Best Luggage Sets for Travel of All Distances

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As an avid procrastinator, I have neglected to purchase an adequate luggage set before my trip and ended up shoving anything and everything into duffle bags, a variety of purses, and sometimes even trash bags. Nothing says vacation quite like hauling a trash bag of clothes onto a hotel elevator. I realized I had hit a new low and ditched my wayward packing habits aside and invested 6 months worth of research, traveling from store to store and season to season for the best luggage sets for travel.

No trip is complete without chaotically rummaging through closets and garages to find a luggage set the right size to pack all of the essentials for travel (or if you’re like me replace “essentials” with everything but the kitchen sink). Whether you’re traveling for leisure, work, or personal reasons having the right luggage set to meet your needs will remove a major stressor from your trip.

Finding the Right Luggage Sets

Everybody has different reasons for traveling and different needs in terms of size and quality of luggage. All three of my favorite sets are functional, attractive, and the perfect for travel far and near. My top pick, the Caribbean Joe Luggage Castaway 4-Piece Spinner Suitcase Set, is classy and professional. I would take this set on business as soon as I would take it on vacation.

Next, the Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner features a hard shell and does an incredible job of keeping valuables intact. Last, the Bago Lightweight Family Travel Luggage Set takes organization and functionality to a whole new level with 23 items included. These three luggage sets are excellent products for travel and can ensure you won’t find yourself standing on your suitcase attempting to force the zipper to close (I’ve been there).

Best Luggage Sets: Caribbean Joe Luggage Castaway 4-Piece Spinner Suitcase Set


The traditional design of this luggage set is one of its most appealing features. In fact, the design of this luggage set is actually island-inspired, hence the name Caribbean Joe. It features polyester fabric which is cross-weaved to make a bold statement on the outer pocket. This design is continued as an accented trim on each side of the luggage. The Caribbean Joe luggage set can be purchased in either chocolate or olive.   

Apart from size (carry-on, medium, and large), the three suitcases included are identical in design:

  • 2 Outer Zipper Pockets
  • 8 Spinner Wheels
  • Fully Lined
  • Reinforced Push Button Handle
  • Clear Toiletries Zipper Case Inside

The 4 piece Caribbean Joe set includes a tote/duffle bag with a similar design. It also features a cross-weaved accent – but only on the front of the bag. There is a small front zipper pocket and then the main zipper at the top of the bag. I love that this tote includes both short handles for carrying and a long strap if you prefer to carry it on your shoulder.


The Caribbean Joe Luggage Set is my absolute favorite on this list because it works for an overnight trip to your parents’ house as well as it does for an international long-term getaway. First, it’s important to me to have options and if necessary to pack several bags. This luggage set offers such a wide variety of sizes that I’m always able to pack efficiently and to have extra room left over. Having these options is especially useful when I’m traveling from a mild-weathered place to a freezing destination. 

It is also important because it seems like most people return from a trip with more in their bags than they left with. Mom’s sending you home with blackberry jam? No problem. Souvenirs from the beach? Tuck them right in with the beach towel.


Additionally, the outer pockets are a great feature on this luggage set. These pockets are included on both the suitcases and the smaller duffel bag. Oftentimes, I like to separate a few items for easy access when I’m packing. This luggage set makes it easy to do so. The smaller pocket at the top is perfect for small toiletries while the larger pocket could hold a reading book, snacks, and other mid-sized items.

Finally, the physical functionality of this luggage set is exactly what I’d hoped for. The handles have a push button which allows you to extend and retract. If you’re running around a busy airport, you’ll want to be able to comfortably grip your luggage. Speaking of running, the spinner wheels allow for easy transportation. You can push or pull your luggage in any direction without having to do an awkward dance like you would have to do with a traditional suitcase.

Dimensions and Details

It’s important to understand the exact size of the luggage set you are purchasing to avoid being disappointed once it arrives in the mail. The Caribbean Joe Luggage Set dimensions are as follows:

Including wheels and handle

  • Tote: 16” x 13” x 8”
  • Carry-on: 21.5” x 14” x 9”
  • Medium: 25.5” x 16.2” x 11.7”
  • Large: 29.5” x 18.2” x 12.8”

Without wheels and handle

  • Carry-on: 20” x 14” x 8”
  • Medium: 24” x 16” x 9”
  • Large: 28” x 18” x 10.5”

Weight of luggage

  • Tote: 3 lbs
  • Carry-on: 7.8 lbs
  • Medium: 8.9 lbs
  • Large: 10.8 lbs

Quick Summary  

The Caribbean Joe Luggage Set is perfect for every type of travel. It includes three different sized suitcases and one tote/duffle bag. This set’s beautiful island-inspired design is sophisticated and works perfectly for business and leisure. Finally, the luggage set’s functionality and thoughtful design make it easy to transport. If you are a serious traveler, look no further than this perfect luggage set!


