Top Reading Chairs To Comfort Every Bookworm

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There is one comfort which is nearly as important to a bookworm as their book collection and that is their reading chair. A reading chair is a special place that perfectly provides solitude and solace for a reader, no matter what text they hold in their hands. As an avid reader myself, I take this matter very seriously and have spent hours and hours researching the best reading chairs available online. 

If GoodReads is the eHarmony for books, then this post is its equal for luxury reading chairs. There are many factors to consider when picking out a reading chair. Do you prefer to read while hugging your knees? Or would you rather stretch out your legs? Do you read primarily inside or outside? Do you want your reading chair to be modern or make you feel like you’ve been transported in time?

You really can’t go wrong with any of my three favorite reading chairs. The indoor/outdoor Island Gale Swing Chair will transport you to paradise while your mind wanders wherever it may. Meanwhile, the more traditional Stone & Beam Leila Tufted Chair can easily match the existing living room and bedroom decor while providing an extra-wide sitting space. Finally, the Antonina Chaise Lounge is a throwback to a finer time when owning a large library spoke volumes about your moral character.

The Best Reading Chair Winner: Island Gale Luxury Wicker Swing Chair with Stand and Cushion

Quick Summary

The Island Gale Swing Chair is the Pride and Prejudice of reading chairs–beautiful, romantic, and surprising in all the right places. The swing is technically made for two, but also a great option for one person to spread out and get comfy while they read. If you easily fall asleep while reading, you might also consider this as the perfect choice for a napping chair.

Favorite Features

One of the most unique features of the Island Gale Swing Chair is that it can be used indoors or outdoors (unlike the Stone & Beam Armchair and Antonina Chaise Lounge that I will expand on later in this article). The chair is made of all-weather wicker. The cushion is made of outdoor fabric that can be easily wiped down or washed if you happen to be one of those people who spills drinks while reading. I’m personally one of those people and I can tell you from experience that this chair is easy to clean.

This product is all-inclusive. You don’t have to purchase a separate cushion or stand because everything will be included upon delivery. Even better, there is no assembly involved. Just hang up the swing on the stand and you’re ready to go!

Speaking of the cushion, the one included with the Island Gale Swing Chair is massive. You can sit up straight and let your feet dangle. Alternatively, you can stretch out across the cushion. Both the cushion itself and the design of the chair keep your legs and back supported no matter which position you sit in.

Finally, I have to mention the swinging sensation! This is another creative feature that sets the Island Gale Swing Chair apart from the others. The swing is like a breeze, gentle enough to be relaxing but not intense enough to be distracting. I love swinging while reading. It feels as if my physical body is imitating the wandering of my mind.

Note that if you’re adamant about having an outdoor reading space but this piece doesn’t speak to you, check out my post on the Best Patio Furniture Sets. Every time I say “entertaining,” simply replace it with “getting lost in a page-turning novel”.


The design of the Island Gale Swing Chair is stunning and practical. Although it is a fairly large piece, it’s apparent that thought has gone into each and every part of its creation and design. Most importantly, the chair itself is super sturdy. I can’t even count the number of times I have climbed on top of a hammock only to have it flip over on me.

You certainly don’t have to worry about dropping your book or falling out of this chair. It has two arms on the stand and a large round base to keep the chair balanced and safe. Children may also use it, although supervision is always recommended. 

Wicker is the primary material used to create this beautiful reading chair. It’s handcrafted and handwoven. I love knowing that a craftsman worked on my furniture. It makes the piece so much more personal and special than something that has been cranked out by a machine. Whether it be outdoor greenery or a soothing wall color, the tessellated wicker gives a sneak peek to what’s behind the chair. When I’m not sitting in this reading chair, it feels like a piece of art.

The bottom of the egg-shaped design is flat the way a regular armchair would be. It goes a long way to ensuring overall comfort when sitting or laying down on the chair. As mentioned, the cushion is fairly large.

Things To Consider

However, if you’re particularly tall, it may not support but a small portion of your back. If the feeling of wicker on your back bothers you, you might want to add another pillow. But more than likely you won’t even notice it. The cushion comes in two different colors: charcoal and latte.

Both colors delicately complement the brown wicker while not distracting from the environment. However, the limited colors may not be optimal for some people. 


The Best Reading Chair Runner-Up: Stone & Beam Leila Tufted Chair

Quick Summary

This Stone & Beam Leila Tufted Chair is the perfect reading chair for any living space. It has an extra-wide seat which is perfect for scrunching up your legs without feeling like a sardine. Its vintage look will add an essence of elegance and prestige to any room without looking out of place.

I especially recommend this chair for curling up to read Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians (a freshly downloaded version counts). The opulence described in the novel fits right in with this beautifully classic reading chair.

Favorite Features

The best part of the Stone & Beam Leila Tufted Chair is its width. Unlike standard armchairs, the seat is 44 inches wide, giving you a ton of room to get comfortable. I’m a pillow person and would definitely recommend adding a cute accent pillow to further support my back while in this reading chair. I especially prefer quote pillows since reading is the theme here. An added pillow, even if not used when sitting in the chair, would add to the reading chair’s overall statement in any living space.

Next, consider the chair’s arms. They are absolutely made to rest your arms (or swing your legs over if you’re feeling youthful). The tufted pattern circles all the way around which adds support and maintains the overall style. No matter how you scrunch up, swing your legs, or sit, this reading chair is a comfortable beauty that you do not want to overlook.  

