A Comparison of the Best Air Fryers on Amazon

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There are known concerns over the consistent consumption of fried foods. However, advancements in technology have made it possible to have fried food that doesn’t have an unhealthy influx of processed fats. This critical change is made possible by the invention of air fryers: the ideal kitchen companion that makes it possible to fry your food with a minimum amount of oil, with no diminished flavor. I’ve spent several hours researching the latest after seeing and hearing about how my friends use their own air fryers to make delicious treats.

Here are the top air fryers available on Amazon, with some of the best value picks for you.

Best Air Fryer Winner: best air fryers

This fryer is the leading model in 2018. The  knocks it out of the park when it comes to fries, regardless of how stacked the basket is. One thing I love about this sleeping bag is its ability to load up to three pounds and still have the food efficiently done: crunchy, tender, and bursting with flavor.

A chicken dish comprising of wings will come with a delicious, crackling crust, while burgers will rival ones prepared on a grill. These performances are some of the indicators of genuine quality, with a consistency in a delicious, well-done dish. You want a fryer that exhibits excellent performance, regardless of the load in the cooking basket.

Biggest Selling Points

The Philips XXL has an impressive capacity, with a cooking basket that can hold more than three pounds of ingredients. The narrative that bulk cooking results in an inferior quality output doesn’t apply to this cooking unit.

Efficient cooking is guaranteed, with the cooked meal coming out well-done with a tasty crust, especially chicken and fries. Over and above the price and size, you need a cooker that does what it is expected to do, meeting and exceeding the expected performance.

The fryer comes with a cookbook, giving you some exciting recipe ideas for the perfect cooking experience. This addition is an excellent touch, providing additional insights into your existing cooking ideas.

This fryer is relatively easy to use and requires no preheating. Having an easy operation procedure is a big plus, as you don’t want equipment that is too tedious to operate.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

This air fryer is somewhat bulky and may cause inconvenience if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space. Convenience involves ease of storage, and for this reason, this is a downside. As the name suggests, the Philips XXL is massive. Too much weight may be a considerable inconvenience considering the cleaning involved in both this machine and in general. As this usually involves moving the cooking equipment, a heavy device may not be ideal.

The air fryer is also noisy. The added noise means that the cooking process may not be a quiet process as well, and too much noise can be a bit uncomfortable for some users as well.

The price may deter consumers from a purchase. The model has more components than your conventional unit and is therefore not easier to clean. With a big basket, the dishwasher is bound to be stacked when cleaning the fryer.

Why It’s the Best

All said and done, this is a worthy investment, with the fryer capable of preparing some of the best fried – and healthy – meals you can have. While there may be cons, its performance is head and shoulders above the rest regarding the quality of food prepared. This model is the number one pick, combining size and efficiency to perfection.


Best Air Fryer Runner-Up:

This air fryer is your ideal companion for preparing those fried foods on a daily basis. Not only does it give some good results, but it is also relatively easy to use. The produces some of the tastiest french fries you can have, manifesting excellent performance in the preparation of nuggets, chicken, or even vegetables.

Tip from a friend: if you want a better-tasting meal, spray items with a little oil before feeding it your ingredients. With performance that rivals that of a small convection oven, this is an ideal cooking partner for you.

Why You Should Consider Getting One

This piece is a big plus and remains a pocket-friendly purchase for an excellent piece of kitchen equipment. It is also easy to clean. This fryer is one that will present a minimal challenge when cleaning, with the process usually taking less than a couple of minutes.

The 3.2-quart capacity means that is spacious enough to prepare a relatively sizeable meal: you can fit in a couple of large chicken breasts, about eight chicken wings, or four drumsticks. You can even quickly cook a whole chicken, granted that it is not too big. The detachable basket is relatively easy to remove – doable with a single hand.

The SimpleTaste air fryer comes with an array of smart programs that greatly aid excellent user experience. Pre-set settings ensure that you save time and effort during daily use. The fryer is easy to use, coming with user instructions that are easy to read and understand. The straightforward operation makes your cooking experience that much easier.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

This air fryer is not big enough for the preparation of multiple meals, meaning that if you need a sizeable dinner ready, especially when you have guests, an alternative option is inevitable.