Runner-Up Luggage Sets: Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner 


When investing in a luggage set, it’s important to me that it be not only functional but also attractive. After all, the set is going to be traveling with me for the long-term and speaks volumes about its owner. I find the sleek textured design of this hard shell luggage set to be incredibly attractive and modern.

The simple one-note color is striking and feels appropriate for any type of travel. This luggage set also comes with color options including Black, Caribbean Blue, Silver, and Teal.

There are three suitcases included in the Samsonite Luggage Set (small, medium, and large) which include the following features:

  • Polycarbonate Scratch-Resistant Hard Shell Cover
  • Lightweight
  • 360 Degree Spinner Wheels
  • Zip Interior, Dividers, Cross-Straps
  • Side TSA Lock

Unlike the Caribbean Joe Luggage Set above, the Samsonite Luggage Set does not include a fourth tote bag. However, the side-mounted TSA lock is a unique feature that will come in handy during every travel experience.


This luggage set does not include any exterior zipper pockets due to the hardshell case. However, the quality of the case does prevent other luggage or objects from smashing any important items that you may have in your suitcase. Similar to the Caribbean Joe set above, this Samsonite Luggage Set includes important zipper pockets and cross-straps in the interior.

I find this to be very helpful when I’m traveling, especially if I’m checking in luggage at the airport. The last situation I want is to find my suitcase a jumbled mess once arriving at my destination.

Fun Extras

With travel comes risk. One of my favorite features is the TSA-approved side locks for the suitcase. It gives me peace of mind to know that no sticky fingers will be rummaging through my suitcase when I’m not around. This luggage set also includes an adjustable handle and spinner wheels to make transportation a breeze. You can rest assured that these suitcases will be able to make it down the driveway, through the airport, and in the elevator wherever you travel.

In the past, I have purchased suitcases that when empty felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks. You definitely will not have that problem with this luggage set. It has been specifically designed to be lightweight. This is great not only for your back but to save money on checked luggage.

Dimensions and Details

Suitcase Dimensions

  • Small: 19” x 14.5” x 9.75”
  • Medium: 24” x 17.5” x 11.5”
  • Large: 28.5” x 20.5” x 13.5”

Weight of luggage

  • Small: 6.81 lbs
  • Medium: 8.34 lbs
  • Large: 10.35 lbs

Quick Summary  

While the Samsonite Luggage Set includes one less bag than our pick above, it may be the perfect set for you if you’re a frequent traveler. The three suitcases allow for flexible packing and long-term trips. Since the luggage set is made of a hard shell it is less likely that your items will be damaged during travel. To add extra security, this set even includes a TSA lock for each suitcase. Overall, you won’t be disappointed in the quality and versatility of this product!


Honorable Mention: Bago Lightweight Family Travel Luggage Set


The Bago Lightweight Family Travel Luggage Set is drastically different in almost every way from the Caribbean Joe and Samsonite sets featured above. It comes with a large duffle bag and different sized “packing cubes” which go inside to organize your luggage. The 23 items you will receive with this purchase include:

  • 8 Travel Packing Cubes
  • Large Folding Duffle Bag
  • Large Toiletry Bag
  • Folding Backpack
  • 12 Organizer Plastic Zip Bags

I love the variety of colors which set this apart from the luggage sets above. You have the option of choosing from the following: black, blue, green, pink, purple, or red. However, don’t be fooled by the casual look of this luggage set.


It is designed with quality zippers and Ripstop fabric meant to last. Even better, the fabric is also water resistant – which is perfect for rainy days or for adventurous travelers. This is also a good option if you’re traveling to places like Ireland or the Scottish Highlands where rain is almost always on the forecast.

As a bonus, the Bago Luggage Set includes 12 various sized zipper bags. These work well for all of the little odds and ends that get loose in your luggage. I find them useful for earrings, writing utensils, and even on-the-go snacks.

