American Express Serve: Prepaid Debit at its Best

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With prepaid debit cards making a huge dent in the way people are using credit and spending money, American Express offers up the American Express serve card, a prepaid debit card with some very attractive features.

Prepaid debit cards are great for people with limited budget, tight constraints on spending, poor credit, or those who wish to not build up large balances of credit card debt. The American Express Serve card has several very special and desirable features, certainly making it one that you should consider if you are in the market for a prepaid debit card.

Receive a $20 Credit at Tax Time

If you sign up now for the American Express Serve card, you may be eligible for a $20 statement credit when you have your 2013 Federal Tax Return (1040) direct deposited onto your card. File your tax return by April 15, and get this added bonus. Boost your tax return by using American Express Serve prepaid debit card!

No Application Necessary

There is no application to get an American Express Serve card. Simply pick one up at any CVS/pharmacy, Family Dollar, Duane Reade, Office Depot, Sheetz, Walgreens or Fred’s Super Dollar for $2.95 and you can begin using it as soon as you load money into the account. When you purchase your temporary account, you will be able to set up your account so that you can make deposits whenever you like. If you do not have any of these stores nearby, or just prefer to skip the step of obtaining a temporary card, you can set up your account online, with no charge, and be mailed a personalized American Express Serve card within a few days.

Not only is there no application, there is no application fee and no credit check! Again, this makes the card very attractive to those with credit problems, who might otherwise have difficulty being approved for the card. Once loaded with money, the American Express Serve card offers all of the same advantages that you would get from being able to pay any merchant (online or in a physical retail location) using a credit card.

Loading Money is Quick and Easy

Load money at any CVS/pharmacy register and many participating 7-Eleven Stores nationwide. Loading money is free, and there is no limit to how much you can add! Money can also be transferred online from a checking or savings account, direct deposit, credit card or even another debit card.

Use Anywhere American Express Cards are Accepted

Once your prepaid debit card is loaded with money, you can use it to make purchases anywhere American Express cards are accepted. Or, if you need quick cash, use it to make a withdrawal at more than 23,000 Money Pass ATMs across the nation with no fees. Use the card at other ATMs, if necessary, for a small $2 transaction fee.

No Monthly Fees

All you have to do is deposit $500 during each monthly statement period and you will pay no monthly fees. If you deposit less than that, you only pay $1 per month to use the American Express Serve card.

Set Up Subaccounts Easily

You can add other users simply and easily to your American Express Serve card, or set up subaccounts that will allow you to save money separately for larger purchases, the holidays or a great vacation.

Pay Bills Online For Free

It’s easy to set up the bill pay feature using your American Express Serve card, and then make your monthly payments for any and all bills online using the money deposited in your account. This can really help you streamline your finances and keep things organized in one place.

Enjoy American Express Features and Benefits

As an American Express Serve cardholder, you will be eligible for all of the great benefits offered by American Express, including world class customer service and top notch fraud protection. Also, you will get extended warranty and Purchase Protection for 90 days, protecting you in the event that something you purchase breaks, or is stolen.

If your card is lost or stolen, you will not be responsible for any charges that are made without your approval. Get live support from an American Express agent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to deal with automated service or wait for a return call! Get your questions answered and your issues addressed promptly and professionally, without having to worry.



There are certainly many advantages to using a prepaid debit card, and when it comes to choosing one of the best available, the American Express Serve card offers many advantages. With the added tax return incentive, now might be the perfect time to pick one up at the store or order one online!