Barclaycard and Discover offer free FICO Credit Score Monitoring

Knowing your credit score is important. Whether you’re applying for a new credit card, mortgage, or any other line of credit, your credit score plays a very important role in not only whether you’ll be approved, but the interest rate you will receive. Having a good score can mean the difference in approval, and having[…]

New Offers for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Freedom Cards

Today, Chase updated their site with increased bonus offers on the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Freedom cards. This is good news for those looking to apply for these cards, as more points is always better! Below are the full details.   Chase Sapphire Preferred – Up to 45,000 Points The sign-up bonus on the Sapphire Preferred[…]

Card Comparison: Capital One VentureOne and Capital One Venture

Don’t you just love when the names of two different credit cards are so similar? Enter: Capital One VentureOne and Capital One Venture. It can get quite confusing. So for those of you wondering what makes these cards different, this post is for you. First, both of these cards are rewards cards aimed at the[…]

Are Store Credit Cards a Good Idea?

It’s a familiar situation. After ringing you up, the cashier mentions that you can save 20% today by opening a store credit card. This can be pretty tempting, especially with the holiday shopping season approaching. But are store credit cards a good idea? According to a US Census from last year, store credit cards have[…]

A Catch 22: Getting Credit With No Credit

It’s like the job you can’t get right out of college because you lack experience. How are you supposed to get the experience if no one lets you? And so it goes with getting credit. Lenders won’t likely give you credit until you’ve proven that you’re creditworthy. Because of this reality, you have to get[…]

5 Ways to Earn More Rewards Without Extra Spending

Rewards cards are the best, right?  We’d like to give whoever came up with the idea a big kiss on the lips. Ok, maybe just a hug.  Our delight in rewards cards is for one big obvious reason: spending that we would do anyway now reaps rewards. We get rewarded for spending money! What an[…]

The Difference Between a Charge Card and a Credit Card

Yes, there is a difference between a charge card and a credit card. If you’re more of a visual person: Charge card = Credit card  ;  Credit card ≠ Charge card A charge card is, in fact, a type of credit card, but one that requires you to pay off your balance in full every month (or[…]

Friday Feature: Earn 3x Points on Dining with Chase Sapphire Card

Each Friday, we like to inform you of a new credit card feature or deal. Chase recently announced that the Chase Sapphire card, which normally offers you 2x points at restaurants, will now offer you 3x points on the first Friday of the month through 2013. Every point counts! Something to also consider if you[…]