A Complete Guide to Building Your Smart House With the Best Brands

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The world has exploded with smart house products ranging from lights, switches, outlets, power strips, timers, thermostats, TV and sound systems, and security systems. Small businesses and startups are inventing their own devices to compete with the big names like Samsung, Philips, Sonos, Nest, and others. It can be tough to shop for the best smart house products. I’ve been integrating them into my own household for the past few years and have found that it can be tough to shop for the best smart house products. Not only is there plenty to choose from, the technology is constantly changing.

This series will break down who makes which smart house products, a list of most of the smart products available on the market, and which brands stand out from the rest. Hopefully, it will make your search for the smart product you need much easier.

What Is a Smart House Product?

A smart product is just like a regular product but with tech capabilities. For example, everyone knows what a normal electrical outlet is and what it does. A smart outlet communicates through a central hub over Wi-Fi or other means so you can control whatever is plugged into your smart outlets from anywhere in the world.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a hub. Most devices have an app you can control them from, so if you only have one smart product, one brand of smart products, or a kit (like a security system), you can get away without having a hub.

Amazon’s line of Echo products acts as a hub between most smart products on the market. The artificial intelligence behind the system is named Alexa. When you are shopping for smart products, and you own any model of the Amazon Echo line of products, you can automatically pair the devices together and control the smart device with your voice or with the Alexa app.

If you are in the market for the best smart house hub, click here to find out which one is the best.

What You’ll Get

In this series of articles, we’ve taken a bit of a different turn to make sure you can get as much information as possible within one publication. So, instead of having one product in each category, this article will list a brand for each category, and then under each will list all the smart products that brand makes. Still, this list will advise you on what the best brands are, because of their quality, technology, ease of use, price, and how many smart products the brand has to offer you. Without further ado…

The Winner – smart home products

Samsung has been a leader in most types of electronics for decades now. There is a reason they are at the top. When smart product capability hit the market, they put their collective, brilliant minds together to create a whole line of smart products around their very own hub named “”

Although they sit at the top of the list, unfortunately, they don’t make every single kind of smart product. They should though. It would be so nice to have just one brand make everything a smart home would need. In digression, Samsung still is a formidable brand to compete with. For the consumer, they make more than enough products to likely entice a purchase. Which is why Samsung sits at the top of the smart device category. Here is a list of every smart product Samsung makes with details:

smart home products

This kit is the best way to dive into the world of smart house products. It comes with plenty of devices to make your home smarter. Buying a kit like this is also going to save you money as opposed to buying every product separately. The comes with:

-Samsung SmarThings Hub V.3

-Two Multi-Purpose Sensors

-Motion Sensor


While a home will eventually need more smart products to become fully automated, this kit will help those with little to no experience get used to everything smart products can do for you. You can also buy everything in this kit separately. You may add on more Samsung SmarThings smart home products, or you can add smart home products from any other brand. Note that with an Amazon Echo device, you can control everything with just your voice.

smart home products

If you are looking to upgrade your wireless router and extend your Wi-Fi in your home or business, then this smart home product can be the one you are seeking. This device extends your Wi-Fi signal and ensures the fastest speeds. It also acts as a SmarThings smart home hub. You can get an amazing router and Wi-Fi extender @ 5GHz and 2.4GHz, all in one device.

This product is offered in three different packages:

Connect Home – This is the basic version of the device. It is a smart house Wi-Fi system that acts as a SmarThings home hub. It comes with a LAN cable and a power cable included in the box with instructions.

Connect Home Pro – This is an upgraded version of the basic model. The internet speeds at which it can extend are twice as fast as the basic version. It also works as a SmarThings home hub.

Connect Home 3-Pack – This kit includes 3 Samsung Connect Home Hubs for users to install all around their home or business to ensure seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Each device doubles as a SmarThings home hub as well.

This is the device that connects every smart product you own and allows the user to control everything from one convenient application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The SmarThings Hub is compatible with Amazon Echo devices with Amazon Alexa, allowing the user to use all the different skills Alexa has, including the ability to control the smart house with just your voice.

This small sensor allows the user to receive alerts when people or pets arrive or leave a certain area, such as any doors in the house, pet doors, fences, or windows. The sensor is customizable to take different actions when it is alerted. It also allows the user to be notified when someone isn’t home or at a business at a specified time. The sensor is budget-friendly, allowing for the ability to place them at various places around the home or business.

smart home products

If you have an ADT security system, you can opt to install this kit from Samsung. It comes with a touchscreen panel with ADT security hub, a motion detector, and two window and door detectors, which detect a break-in. You can also add cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, water leak detectors, alarms, door locks, and other security products. This device is compatible with Amazon Alexa as well.

smart home products

This device pairs perfectly with the SmarThings home hub and is customizable. The user can set it to turn on lights, cameras, sirens, thermostat, A/C, heaters, or anything else that has the smart technology or is plugged into a smart outlet. These devices work great for home security systems, but also for personal use like having the fan and lights turn on when you enter the room.

The devices are sensitive but will not be triggered by pets. These little devices have a small footprint and will save money on your energy bill by toggling the lights in your home on and off when people leave or enter a room. Each device is also reasonably priced.

smart home products

This device is a futuristic touchscreen door lock that comes with 6 tags that act as keys. Two are keychain tags, two are sticker tags, and two are card tags. This smart lock is compatible with any door. The keypad may also be used to gain entry rather than using the tags included.

smart home products

This camera is a full HD 1080p device with a 128-degree viewing angle and automatic night vision. One Samsung SmarThings Hub can run up to 10 cameras at once. There is a micro SD card slot to record events. It features a speaker that allows the user to speak through the camera via the app. It also features automatic motion and noise detection to begin recording.

smart home products

This small device allows anyone to plug in any 110v plug into a regular outlet to control that device via voice command through Amazon Alexa or the Samsung SmarThings App. The outlets are customizable, so you can set a timer on one device, set a schedule for the coffee pot in the mornings, or get to work with sensors and detectors to turn on and off.

