Best Patio Furniture Set Options for Summer 2018

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There are a whole lot of reasons to love the summertime–my particular favorites include seeing fireflies, drinking lemonade, being able to smell the freshly cut grass, and lounging about on patio furniture. Yes, that’s right: patio furniture. I’ve spent hours researching and testing furniture to find the best patio furniture set options.

For many years, my yard was filled with a hodgepodge of furniture. Rather than giving off an air of comfort and functionality, our hang out space instead looked like a yard sale could be happening at any moment. Once I finally invested in a real patio furniture set, I knew that I would never go back to my old ways.

When investing in a patio furniture set, you shouldn’t simply make a purchase based on outward appearance. Instead, make sure that the set you are buying is made of quality materials and functional for your lifestyle. You definitely don’t want patio furniture that will be falling apart before the summer ends! You also want to be able to use the furniture for its intended purpose whether that be outdoor brunch, fireside chats, or full on party entertainment.

In this guide, I’ll cover the perks of three incredible patio furniture sets. The first (and my personal favorite) is the Peach Tree Wicker Sofa Sectional which is ideal for large group entertaining and easy to move around. Next, the Wisteria Lane Outdoor Patio Set is slightly smaller and a great fit if you tend to entertain mostly close family and friends. Finally, the Suncrown Outdoor Wicker Dining Table is a family-sized set ready for eating, drinking, and listening to music out on the patio. Heck, if you’ve got a sprawling property, I think you could find a use for all three!

Best Patio Furniture Set For Group Entertaining: Peach Tree Outdoor Patio Rattan Wicker Sofa Sectional

Dream with Me:

It’s twilight and friends are arriving for a soiree to celebrate the coming of the new year. An assortment of drinks are available on the tea table and guests sit on wonderfully comfortable cushions talking animatedly. Close to midnight, fireworks start going off. You pull apart the sectional to face the lake and enjoy the last few moments of the year. Peace. Comfort. Joy.

Nuts and Bolts:

What a wonderful dream (which could soon be your reality)! The Peach Tree Patio Set is versatile. It includes the following:

  • 2 Corner Sofas
  • 4 Single Sofas
  • 1 Tea Table with a Glass Top
  • 6 Seat Cushions and Lumbar Pads
  • 2 Small Seat Lumbar Pads
  • 2 White Pillows

The cushions are a beautiful blue and contrast well against the sturdy black wicker frame. The base is made of rattan wicker and the frame is steel. The modern design would look great on a patio, the lawn, or even poolside. Although it’s designed for the outdoors, this set wouldn’t look out of place indoors either!

I’m focusing on the 7 piece Peach Tree Patio Set in this post, but a combination of these patio furniture pieces are available in two different 4 piece sets and a 5 piece set. All of these options are available at the same link here.

Why You Should Buy this Set:

The quality of this set is great for an outdoor setting as it’s UV-resistant, weatherproof, and will not fade in the sun. Of course, you should always protect patio furniture if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions. The cushions are also made of a breathable fabric and easy to wipe down.

This Peach Tree Patio Furniture Set is stylish and comfortable. There are no hard metal bars or ultra rigid seat cushions. It comes with two small pillows and not a ton of annoying bulky ones that end up on the ground. The tea table has a glass top which is easy to clean and gives the entire set an elegant look. While not appropriate for a full course meal, the table is a perfect size for drinks, small plates, and playing cards.

However, my absolute favorite feature in this patio furniture set is its ability to be reconfigured however you want it to be. Instead of moving as one bulky piece, the different seats can be rearranged as you need them. For example, if you’re hoping for a big group conversation, you can push the pieces together as a giant sectional. Prefer smaller and more intimate settings? No problem, pull the pieces apart at whichever distance you like.

Highlighting this Patio Set in Your Space

Before you purchase a patio set make sure that you measure your space and compare your numbers to the measurements in the FAQ below. The Peach Tree Patio Furniture Set is a fairly large set and needs a spacious patio rather than a small porch. You definitely don’t want your guests to feel claustrophobic rather than relaxed!

