The Best Co-Sleeping Baby Lounger

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Maybe you’ve decided to try attachment parenting. Or maybe you don’t want to waddle across your home every night to feed you’re crying baby. No matter what your reasons are, you’ve decided co-sleeping is best for you and your baby. Your mind’s made up, so the next step is picking the perfect co-sleeping baby lounger.

There are many baby loungers on the market. Most of them are only safe to use while your baby is awake. I’ve tried co-sleeping face-to-face and I’ve tried it with in-bed bassinets and I didn’t care for either. But when my baby lounger came into my life, I knew it was the one.

The Three Best Co-Sleeping Baby Loungers You Can Buy Today

Let’s look at some baby loungers that makes mom’s and baby’s co-sleeping experience memorable.

Our Top Pick:

My baby and I absolutely love our . My baby slept in my arms during the day and at night needed constant comforting. I had no breaks, my arm was hurting, and I could never get anything done. When this little gem arrived, I started sleeping for hours at a time – uninterrupted.


The is a durable, hand-crafted baby lounger made from natural material. It’s made from 100% organic cotton. This eliminates your baby’s exposure to toxic pesticides that are in regular cotton. People tend to steer clear of organic products but the benefits of making sure your baby is safe far outweighs the cost. It’s hand-crafted in the USA, so each piece is created with care and inspected for defects. The fabrics used to craft them are under regulations of the CPSIA, which have the strictest fabric regulations.


This Multi-Purpose baby lounger is lightweight and perfect for traveling. The provides better sleep for mom and baby but it’s way more than just a co-sleeper. If you’re trying to clean up or cook, rest assured that your baby will be safe and comfortable on this.  It’s perfect for tummy time since you don’t have to worry about baby rolling off of it. That doesn’t mean you should ever leave your baby unattended while they’re on their tummy. It works for diaper changes too.

I used to pack my whole house with me when I went traveling with my baby. I needed five blankets so that he’s comfy, my breastfeeding pillow, and a changing pad just to leave the house for a day. Now I only bring my baby lounger which takes up far less space. Since it’s not padded, it takes up the firmness of whatever you place it on. With that being said, I avoid hard surfaces.


It’s designed to snuggly fit your baby’s head and torso. They won’t roll or turn while in it. It fits them in stages: newborn, 2-3 months, and 4+ months. The comes with a center-sling that newborns fit in perfectly. Newborns have a Moro reflex which causes them to startle and wake from their sleep prematurely. Since the Snuggle Me Organic hugs your baby, it calms their startle reflex allowing for longer and deeper sleep. The feeling of being hugged helps newborns feel comfortable and safe because it reminds them of the womb.

The 2-3 months fit allows baby to still use the center sling. Babies experience important growth spurts around this time. The Snuggle Me Organic is designed to keep baby’s back in a neutral position for optimal growth and good back posture. Baby’s legs start to drape over the bottom around the 4+ months stage, which is totally fine because it’s usually the time to transition baby.


Although the isn’t the cheapest baby lounger out there, the benefits of owning one of these can’t be beaten. It reduces the exposure of harmful toxins to your baby. This lounger is perfect for traveling and 24/7 home use. It is designed to give your baby the best start on life out of the womb.

Caring For It

Cleaning your Snuggle Me Organic isn’t hard. After separating the cover from the cushion, you place them both in the washer on gentle. Place them in the dryer on low heat, fluffing gently to remove any lent from the dryer.



For moms who live in hot climates or babies who sweat a lot, the will not let you down.


The is hand-crafted in Europe from high-quality material. The cover is made of 100% cotton. The tube and padding are made of 100% polyester.

Babies have the most sensitive skin. It’s important to limit what touches their skin. This product is made of a hypoallergenic material. This reduces the possibility of your baby having an allergic response. It is also made from breathable, hygienic fabrics that don’t harbor heat. This allows for excellent air-permeability. Breathable fabrics absorb moisture allowing for the DockATot Deluxe to dry quickly and eliminate the likelihood of baby catching a cold.


It isn’t just a co-sleeping baby lounger, it’s also a mini activity gym. Although I don’t personally own the , I’m all for baby products that save money in the long run. The company created a that fit with covers with the toy loops on the sides.

An activity gym comes with a Toy Arch and the mat itself has different shapes and colors to stimulate your baby’s senses. The main reason parents buy one is, so their baby can have a safe place for tummy time. That’s the best thing about this baby lounger! It helps baby during tummy time because of the pillow tube. Your baby’s senses don’t have to suffer because there are a variety of covers with different shapes and patterns that will equally keep them engaged and amused.