The app also sends the user alerts when the outlet has been left on. The user can customize the outlet to work with sensors to turn off when that sensor has been on for so long, or when it is triggered. These outlets save people a ton of money each year, and ultimately only take a few months to pay for themselves.

Samsung SmarThings Sensors

There are many sensors that are available, and more are being made to be available in the near future. You can get a ,  , and for your Samsung SmarThings home automation system.

smart home products

This robotic vacuum is completely customizable and works with Amazon Alexa. The device has great suction power and smart technology that allows the device to avoid obstacles, stairs, and remembers optimal cleaning paths. You can even see a map of where the vacuum has cleaned recently.

The vacuum can be fully operated remotely via the SmarThings app. The brush even cleans hair out of itself. It also self-docks to recharge when the battery is low. Conveniently, you can customize it to go to the garbage can when it senses the canister is full, so you can easily empty it and it will resume its duties.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

There aren’t really any dreadful things to say about Samsung SmarThings. The products work as they are intended to. The build quality of every device is superb and on par with all the other products they make. If one wishes to read more about customer reviews and thoughts on the products, please visit their respective Amazon pages within the links set in this article and scroll to the bottom of the page.

There are a few other products that Samsung is going to develop in the near future that everyone should be on the lookout for. These products truly are the path to the future in automating our homes. But, SmarThings smart house hubs work with many other smart house product manufacturers. If Samsung doesn’t make the product you need, you can be confident that whatever other product you buy will be compatible with Samsung and Amazon Alexa. You can really automate most of your home, beginning with the Samsung SmarThings home kit.


The Runner-Up –

smart home products

Philips is a huge name in lighting that has been around for decades. They have been making light bulbs and other products through the years that have earned the respect of the lighting industry. Now, they are fully invested in copying every product they have into a smart product. There are other brands who offer smart light bulbs and dimmer switches, along with other products in the smart lighting category, but Philips has already mastered it all. Here is a list of some of their products:

smart home products

These light bulbs are a standard 60W pack of smart bulbs that can go into any ceiling fan, ceiling light, chandelier, etc. They are customizable through any smart home app, whether it be Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit. You can dim the lights, toggle them on/off, set schedules, timers, or have them work in unison with sensors and detectors for more customizing options.

smart home products

This dimmer switch is completely wireless and comes with a single smart bulb. You can also buy the dimmer switch all by itself. This device does not require any type of wiring, so you can install it anywhere.

The dimmer switch can control up to 10 smart lights at once. With a Philips Hue Bridge, you can extend the connection to up to 50 smart bulbs. The user may use the app to configure quick light settings like movie night, full lighting, lights off, etc. You can also change the color of each bulb if you have the correct bulbs installed.


Philips also has a available to purchase.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

If you know what you are getting into when you go shopping for products under the Philips brand name, you won’t be disappointed. Their smart bulbs don’t even need Wi-Fi to work with their dimmer switches. But, you need to use the app to do all the other cool stuff the lighting systems can do.

Yes, they don’t make very many types of smart products, but the reason they ended up in the runner-up category is that no other brand makes smart lighting like Philips does. They dominate in the lighting department, and their products are very reasonably priced. Any of their products are a powerful addition to the smart house repertoire.

The Honorable Mention – All Other Smart House Brands

Since this technology has been commercialized, there have been a plethora of brands appearing with just one or two products. Sometimes, one of these random brands will have a product that is incredible. When you shop for smart house products, do your best to research every product you are looking for from every brand. Here is a list of some of the more popular brands out there and what they offer:

smart home products

This brand offers mostly security cameras. They have a ton of different models in every price category that will fit different needs and budgets.

smart home productsThere isn’t another company that makes better smart thermostats. Some reach the standards but do not exceed them. Nest has a ton of different models to choose from.


smart home products

Both of these companies produce the best smart locks for doors, windows, and other applications. There are dozens of models to choose from.

smart home products

This company is the leading manufacturer of smart audio kits and systems. They have a ton of models that work with any TV, projector, computer, etc.

How Do Smart Products Enhance Life Quality?

There are those that seem to be critics and ask questions like, “So, people are too lazy to get up off the couch to turn the light off?” Smart products aren’t intended to make people lazy. They are actually intended to make people more active and efficient, among a plethora of other added benefits.

Have you ever left home and couldn’t remember if you left the stove on or not? Or perhaps you worry about the safety of an elderly parent or grandparent. With a smart product hooked to your stove/oven, you can use an app to toggle the stove on/off. Left the light on again? No problem, you can turn off all your lights from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Security systems linked to smart products and smart systems have become a huge hit with everyone who owns a home. The systems are cheap, easy to install, and basically maintenance-free. The benefits? You can fully control your security system from your phone, tablet, or computer.

You can catch intruders, set off alarms, or even speak through speakers installed next to your doors. This is especially efficient to see who is at the door. They can come in while you unlock the front door, all from your smartphone.

Having a smart home streamlines your life in your home so you can be safer, spend more time doing what you love with your family, and save money.

Final Thoughts on the Best Smart Home Products

There are hundreds of other brands, models, and types of smart home products that give you and everyone else an extremely competitive market to shop in. Don’t be afraid to shop through them all to find the best smart home device or kit for your needs and budget. Once you get used to it, you will wonder how you went so long without these devices!