Consumer data study 4th of July


This fourth of July is a special one, because the United States is celebrating 240 years of independence. That means lots of barbeques, hot dogs, beer, fireworks, and traveling. But in compiling the best facts and statistics to help round out 4th of July 2017, we’ve also realized not that many people are attending parades, more people are getting into accidents, and China is supplying some of the very flags we fly high on this holiday.

To see just what makes up arguably our biggest national holiday, check out our 4th of july 2016 infographic below.




So to round it all up, the founding fathers really decided on Independence on the 2nd of July, Americans are going to stuff their faces with 155 million hot dogs, drink the most beer of any holiday, and 85% of travelers are hitting the road for their celebration. Flying in July is the most expensive month of the year, but at the same time the 4th of July is one of the deadliest days to drive. And finally, if you’re one of the 63% of Americans whose going to attend a fireworks show, remember safety first – and don’t be one of the 230 people injured that day.