The is designed to fit your baby up to 8 months. The padding is soft enough to be on hard surfaces, such as the ground if you decide to take your baby on a trip to the park. It gives your baby a snug, soothing environment like a swaddle to feel relax and calm in while also allowing them to stretch out.

It doesn’t prevent them from rolling over, however. Using a wearable blanket at bedtime is best. You can safely place it in the middle of the bed. It is designed to avoid the hazards of pillows and loose bedding that can suffocate your baby.


The is a more pricey lounger. But money never holds the same value in our heart as our baby’s safety and comfort do. This product consists of hypoallergenic materials. It is great for moms who want to minimize the number of baby products they buy. Additionally, it can fit on any surface – soft or hard.

Caring For It

Caring for the DockATot Deluxe requires precise treatment every day. Although the material doesn’t come with microbial activity, some people have said that they have experienced mold on their baby lounger. The site says that it’s best to ventilate the padding daily. Anytime there are microbial organisms in a hot, moist environment – mold can grow. This baby lounger is breathable but not on non-breathable barriers such as when placed on a mattress, which is most likely the reason for using it. If mold does grow, you follow the care instructions on the cover with a cup of vinegar. Letting it soak for two hours at most before placing it in the washer, will help kill the mold.

Wash the cover with cold water then hang it to air dry, hand wash the pad then lay it flat to dry, and wash the tube in a garment bag with cold water then tumble dry on low.



In a Respectable Third:

This is great for moms who plan on co-sleeping with their babies for longer than 8 months but don’t want to buy two baby loungers. The was made with you in mind!


The is durable with high-quality German fabrics. It’s made with German-developed Spacer 3D mesh fabrics. This allows it to be more breathable than your average baby lounger. This fabric has properties of high permeability, compression strength, pressure redistribution, and anti-bacterial. The most important aspect is that this fiber pushes out heat and vapor making your baby’s microclimate more refreshing and safer. The baby lounger doesn’t have any flame-retardant chemicals and has the textile class 1 OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification which tests hundreds of harmful substances.


An average baby lounger will last for about 6 months before you must buy another one, but not the . Besides saving you money, this jack of all trades is great for bed transitioning a toddler. It’s also has a detachable, retractable canopy. Want to go out with your baby but it’s windy? Pull up the canopy and you have a tiny stroller. The bumper is high enough to prevent baby from rolling out. The padding has a soft, cushiony feeling that is ideal for any surface.


Buying a will cost you about the same as buying any other co-sleeping baby lounger. The difference is that it’s larger and more breathable than your average baby lounger. You can take your baby outside without worrying the heat will hurt their sensitive skin.

Something Special

I’ve mentioned before that the has a detachable canopy, but that’s the best thing about it! Seriously, have you tried to go outside with your baby when the sun’s out? They squint their eyes to keep the sun out. The canopy is a saving grace because they get to enjoy a change in scenario and you don’t have to worry about your baby hurting their eyes because they’re starring up at the sun.

Caring For It

The CubbyCove is an easy clean. The cover can be unzipped and washed on a delicate cycle with warm or cold water, as long as it doesn’t exceed 85º F. Hang it to dry and then you’re done! You don’t normally need to wash the tubbing or mattress if you have to make sure it’s by hand. Then tumble dry on low heat.

Something To Keep In Mind

The cover is textured. The height is 7 inches, so it should keep your baby from rolling out of it, as long as they’re not crawling. The length is 29 inches without the bumper. It can fit babies up to 18 months but only if they don’t exceed the length limit.

Should You Co-Sleep?

When it comes to co-sleeping safety is of the utmost importance. The main concerns about co-sleeping are that a parent may roll over and suffocate their baby or their baby may roll over into the bedding and suffocate themselves. This type of situation is known as SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

SIDS can happen anywhere a baby is sleeping that has loose bedding, pillows, and stuffed animals. Many people differ in opinion about whether you should co-sleep or not. Some people believe that it’s one of the most important bonding experiences you can have with your baby. Others believe that you obviously don’t care about your baby if you decide to co-sleep. Like whether you should breastfeed your toddler, co-sleeping is a personal preference because you know what works best for your family. Take pride in your decision, whether you’re for it or against it.

I brought my baby to the doctor once and the physician asked where he slept. I was tempted to say that he slept in his crib in his nursery, but it felt wrong. So, I told her that he slept onside me in his baby lounger. She didn’t say much but she got up and handed me a pamphlet of SIDS. From that appointment on – she always asked me where he was sleeping, and I never lied.