Functionality is the name of the game with the Bago Lightweight Family Travel Luggage Set. Although this set definitely steps up your organization game, one of its drawbacks is the lack of wheels. Be aware that you will have to carry this luggage wherever you go. Pack light!


Every single piece of this luggage set was thought out to function for the busy traveler. The eight storage cubes allow you to separate outfits or even to designate clothes for each member of the family. This is a brilliant design feature and makes it easy to pull out exactly what you need.

Usually, the first time I search for pajamas, everything in my suitcase ends up all over the hotel room. However, with this luggage set all I have to do is pull out the storage cube for pajamas and everything else stays intact.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the Bago Luggage Set but if you really twisted my arm I would say it’s the large toiletry bag. Not only does it have multiple inner and outer compartments, but it also has a little hook so that you can hang it up. The bag perfectly organizes every toiletry item. To be honest, I have started using this at home until I find a decent organization case that fits my space.

Extra Uses

The major components of this luggage set are foldable. For example, the foldable backpack included is a great feature. Planning a hike or a sightseeing tour? Tuck the backpack into your duffle bag. You can unfold it later and pack only what you need for the day. Keep in mind that more and more destinations are charging for plastic bags. If you have your backpack, you can easily pack things up without spending money here and there for bags.

In fact, the entire duffle bag is a great emergency bag.

I like to pack this into one of my larger suitcases such as the ones in the Caribbean Joe and Samsonite luggage sets. Then, if I go over on weight at the airport I already have a bag to lighten the load. It’s also great for souvenirs if you want to pack it and bring it back full. Personally, I like to pass all of my clothes in duffle and leave some of my bigger items in a well-packed suitcase.

Dimensions and Details


  • Medium Packing Cubes: 13.4” x 8.7” x 4”
  • Large Packing Cubes: 15.8” x 11.8” x 4”
  • Large Duffle Bag: 11” x 15” x 27” (folds up to 11.8″ x 12.6″)
  • Foldable Backpack: 14.17” x 8.66” x 13.39”
  • Toiletry Bag: 10” x 4” x 9”
  • Small Zip Bags: 9.5” x 15.1”
  • Medium Zip Bags: 7.9” x 12.4”
  • Large Zip Bags: 5.9″ x 9.25″

Weight of luggage

  • Large Duffle Bag: 1.5 lb

Quick Summary  

If you’re looking for organization, packing for a family, or an adventurous outdoor traveler the Bago Luggage Set is perfect for you. It includes storage cubes to separate clothes, zip bags, a toiletry kit, and even a foldable backpack in addition to the large duffle bag. This set includes strong zippers, rip-resistant fabric, and is water-resistant. It’s the perfect go, go, go travel set!


Ready to Travel?

Never again will I make the mistake of purchasing cheap luggage sets. Taking the time to invest in a quality set makes traveling less of a pain and gives me more time to focus on enjoying myself. All three of the above luggage sets are made of quality materials and make packing a streamlined experience.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated set with a variety of options for luggage look no further than the Caribbean Joe Luggage Set. Want more protection for your luggage? Check out the hard shell exterior and TSA lock included with the Samsonite Luggage Set. Or if you’re needing an organized system that’s easy to fill up or pack away try the Bago Family Luggage Set. No matter what you choose, you are on your way to a great travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can these luggage sets be used as a carry-on?

Potentially. The individual pieces of luggage in the Caribbean Joe, Samsonite, and Bago Family luggage sets can be used as carry-on items so long as they meet the airline dimension requirements. For the Caribbean Joe Luggage Set this would likely be the tote bag or small suitcase, for the Samsonite it may be the small suitcase, and for the Bago set it may be the individual cubes.

Can these luggage sets be used as checked baggage?

Yes. Quality materials make up all three luggage sets and can withstand rough handling during air transportation. Always pack carefully though, as items may shift while being transported. Cushioning breakables within clothing items and sealing bottles with cling (or a shower cap!) are good strategies to protect your items.

Do these luggage sets have wheels?

The Caribbean Joe and Samsonite luggage sets both have 360-degree spinning wheels on their suitcases. However, the Bago Family Travel Luggage Set and the tote bag from the Caribbean Joe set do not include wheels and must be carried.

Are these luggage sets water resistant?

The Bago Family Travel set is water-resistant as are the outer pieces of the hard shell Samsonite Luggage Set. It is not recommended to expose the Caribbean Joe set to significant amounts of water.

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