Cuisinart’s Best Frozen Treat Makers

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Ice cream remains one of the most common favorite desserts of all time. This old-fashioned dessert is enjoyed by individuals of almost all cultures. It is made in a wide variety of ways and comes in various types (gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet, soft serve, sorbet). Although ice cream can be bought on the freezer aisle of any local grocery store, there is no better flavor or taste than that of homemade ice cream. After researching and reviewing several ice cream makers of the past 3 and a half years and making hundreds of frozen treats, it is with confidence we can say that Cuisinart’s ice cream makers are leaders of the industry.

With eight models to chose from, Cuisinart’s ice cream makers are known for their long-lasting durability and the brand’s high standard of quality. Cuisinart is also a brand that guarantees their products. Their warranty offers are available when a purchase is made through the company (generally 3-years) or from one of many retail suppliers. Of the eight Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker models available, our pick for Cuisinart’s best frozen treat maker is Cuisinart’s Model Number ICE-60W Cool Creation Ice Cream Maker.

Our pick for Cuisinart’s best frozen treat maker: Cuisinart’s Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker (ICE-60W)

Cuisinart’s Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker has been selected as our top pick of Cuisinart’s frozen treat makers for several reasons. The first reason being the model’s sleek, square design, that is not overly bulky. With basic colors of white and stainless steel, this maker is ideal for matching perfectly in almost all kitchens. Another reason for making this our top pick of Cuisinart’s frozen treat makers is the model’s affordable pricing in comparison with the quality of ice cream the machine makes. Simply put, this model gives the user “the most bang for their buck” and performs equally well in making all types of frozen treats.


Other features of this model include its ability to make 2-quarts of ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or sorbet by pressing one button. Additionally, there is a faster paddling speed for making ice cream quicker. This model features four buttons – Start/Stop, Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet – and has a control panel with 3 settings for multiple speeds. This model also features an automatic shutoff. However, it does not feature a “Keep Cool” option as our luxurious upgrade pick does (see below). Additionally, this model also ranks among the smallest of Cuisinart frozen treat makers measuring at 9.74″L x 8.62″W x 13.22″H and weighing 14 lbs.
Assembling of this model, and all Cuisinart ice cream maker models is easy and fast. This model, nor the other seven Cuisinart ice cream maker models, require the use of chemicals, ice or salt. The double insulated bowl belonging to each of the Cuisinart ice cream makers must be frozen for 24-hours in advance of making a frozen treat (with the exception of model ICE-100). The double insulated bowls are sized perfectly for fitting in your freezer and can be kept there until ready for use.

Runner-up: Cuisinart’s Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker (ICE-30BC)

More budget friendly than our top pick, this model comes in stainless steel, white, and bright red. This Cuisinart model ice cream maker makes 2-quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet. Although the quality of this model is equal to that of our top pick, this model takes a few minutes longer – about 5 or so – to make a frozen treat. It is also not capable of making gelato like our top pick is. If you do not need a gelato maker, not only is this model the perfect fit but it will also save you some hard earned cash.


Making a frozen treat in this model ice cream maker by Cuisinart is as simple as can be – just add your ingredients and turn the dial from the off position to on. Most all frozen treats made in this model ice cream maker are ready within 25-30 minutes. Additional freezing time may be required as with all frozen treat makers. This model is the perfect runner-up to our top pick as it includes many of the same features and options but at a lower cost.

Measuring at 8.25″L x 8.00″W x 11.25″H and weighing 13.50 lbs, this model is smaller than the other ice makers offered by Cuisinart. It is equipped with an easy-pour ingredient spout, easy-lock lid, mixing arm, two-quart freezer bowl, base with cord storage and instruction booklet/recipe book.

Our budget-friendly pick: Cuisinart’s Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker (ICE-21)

Available in white, glossy white, raspberry, bright red and soft pink, Cuisinart’s Ice Cream Maker model ICE-21R is an affordable product for consumers yet presents quality fit for a pastry chef. This model frozen treat maker measures at 9.50″L x 9.00″W x 11.25″H, and weighs 9.90 lbs. It features a double-insulated freezer bowl that holds 2 quarts of the frozen treat, brushed metal housing with an embossed log, fully automatic heavy-duty motor, large ingredient spout for adding mix-in, and an instruction/recipe book.

Ease of Use

Assembling Cuisinart’s ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker, and all other Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers, couldn’t be any easier. The provided instructions allow the user to follow a step-by-step guideline that ensures the process is error-free. With all Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker models being fully automatic, the machines are very easy to learn how to use and operate.
After the machine has been filled with the desired ingredients, the user simply turns the machine on and waits approximately 25-30 minutes (depending on the recipe) for their frozen treat to be ready. Although the machine does make a sound while operating, it is minimal and easily drowned out by other noises in the kitchen. Note that the same can be said for all Cuisinart’s Ice Cream Makers.
This model ice cream maker by Cuisinart allows the user to make 1-quart of either ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt which is a smaller amount than the other models. Included in the instructions are recipes for making basic ice cream flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. But if you crave more flavors don’t worry – this model is ideal for making all flavors of ice cream.

