Best All Weather Boots For You and Your Family

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A greatly underrepresented, yet incredibly important piece of foot apparel is the outdoor, all weather boot. Not to be mistaken with the typical galoshes, for which it’s sole purpose is to keep your feet dry and look slightly silly doing so – all weather boots takes foot protection to a whole new level. I’ve been wearing and working in all weather boots for years. I’ve put them to good use in my garden, working with the animals on the property, and trudging through our backwoods. In the process, I’ve earned an appreciation for the quality craftsmanship a well made all weather boot delivers. all weather boots

The best thing about all weather boots is that you can truly use them in a wide variety of conditions. They’re insulated enough to keep your feet warm in the snow, but not heavy like traditional snow boots. The deep outer tread of all weather boots will help keep you upright while trudging through slippery ice and compacted snow.

Just like a heavy-duty work boot, a well made all weather boot will offer protection from rough terrain, sharp objects, and blunt materials. Not to mention, a good all weather boot will get you through the mud and grime on a rainy, sog filled day.

You may not think you really need them, especially if you are a devoted urbanite, or suburbanite, even. But don’t fool yourself. There has surely been a time (or will be) when a good quality all weather boot will come in handy.

Best All Weather Boots

I’ve learned to invest a little bit of money on an all weather boots that will last years and keep my feet comfortable. Of course, I too care about how they look. I like the idea of hosing my boots off after working outside, and setting them aside for those rainy, mucky days I need to spend out and about in town. A beautiful all weather boot that’s well made and comfortable is a tall order. But a few brands have stood out from the rest for their durability and their good looks. Here are my top picks.

Top Pick All Weather Boot –

all weather boots

Known for their quality, comfort, and durability, Muckboots increasing popularity since the company’s beginning in 1999 is apparent. The Original Muckboot company looked to fill a gap in the boot industry, bridging function and fashion. The resulting product was a well designed attractive boot you could wear wherever you go. A Muckboot can be worn in the city, the farm, or the great outdoors.


The Original Muckboot company offers quite a variety of boots from cold weather ultra-insulated, to equestrian, to a casual trail, to simple rain boots. But, if I had to choose one, my favorite all around Muckboot is the . I don’t think I’ve seen a rubber boot look so fashionable. Its elegant styling is due in large part to the juxtaposition of utility and fashion, represented by a mix of matte-finish rubber and multi-tone knit.

If you spend a great deal of time outdoors and you’re on the hunt for attractive boots you can wear, work in, hose off, and run into town with, then take a look at the .


The is a fairly tall boot with a generous opening. The shaft measures about 14.25” from the arch, and the opening is approximately 14” around. The height allows added protection from the elements. So, you won’t need to deal with any water or snow making its way inside your boot.

The boot’s interior base is made with lightweight 4mm CR “Flex Foam” neoprene. Flex foam conforms to the shape of your foot. It acts like a custom-made foundation your foot can nest into. Not only is this kind of interior very comfortable, it also avoids chafing and blistering.

The boot lining is made from soft fleece, while the outside is completely waterproof. The heel of the Tremont Supreme is low, so walking is comfortable. But, it’s just stated enough to give this all weather boot a more elevated elegance.


While insoles are important, many can of them can be changed out with ones you prefer so they aren’t dealbreakers. The Original Muckboot company gets the insole right with their boots, however. The insole is made of a dual density EVA with a gel insert.

Weather Rating

The fleece lining in this waterproof all weather boot does the heavy hitting in regards to insulation. The has a pretty generous weather rating for an all purpose boot. Your feet will stay comfortable in weather as cold as -20℉ and as warm as 50℉. I’d say the only drawback in this all weather boot is that it may get a little uncomfortable in temperatures higher than 50℉. But, for many parts of the country, a good portion of the year sits in the -20℉ to 50℉ range.

Available Styles & Colors

The comes in two colors: Bark/Brass and Black/Gunmetal. As brown and black seem to be the go-to shades for best accompanying more elegant outfits, it makes sense The Original Muckboot company would offer the in these two popular colors.

Besides the , Muckboots come in a variety of other styles based on weather rating, wearing purpose (rain, work, horse riding, etc.), and fashion preference. They also make Muckboots for men and children, too.


Top For Comfort –

One of the most famous names in boots, at least here in the U.S., is Bogs. Bogs began in Eugene, Oregon in 2002 making men’s boots for farming and other agricultural use. Since then, Bogs has been introducing a new kind of boot, whether it be an all weather boot, colorful gardening boots, baby boots, outdoor leather boots, or sandals.

Out of all the boots Bogs has to offer, I love the . It’s lightweight and incredibly warm. This all weather boot is easy to pull on thanks to those iconic handles. This all weather boot only comes in black or shiny black. What’s best about these Bogs, besides being infinitely fashionable, is that they are also incredibly durable. My classics have served me well for years in a variety of situations, and I’ve never had a complaint.