The SimpleTaste air fryer is a cooking companion with numerous advantages, in spite of the apparent limitation in size. If you don’t need to prepare a big meal, this is the best bet for you. The fryer is not as big as the Philips XXL, but it offers a similar performance.

Best Air Fryer Honorable Mention –

This counter-top oven is one of your best cooking companions, letting you fry, bake, warm, broil, and toast in relative comfort. This high-power fryer is considerably large, weighing in at 21 pounds. This fryer is relatively spacious, with the ability to comfortably hold up to 3 pounds of ingredients. The package comes with a wire rack, air fryer wire, as well as a baking pan. The oven interior is stainless steel-made, making for a non-stick and easy to clean interior.

Standout Qualities

This fryer has an array of impressive functionalities that enable you to roast pork or chicken, giving you room for experimentation and creativity with your recipes. This piece of cooking equipment serves the roles of air fryer, convection oven, and toaster, all rolled up into one functional unit. The exhibits some very straightforward operation, making it very easy to use for the best cooking experience.

The air fryer does not need to preheat and is very fast in all cooking operations. This mode of operation translates to better convenience, making it ideal for meals prepared by someone with a crowded schedule. This air fryer is spacious, with the ability to comfortably accommodate a sizeable amount of ingredients.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

The absence of a removable drip tray can leave a mess, meaning that grease and breadcrumbs collection is only possible by the additional use of a baking tray. Sometimes, you may not be sure of the temperature settings for your meals, meaning the adoption of a trial and error approach at some point. This uncertainty means that the risk of burning food will be a constant concern. The fryer comes with a tray and basket that is not dishwasher safe, and you may need to get creative and put in some effort to keep these components clean.

For this Cuisinart fryer, microwave and rotisserie functions are conspicuously absent. Considering that these serve a consistent purpose, this may be a severe downside when it comes to this fryer. Although it is more affordable than the Philips XXL, it goes for twice the cost of a SimpleTaste air fryer. For all its functions, the impressive service will set you back a considerable amount.

This air fryer has an undeniably good performance and should be a serious consideration when in the market for one. The Cuisinart cooker exhibits an impressive array of functions and is a fast-cooker. For a busy kitchen, this is your perfect pick.

Best Air Fryer Honorable Mention:

The chief characteristics of this kitchen appliance include the ability to cook quickly, as well as food that is prepared adequately without diminished flavor. Ovens will at times struggle to replicate delicious crispiness, but the will deliver that with minimum fuss, especially with chicken meals.

A simple interface ensures simple, straightforward functionality that is easy use. This air fryer offers excellent flexibility, with the chance to set temperatures as desired: anywhere from 30 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. I understand that not everyone using an air fryer has prior experience. This one is straightforward to use, with a simple interface consisting of icons depicting foods that cook at various temperatures on the temperature adjustor. With such a helpful interface, the need to consult a manual about temperature settings may not be necessary.

Key Selling Points

For its features, this air fryer is one of the most affordable considering the available features and performance. The fryer offers a variety of functions at a very affordable price. The KRUPS air fryer is fast, and the food is cooked through. This speed and efficiency make it perfect for the person with a crowded daily schedule.

The fryer offers some fantastic flexibility, giving you the chance to adjust the desired temperature with ease. You don’t need to be well-versed on functionalities of similar equipment to use this one. Useful icons on the temperature knob assist you to know the ideal temperatures for your choice of food. This bit of ingenuity on the interface is a big selling point.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

If you are not sure of the ideal temperature for cooking your meal, you risk burning it at a temperature that is too high.

Why get a KRUPS air fryer?

With a bargain comes an inevitable limitation of features. However, if the fryer adequately addresses all your cooking needs, this is an ideal pick. This fryer is an excellent buy, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to get your meals ready, or if you don’t have a lot of experience with air fryers. The impressive balance of a pocket-friendly price between a friendly price and excellent performance is its biggest plus.

My Take on the Best Air Fryer (and What to Consider When Buying)

There are tons of advantages evident in the use of air fryers, with the principal one being better, healthier meals. Price remains a core consideration when making your purchase, and whatever you get off the shelf will need to fit comfortably within your price range. Along with the price, pick a fryer that serves the purpose, as the primary target of your shopping trip is to get a cooking appliance that resolves an existing need.