Honorable Mention – Cuisinart’s Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker (ICE-45)

Different from Cuisinart’s other frozen treat makers, this model only makes soft serve flavors of ice cream, but we’re not complaining! Soft serve ice cream cannot be bought in the store and can become costly when purchasing it from an ice cream shop. With Cuisinart’s Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, a frozen treat that can usually only be enjoyed on the go can be made and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Fun for the whole family, this model frozen treat maker offered by Cuisinart is fully functional for serving up delicious soft serve ice cream in either a cone or dish. Ideal for customizing soft serve ice cream treats, this model features three departments for storing your favorite ice cream toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, candies, or cookies. We recommend this model for gatherings and parties such as a children’s birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or a potluck dinner.


This model measures at 9.75″L x 9.00″W x 18.20″H, weighs 15.40 lbs. and is available in both white and pink. Additional features of this model include a fully automatic operating system, pull out tabs to add the mix-ins, pull down handle to easily dispense soft serve ice cream directly into a cone or bowl, cone holder that holds a stack of pointed or flat bottom cones, double-insulated freezer bowl that holds temperature, removable parts for easy cleaning, and instruction and recipe books.

Affordably priced, this Cuisinart model soft serve ice cream maker prepares 1 and 1/2 quarts of soft serve ice cream in approximately 20 minutes. As with all Cuisinart frozen treat makers, this model frozen treat maker is fully automatic. The user simply adds their ingredients, turns the machine on, waits 20 minutes, then pulls down the handle to dispense a single serving of ice cream into either a cone or dish. Be sure not to forget to add on those delicious toppings!

Luxurious Upgrade: Cuisinart’s Ice Cream And Gelato Maker (ICE-100)

Cuisinart’s professional grade gelato and ice cream maker, model ICE-100, serves up 1 and 1/2 quarts of delicious ice cream. This model varies from Cuisinart’s other frozen treat makers as it features a double paddle and a multi-purpose system versus a single paddle system. This model is also fully automatic and features a commercial quality compressor. This means that the bowl belonging to this model does not need to be frozen. Frozen treats can be made at any time, one batch after the other.


Additionally, this model frozen treat maker features a 60-minute countdown timer with touchpad controls and a blue LCD readout with a 10-minute “Keep Cool” option. This option allows ice cream or gelato to be kept cool after the timer has already gone off. This model is suggested for use by those who make frozen treats often and seek to make their ice cream and gelato top quality/professional grade.

The most expensive model, Cuisinart’s Ice Cream and Gelato Maker model number ICE-100 measures at 16.73″L x 12.00″W x 9.33″H and weighs more than all other models at a whopping 32 lbs. This machine is by far both the largest and heaviest of all the frozen treat maker models available by Cuisinart. This Cuisinart model ice cream maker is available in either stainless steel or stainless steel and black. Detailed features of this model include a fully automatic with a commercial quality compressor and 2 varying paddles – one for making genuine gelato and the other for making authentic ice cream.

Our Pick For Making Healthier Treats – Cuisinart’s Fruit Scope (ICE-31)

Featuring a sleek, square white and stainless steel design (also available in bright red), this model is unique as it allows the user to add fresh fruit into their ice cream or frozen yogurt mix. Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned strawberry milkshake or perhaps some key lime frozen yogurt? With this model of frozen treat maker, ice cream and yogurt flavor combinations are endless.


Perfect for fruit lovers and those seeking to make healthier frozen treats, Cuisinart’s Fruit Lover’s Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Maker features a two paddle system – one for crushing and freezing chunks of fresh, ripe fruit and the other for making ice cream or frozen yogurt. This model makes 1 and 1/2 quarts of fresh fruit frozen treats in an impressive 18-25 minutes.

This model measures at 8.62″L x 8.62″W x 12.62″H, weighs 12.70 lbs. and is available in either stainless steel and white or stainless steel and bright red. Additional features included are a fully automatic operating system, the ability to use fresh fruit to make healthy frozen treats, brushed stainless steel housing with embossed logo, and a removable paddle and freezer bowl for easy cleanup.

Final Thoughts on Cuisinart’s Best Frozen Treat Makers

It is also worth noting that all Cuisinart frozen treat makers are BPA free. Additionally, Amazon offers 3 and 4-year protection plans on all Cuisinart ice cream makers. Lastly, replacement parts for any of the above-mentioned ice cream makers may be ordered through the company.

It is also helpful to know that viewing options for instruction manuals and recipe books can be found online by visiting Cuisinart’s website. The above options fit many budgets, needs, and lifestyles all while being easy to use. So grab your favorite toppings, perhaps bake a little cake using your awesome stand mixer, and enjoy your delicious creations!

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