually work how. No wonder credit card companies are getting richer while Americans are going even further into debt! These companies are “banking” on the fact that their customers do not really understand how credit card interest works, allowing[…]

What makes up my credit score?

The dreaded credit score. It’s a term we’ve all heard on those cheesy commercials for payday loans- “Bad credit? No credit? No problem!” Most of us don’t fully understand what a credit score is and how it functions. But what most of us also don’t understand is just how important our credit scores really are.[…]

American Express Platinum 2016 Review

At first glance, the high $450 annual fee associated with the American Express Platinum card may seem overpriced and not worth it. A closer look, however,  will quickly reveal the many unique benefits this card has to offer. Now you can save money, improve your travel experiences, and bolster your point haul all at the[…]