As with every new invention, different brands are available in the market. The presence of variety is inevitable. This availability of different brands and models necessitates careful consideration to make the perfect purchase for your cooking needs.

Considerations that come about on your shopping trip for the best air fryer will include:


We all have an idea of how much we may be willing to spend to get that excellent kitchen item off the shelf and any amount overly exceeding that may prove a deterrent. The set price has to be reasonable, or at least fall within the range of price affordable or deemed reasonable to you. To get a fair price, we will usually go online and check the rates quoted by different prices quoted by different sellers. This online check gives us an idea of the price ballparks, avoiding the possibility of hitting the aisles blind.


Cooking equipment must have the size needed to serve the purpose as desired. Any item that is too small may limit the portions that you can prepare, and this may, in the long run, be discouraging. A fryer that is too big may also make it harder to move around or face some inconvenience regarding managing the available kitchen space. You, therefore, need to get a fryer that perfectly fits the bill regarding size and capacity. Both size and cooking capacity is critical, so this consideration is inevitable.

Temperature Variation

Different foods cook at various temperatures, and a cooker that doesn’t offer much wiggle-room regarding the ability to adjust temperatures may not be excellent. You will want a fryer that gets all desired meals done, with a level of temperature flexibility that reflects true value for money.

Any foods that you fry must at least be capable of being prepared on the fryer, as you seek to maintain a healthy dietary plan. Ensure that you know the temperatures your desired range of foods cook at, as this is a critical consideration when making the pick for your ideal cooker.

Ease of Use

Ideal cooking equipment should not be too complicated to use, as in the process you may inadvertently cause damage to the unit. A complicated setup may also translate to additional work in getting everything set up correctly, which may prove too much of a hassle when you want to prepare a relatively simple meal.

Ideal fryers will have a relatively straightforward operation, and with the desired output, this straightforward operation makes the cooking experience a breeze. The settings and components should come with clear and appropriate labeling, in a proper font size that translates to convenient use.

Features Versus Price Factor

Cheap isn’t always the better deal. Be sure to check the capabilities and the corresponding price quotation. Many of the ‘cheaper’ models will usually have a lower capacity or exhibit other limitations regarding the available features. It is essential to know what features you need in the ideal fryer and go for one that checks all the right boxes.

Remember, it makes no sense to pay for features you may not need in your usual food preparation routine, so buy what works for you, and stick to what serves your cooking needs best.

Remember to Consult

It doesn’t hurt to check around for user experience and professional perspectives. Consult and get more details and insight before paying. Expensive doesn’t always indicate quality, and affordability doesn’t always reflect limited functionality.

In your consultations, be sure to confirm the materials making up the actual cooking unit, as weak components may affect longevity and leave you feeling shortchanged. Every consumer desires to get value for money, and a great deal of value comes in the form of long-term service. It doesn’t matter how good a fryer is if you have to look for a replacement after a short time.

In Summary of the Best Air Fryer Available Today

Here’s my perspective on the reviewed models:

Best Air Fryer Performers

The Philips XXL, Cuisinart, and the SimpleTaste air fryers are the best air fryer options available. These models offer performance and excellent value for money, with the Philips giant being the standout best air fryer performer.

Bargain Pick Best Air Fryer

The KRUPS air fryer is a bargain pick best air fryer. It is a very efficient one, which is a steal.

Remember to get confirmation about the available warranty with your best air fryer, as with every piece of electronic appliance you purchase. With this inquiry comes the need to know the extent of the warranty. Get to understand the scope of cover involved as well as the duration it is valid. Electronic equipment is prone to failure and malfunction, even in the absence of misuse. Additionally, the warranty is a critical facet of all purchases involving electronic equipment.

Wisdom also dictates that you find out if some components remain designated for separate purchases. Some parts are paid for separately, so be sure to confirm if the listed price is inclusive of all elements. It is these seemingly minor charges that end up driving the initial cost of securing the best air fryer up.

Put on some fun music on your favorite speakers and start cooking. Enjoy! Bon appetite!

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