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Which Home Security System Is Right For You?

The DIY home security system is hugely popular right now because of the availability and low prices of products that have every feature an expensive, professional security system has. In fact, some of the products have more features than the commercial security companies’ products. I’ve personally been researching and upgrading my home for a few[…]

Best Messenger Bag for Your Morning Commute

With companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple rising toward the top of Fortune’s 500, the rigid formality of the stereotypical office environment is relaxing. While there will always be a place for a traditional look, an increasing number of 9-to-5-ers at the top of their game are donning innovative, casual attire and accessories. These modern[…]

The Best Kids Tablet for Education and Fun

There’s no doubt about it – our kids know more about technology than we do! Carefully selecting and purchasing the best kids tablet isn’t just an investment in your child’s entertainment, but also in their education. As a veteran teacher who uses both tablets and chrome books with my students, I can vouch for the[…]

The Best Dehumidifiers to Help You Breathe Easier and Prevent Mold

Humidity is the worst. If you live somewhere that’s always humid or rainy like I do, then you know the problems it causes when there’s too much inside. High humidity levels lead to odors, mold, and dust along with bugs such as cockroaches, which bring their own flair of problems. But dealing with those health[…]