Bogs are big on comfort and utility. The all weather boot features both with its “Neo-Tech” four-way stretch inner bootie. These boots are tall enough to keep the weather out. The waterproof neoprene and rubber construction of these all weather boots will keep your feet nice and dry. Plus, Bogs feature an antimicrobial odor protection insoles.

Weather Rating

These particular Bogs are rated down to -40 degrees. This means you can hang out in the cold for as long as you need without worrying about your feet. The thick tread on the boot also means you won’t need to worry about trudging through the snow. Yet, this all weather boot is light enough to wear in other seasons besides the dead of winter.

Available Styles & Colors

The comes in two types of black: basic black and smooth black (like patent leather). But there are plenty of other Blog styles that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Bogs offer many color rich rain boots, work boots, and snow boots. Most of the patterns and colors are classic and subdued. But, you can find a few wild patterns here and there.

Top For Style –

Yes, Hunter is one of the hottest boot brands on the market right now, but for good reason. Hunter boots are incredibly stylish. Sure, some of them look like every other rain boot on the market. But their unique color schemes, finishes, and stylistic variations justifies Hunter’s position at the top.

My absolute favorite Hunter is the Women’s . Why? Because I feel like I’m wearing a classic motorcycle boot, but with the protection from the elements.

But, it’s not just about style. Hunter brand boots are one of the oldest boots on the market. This British company was established back in 1856 and has the honor of holding two Royal Warrants of Appointment for the royal court. What’s a Royal Warrant of Appointment? It’s basically permission to tell the world you supply the Queen of England her boots.


The Hunter Boot comes up about to mid-shin, which is much shorter than my other top all weather boot picks. Slouchy straps wrap twice around the ankle area of the boot. This is what gives this all weather boot the feel of a motorcycle boot. The top of the boot has an adjustable strap in the back but it seems to be there more for show than utility.


When Hunter says gloss, they really mean it – and it will hold up too. Thanks to their durability and craftsmanship, it’s easy to keep this all weather boot looking just as perfect as the day they were purchased. This particular style comes in three colors: navy blue, black, or red. In styling the boot, Hunter even thought of the buckle. The Navy boot comes with either black or off-white buckles.

Top For Economy –

Fun and comfort are the two words that come to mind when I think of . Why? are incredibly comfortable thanks to their cushiony sole.

The sheer variety of brightly colored patterns puts me in a good mood. I’m happy just looking at them. Buying a all weather boot isn’t like picking some up at your local department store. Even though they are low on price, they’re much higher quality than the all weather boot produced by large umbrella brands.

have been made in the U.S.A. for the last 64 years by a small company that focuses solely on gardening apparel. That means all of their attention is focused on making a high quality, durable all weather boots for mucking around in the garden and tromping in the rain. The fun colors and patterns are just a bonus.

Available Styles

come in three primary styles: garden shoe, rain and garden ankle boot, and standard all weather boot. The Slogger Rain & Garden Shoe’s soft cuff hugs the foot just below the ankle. The rest of the shoe is waterproof, so they can stand up to the rain or a muddy garden. Similar to the Slogger shoe in material and style, the ankle boot comes farther up the foot to the ankle. The cuff is designed in thickly molded, rounded plastic. An elastic band is sewn in the front to allow the boot to expand when putting the ankle boot on.

My favorite, at 11 inches high, the standard all weather boot offers more protection from rain and muck than its ankle boot and garden shoe counterparts. The standard all weather boot is what you might expect to wear next time you go jumping in the huge rain puddles left after spring showers.


One of the primary reasonsmakes my list of top all weather boots is their focus on comfort. If you spend a good deal of the day working outside with your boots on, you understand where I’m coming from. Regardless if rain is pouring down, your feet need to be just as comfortable in those boots as they would in your best pair of tennis shoes. The all weather boot companies place as much importance on comfort as they do on weather protection.

All Day Comfort

Personally, I used my boots to work mostly in the garden. have been one of my top choices over the years because my feet never get sore, even after wearing my boots for hours at a time.

How does Sloggers keep your feet so comfortable? They provide an “All Day Comfort” removable insole that has a 7mm thick heel, 5mm thick ball, and a molded arch. The exterior deep lug sole also provides extra cushion beside its primary purpose of giving additional traction.


are built to last. The molded boot body is made from 100% recyclable medical grade material. This gives the boot a unique, partially translucent appearance to the boot. The sole of the boot is made to be tough. The tread is deep and defined and comes up around the sides of the boot to provide optimal durability and protection.

all weather boots


size their boots in an interesting way. They provide a size selection guide based on whether or not you wear narrow, wide, or standard sizes. Because Sloggers does not offer half sizes, they can provide a “half-sizer” insole to give you the fit you need. This is the only thing I don’t like about Sloggers, just because sizing can be a bit confusing on this already snug fit boot.