Another reason why it’s important to have adequate space for this particular set is so that you can take full advantage of its flexibility for the arrangement. If you’re hoping to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level, consider positioning this set underneath a pergola hung with string lights. This will not only allow you to spend time outside after dark but will elevate the style and grace of this already beautiful patio set.


Best Tight Knit Hangout Patio Furniture Set: Wisteria Lane Outdoor Patio Set

Dream with Me:

It’s brunch time and you’ve invited over another couple for a meal. The weather is beautiful and sunny as we sit close together on our new Wisteria Lane Outdoor Patio Set to catch up on life. Our table is at just the right height for dining. You watch the kids jump on the trampoline in the backyard.

Nuts and Bolts:

Pass me another orange juice, please! This set, like the Peach Tree above, allows for flexible seating and includes the following:

  • 2 Loveseats
  • 1 Corner Loveseat
  • 1 Table
  • 3 Ottomans
  • 6 Seat Cushions
  • 7 Back Cushions

The Wisteria Lane Patio Furniture Set featured here is the largest set available. However, you can purchase smaller sets if you prefer. All arrangement types are available in both gray and brown. I’m Team Gray, but you do you.

Why You Should Buy This Set:

This set is a great piece to have whether you want to hang out with a group of friends, have a meal outside, or just to stretch out and read (and perhaps have a few minutes of golden silence away from other people). The seating is incredibly comfortable–it might take a thunderstorm to force you back inside.

The brown or gray wicker pair very well with the cream colored cushions. The Wisteria Lane Set would look great in many different outdoor settings from the mountains to the beach. The furniture is water-resistant and made of all-weather materials meaning it should last a long time despite the elements.

The table that comes with this patio furniture set is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a perfect height for dining. In the summertime is there really anything better than eating watermelon on the patio? Swoon. The cushions are easy to clean, making mealtime a worry-free experience. I also love being able to move the different pieces depending on my family’s needs for the day. The ottomans are particularly easy to move and perfect for small kids.

Highlighting this Patio Set in Your Space

The Wisteria Lane Set is also a piece that you want to be sure to have enough space for before purchasing. Like the Peach Tree Patio Furniture Set above, if you want to be able to have the flexibility to move pieces around you will need to have space beyond the size of the set. Since this set has a larger table which is ideal for dining, you might want to consider purchasing an outdoor rug to match the set.

This will not only add style to your patio area but will also protect the patio (if the set isn’t sitting on grass) from food stains. If serving hot food, be sure to use the appropriate heat mats to prevent any lasting marks on the table. In addition to an outdoor rug, a bouquet of flowers in the center of the table adds a welcoming and bright feeling to your new patio arrangement.

Best Patio Furniture Set For Family Fun Time: Suncrown Outdoor Furniture Wicker Dining Table and Chairs

Dream with Me:

The sun is rising over the mountains. You sit cross-legged in my Suncrown Outdoor chair. A cup of coffee warms your hands and steam makes curlicues in the air before dissipating. If you stay completely still, you are able to watch a few deer slowly make their way across the distant line of trees.

Nuts and Bolts:

There’s nothing like the pairing of hot coffee and nature! This set is basic but functional for dining and conversation on the patio. It includes:

  • Tempered Glass Table
  • 4 Outdoor Chairs

Although not included, you could attach an umbrella to the table as there is a 1.5” diameter cut out in the center to make this option available. The table can be purchased as square or round shaped.

Why You Should Buy This Set:

The Suncrown Outdoor Dining Set is a dream come true for a small family looking for durable and gorgeous patio furniture. It’s made of all-weather wicker which will hold up against wind, rain, and sun. The cushions are easy to wipe down. Even better, the cushions completely unzip and can be thrown into a regular washing machine.