Eventually, I found a pediatrician who was more understanding of my decision to co-sleep with my baby. Many parents feel so guilty for saying that they are doing something that feels right, and they love. The decision to co-sleep is purely yours. But remember that items like a bassinet and baby loungers make co-sleeping a safer and much more enjoyable experience.

Tips for a Better In-Bed Co-Sleeping Experience

Make Sure That The Bedding Is Safe

A mattress that dips and sinks isn’t safe for a baby to be on – only place them on firm ones. An old mattress can cause your baby lounger to move around too much, causing your baby to move with it. Try not to use quilts or heavy comforters.

Make sure that your baby is positioned high on the bed but not somewhere that they can become lodged. Steer clear of pillows or walls where they could get trapped. Place your baby on their side of you but not extremely close to the edge, so that you reduce the possibility of them falling.

Make Sure That The Baby Lounger Doesn’t Have Anything In It

It’s hard to find a good temperature for everyone but the recommended temperature is 70 – 72 degrees. The house is usually freezing at this temperature. You may be tempted to add a loose blanket so that your baby can be warm. If you must add an extra layer to your baby, then consider swaddling them or using thicker pajamas. Also, remember to always place your baby on their back.

Make Sure You’re Working On Your Baby’s Sleep Independence

It may not seem like a big deal, but just because our little ones are sleeping with us doesn’t mean they can’t learn good sleeping habits. Let me be clear, I’m talking about the infant stage and up because anything goes when they’re a newborn – your goal is sleep.

Wait until their bodies know the difference between night and day (which is around 4 months). Once they are developed enough for that, try putting them down drowsy but awake, so they can learn to put themselves back to sleep. Trust me – you and your baby will get far more sleep when they learn this.

Make Sure You Invest In A Bigger Bed

Baby loungers are light but not small. Some moms say that it makes it hard for them to sleep on their Queen size mattress. Investing in a bigger bed will allow you to get in a more comfortable position because you can have room for both the lounger and yourself. Besides, no one likes waking up to back pain from hell. If you need another reason to go bigger – new mattresses are always firm.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

You’ve decided that you want to co-sleep with your bundle of joy which is awesome! But, do you know some of the amazing benefits that co-sleeping brings that no one talks about? Here, let me list a few for you.

Makes Breastfeeding SO Much Easier

I never had to walk around my house when my baby started crying, sit in a rocker, feed my baby, and leave once he was sleep. I’m tired just reading that! Co-sleeping is practically a match made in heaven for breastfeeding. You can hear your baby start to stir and instead of getting out of bed, all you have to do is turn over to feed. Now you have a happy, full, and content baby (and a happy mama too). Also, it reduces the risk of SIDS because constant breastfeeding lets you check up on your baby constantly. As long as you’re practicing safe co-sleeping habits, then you reduce the risk – not increase.

Makes Postpartum C-Sections Easier

Moms who had a C-sections will find co-sleeping to be more forgiving than getting up and bending over to get their newborn. This is especially helpful in those first few weeks where newborns need to eat at least every three hours.

Stability in Baby

When babies sleep next to their parent, their temperature and heartbeats are more stable. That stability gives them a sense of calm and hopefully a better sleep. Also, you and your baby breathing become in sync because when you breathe, your baby gets the hint that he should too.  Not only does it help your baby, but it can improve your breathing as well.

A Beautiful Bonding Experience

Moms hear all the time that if they cuddle with their baby, co-sleep with them, or anything that shows excessive love, their baby will grow up to be dependent and spoiled. That’s the complete opposite! Showing your baby enormous amounts of love will lead to happier, more independent human beings. Our little ones often feel abandoned when left alone, so when you’re there to reassure them, then it helps them know that they can trust and depend on you.

Conclusion: The Best Baby Lounger

The is the best baby lounger that I’ve got my hands on. It’s not like others that can be used for longer periods of time, but its soft, organic material comforts my baby so much that we’re both happy. The money it’ll cost you doesn’t match the benefits you get from it.

But don’t just take my word for it. Search around and see which ones pull your heartstrings. What works for me and my baby may be horrid for your family. Although it takes a village to raise a child, you have the final say in decisions you make for your family.

Being well equipped with the knowledge of safe co-sleeping, you and your baby have everything you need for an enjoyable co-sleeping experience.


If my baby can only use the Deluxe for a short period of time, should I start with the ?

It depends on how well your baby sleeps and where they are sleeping when they outgrow it.

Will my baby be able to move their head?

Absolutely! There’s more than enough room for your baby to move their head without the possibility of them having a flat head.

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