Are you usually wearing medium width sizes? Then your Sloggers will be true to size. If you need a half size, then order up and use Sloggers “half-sizer” insoles. But, if you typically wear wide width shoes, then you’ll want to go ahead and order up half a size. That means if you normally wear 8.5 wide, you’ll need to order a 9. If you usually wear an 8 wide, then order a 9 and a “half-sizer” insole. Are you’re a narrow width kind of wearer? Sloggers recommends ordering true to size and also a “half-sizer” to make the fit more snuggly.

If you wear men’s sizes, then you’ll do the opposite and move a half size down. For example, 11.5 will order an 11. If you’re an 11 then go ahead and order an 11 but also get a “half-sizer”. Or, if you simply wear thick socks, make room, and add half a size!

Color & Pattern Options

aren’t known for their subtle patterns or colors. Sure, there are a few basic colors available. But for the most part, Sloggers patterns are all about putting the fun in trudging around outside. Expect to find patterns as wild as you are – or wilder. Many of them are inspired by nature and country life. You’ll find lily pad and floral inspired themes, to barnyard animals like cows, sheep, and hens. There are more contemporary patterns available too such as polka dots and paisley.

Best Men’s Boot –

I couldn’t finish this review without at least one pick for the men. Although I do admit I don’t have direct experience wearing men’s boots, I can still appreciate a good one.

Why did I pick the Muck Boot for men? Well, besides the fact that my husband is a Muck Boot die hard (yes, he is a little biased), this particular Muck has a keen ability of keeping your feet cool during hot weather. Your feet will stay cool during muggy summer thunderstorms, which are frequent here on the East Coast. Muck Boot’s Boot can take you up to 95℉ comfortably. Try that with most other boots and the inside of your boot will become a swamp!

Gotta Love Camo

I should advise, this boot is not for everyone. The woodland camouflage pattern doesn’t exactly say, “I’m a go from day right into evening kind of boot.” You may not find this all weather boot out and about on many stylish scenes. But if you need to work outside in the mess, the rain, or go tromping through the great outdoors, the Boot is an excellent choice.


The Woody blaze features 4mm neoprene for flexibility and gives waterproof protection. The lining is made from anti-microbial “XpressCool” fabric so that moisture wicks away from the skin, keeping feet cool and dry. There’s an EVA midsole for cushioning, and the sock liner minimizes friction.

Available Styles & Colors

While Muck Boot offers a great variety of manly colors in their various styles of boots, the Woody Blaze, in particular, comes in various shades of gray and camouflage. The Woody does come in a cold weather version, which is great for those cold weather states. Believe it or not, it comes in a snake-proof version. Yes, you will be fully protected from snake bites. That’s how serious this company is about its all weather boot.

Muck boots are all high quality, durable, long lasting options worth your serious consideration. Next time you’re in the market for a well made, manly all weather boot, give these a try.

all weather boots

Best Children’s Boot –

Raising a small gaggle of children has given me an appreciation for how quickly children grow out of their shoes. But, if you have more than one, then you probably know the value of the hand-me-down. With that in mind, I recommend investing a little bit in a quality all weather boot for your child. Buy it with the expectation it will be durable enough to survive one rough and tumble tot playing in the mud, and be ready for the next.

My favorite kids all weather boots are . My number one reason? Those handles. If you’ve ever seen little kids put on shoes, you know how excruciatingly long it takes them. I have to plan an extra five minutes for the little ones to get shoes on if I want to get out the door on time – except when they’re wearing their Bogs. handles don’t break because they’re built in. They’re not like those loops glued to the top of other rain boots that have broken more times than I care to mention.

The is comfortable and well constructed. No kid blisters here. They’re made of flexible rubber with a “Max-WickTM” wicking material interior that breathes well. They are also constructed with a “DuraFresh” organic biotechnology to combat odor. But I’m not sure how well even the best made boot can keep up with children’s stinky feet. The boot comes up about mid-calf, which provides ample splash protection.


The are adorable. The wide selection of patterns means there’s a pair of all weather boots out there that will please even the pickiest kid. They’re so cute and so easy to put on. My kids have spent an entire winter in them.

They are a great substitute for winter boots if you live in a more moderate climate where snowfalls only occur a few times each year. While are available in a neoprene upper style, I recommend the all rubber, completely waterproof ones. I say this just for the simple reason that kids seem to be magnetically drawn to splashing in puddles no matter what mom or dad says.

Best All Weather Boots Summary

As you’ve seen above, all weather boots come in a variety of styles and can be used in multiple situations. Whether you use it to garden, to protect yourself against the weather, or even to get around at a music festival, all weather boots are deserving of your closet space. You never know when they make come in handy. And, if you’re looking for a good hiking backpack to go with your all weather boots, check out our review on the Best Ultralight Hiking Backpack. 

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