This is a truly elegant piece for the price. The table has a black tempered glass top that gives it a classy sheen. The base of the table matches the four chairs with woven black and brown wicker. Honestly, the Suncrown Dining Set would make a beautiful breakfast table inside (I won’t tell!).

Another great feature of this set is its size. The chairs and table are big enough to sit and eat comfortably, but will not take up your entire patio area. The chairs can, of course, be pulled and moved wherever you want if you want a more intimate conversation!

Highlighting this Patio Set in Your Space

As mentioned above, one great feature of the Suncrown Dining Set is its compact size. While you should still measure your space before purchasing, chances have it that it will be a perfect size for whichever patio or outdoor area you have at your home.

On a deck, this table might be the main attraction and be a great place to view your yard while enjoying the company of your close ones. If you happen to have a pool, the table might serve not only for dining but for drying off and chatting in the sun. Don’t forget that this table has the necessary hole cut for an umbrella. This could transform the table from regular patio furniture to poolside paradise. You may also consider purchasing a decorative storage bin to accent the table where you could keep clean, dry towels (or lots and lots of kids toys).

Summary of Best Patio Furniture Set Options

All three of these patio sets make me want to spend the entire summer outside soaking up the sun. If you’re not able to spring for all three (a girl can dream, right?), then you should carefully consider the context for which you will use the outdoor patio furniture sets.

The Peach Tree

If your motto is “the bigger the better” your best bet will be my top pick, the Peach Tree Set. This set is both wonderful for large group entertaining or if you want to be able to stretch out and nap on your patio furniture. The tea table is an added plus for snacking and drinks outside. I love the blue cushions against the black wicker. Try adding a matching outdoor rug to complete the look. Your friends will be impressed and asking you where you bought this awesome set.

Wisteria Lane

The Wisteria Lane Patio Set is great for dining outdoors and small group entertaining of family and friends. Further, this set is flexible and can be reconfigured as you like. You may want to choose this set if you’re looking for furniture that can handle full-on dining in addition to hanging out. This set is classy and the soft cream cushions are reminiscent of beach sand. What’s more summertime than that?

The Suncrown

Finally, the Suncrown Set is a small set with a particular focus on dining. It has four chairs and a stylish matching glass table. This patio furniture is a good fit for couples or small families who want to save space but still be able to enjoy eating or playing board games outside. I do appreciate that this table has the ability to install an umbrella. The sun won’t ruin your outdoor time here.

Most of all, I appreciate outdoor patio furniture is that it encourages my family to spend more time outside than we usually would. If the weather is nice and you have a comfortable place to gather, it’s much more likely that you’ll take advantage of the outdoors. Finally, you really can’t go wrong with any of these patio furniture sets. Whichever choice you make, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy a wonderful summer out on the patio with your friends and family!


Q: Will I need to assemble the patio furniture set?

Yes. The Peach Tree Outdoor Set, the Wisteria Lane Set, and the Suncrown Set will all require assembly and come with instructions. The Suncrown Set does offer the option to pay extra for expert assembly.

Q: What are the dimensions of the sets?

Peach Tree Outdoor Set:

Corner Sofa Size (overall): 26.8″ W×26.8″D×24.6″ H
Single Sofa Size (overall): 26.8″ W×26.8″D×24.6″H
The dimension of side table: 27”x 27”
Seat cushion: 25.6″ L×25.6″W×4″H
Lumbar pad: 25.6″ L×13″W×4.7″H
Small lumbar pad: 21.7″ L×13″W×4.7″H
Pillow: 18″L×18″W
The thickness of glass top: 0.2 inch

Wisteria Lane Set:

Single armrest loveseat: 46.46″ x 23.62″ x 27.95″
Corner loveseat: 45.28″ x 23.62″ x 27.95″
Table: 51.97″ x 29.92″ x 26.38″
Ottoman: 14.96″ x 14.96″ x 12.01″
Cushions: 3″ (Thickness)

Suncrown Set:

Chair: 35″ H x 20″ W x 19″ D

Table : 29.5″ H x 35.5″ Square Top

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