While this chair definitely isn’t made to go outdoors, it would look great in a sunroom or a screen-protected patio. I can only imagine how wonderful a gentle summer breeze would add to the ambiance of your reading time. Add an ottoman, a small side table for your favorite drink, and extra books or even a collection of Sudoku to complete the chill vibe.


This reading chair has been designed thoughtfully to make it easy to set up and clean. The only installation required is to screw in the four solid wood feet. The espresso color works well with and compliments the many different fabric color options: Hunter Green, Latte, Linen, Pewter, Sandstone, and Smoky Teal.

Even better, you can purchase a matching ottoman if you prefer to put your feet up! If you’re worried about whether the color will match your space, you do have the option of ordering swatch samples before committing to the purchase. This option guarantees that you select the perfect color for your space.

The seat cushion for this reading chair is reversible (which is incredibly helpful when my rambunctious toddler feels it’s necessary to deconstruct our furniture). I don’t have to worry about whether it’s up or down. I also appreciate that the fabric is pulled tight. This not only adds to the simple style of the chair but also makes it easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth or vacuum and you can easily clean up any small drink spills or smashed Goldfish.

Overall, the antique style of this tufted reading chair speaks to my heart. It’s a chair that I would expect to find in Sherlock Holmes’ library. Simply, it feels natural to curl up in it with a classic novel or adventure thriller. If I were to give a reading chair as a gift, this would definitely be the option that I choose. Unlike the Island Gale Swing Chair and Antonina Chaise Lounge, the Stone & Beam Armchair is more narrow and therefore more likely to work in any space without taking up too much room.


The Best Reading Chair Honorable Mention: GDF Studio Antonina Plush Tufted Chaise Lounge

Quick Summary

This stunning chaise lounge is perfect for dramatically tossing yourself upon it to wait for the stereotypical question, “And how does that make you feel?” while reading Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. Jokes aside, this Antonina Chaise Lounge makes a perfect reading chair and conversation piece for any living room or bedroom.

This chair is perfect for stretching out your legs to read but also adds extra support on your back and side in case you prefer to sit. The tufted design and wooden legs are a blast into your favorite classic novel.

Favorite Features

Many chaise lounges do not have an armrest. The Antonina Chaise Lounge does, making it one of my favorite features of this reading chair. It makes the lounge a much more versatile piece because you don’t have to lay down to feel supported. Sometimes I’m in the mood to read cross-legged. With this reading chair, I can scoot back and use the armrest or I can even sit in the other direction and use the armrest for back support.

I also love that this reading chair comes in a variety of fabric and wood colors. The options include Blue Grey Fabric, Brown Leather, Dark Charcoal Fabric, Ivory Leather, and Medium Beige Fabric. I particularly love the Blue Grey Fabric with natural wood legs. The color is simply unique and not what you would usually find for a chaise lounge chair.

However, if you really want to achieve a traditional style in a home office for example, then the Brown Leather is truly a winner. The two leather options are likely to be easier to clean as well if that is something you are concerned about.

Finally, the length of this chair is perfect for a reading chair. If you’re looking for a sleeper sofa, this is probably not the right choice for you. Unless you’re a child or super short, prepare to have your legs dangle off of the end. Many times a chaise lounge can be bulky and take up too much space. I find the size of this reading chair to be reasonable. Plus, it can be worked into the design of many different types of rooms.


Similar to the Stone & Beam Armchair, the Antonina Chaise Lounge uses a tufted design that is pulled tight. You should be able to easily clean light spills in the same manner with a vacuum or damp cloth. It also requires only minimal assembly that should take no longer than 15-30 minutes. You won’t need special tools or equipment either. Hurray!

The design of the Antonina Chaise Lounge will elevate the look of any room. It’s royal, present, and simply stylish. I think this would look great in a home office, the living room, or even your bedroom. In a bedroom you could literally roll out of bed, pull the bed covers over to the chaise lounge, and crack open the book you fell asleep reading. 

This is one of those chairs that will have your house guests begging to know where you bought it from. The ridges on the wooden feet are, beautiful, delicate, and unique. They have been painted to match the fabric or leather of the chaise lounge. I would personally add a small throw and an accent pillow to the reading chair in order to complete the look. However, the piece is well put together and a statement of itself. It could certainly stand on its own.

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

…getting lost in a book while sitting on their beautiful new reading chair! Whether you choose the Island Gale Swing Chair, the Stone & Beam Armchair, or the Antonina Chaise Lounge prepare to have a dreamy reading experience. All three of these beautifully crafted reading chairs are designed to be functional, comfortable, and add elegance to any room.

If you’re looking for an all-out experience, consider choosing my top pick, the Island Gale Swing Chair, which can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s not only comfortable but has plenty of space to stretch out while swinging through the pages.

If you’re looking for something more simple or even a gift, you may want to choose the Stone & Beam Armchair. While offering larger seat space, this reading chair is more compact than the other two options and more likely to fit in any living space.

Finally, the Antonina Chaise Lounge is perfect for a relaxed and ultra-traditional reading space.

No matter your choice, I hope you find comfort and happiness in any of these three incredible options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of each reading chair?

Island Gale Swing Chair

  • Chair Basket Dimensions
    • 58.27″ wide (basket seat, side to side)
    • 48.81″ tall (basket top to bottom)
    • 27.56″ deep (basket front to back)
  • Overall Dimensions
    • 58.27” wide
    • 78.2” tall
    • 47.2” deep

Stone & Beam Armchair

  • Chair Dimensions
    • 44” wide
    • 31” tall
    • 36” deep

Antonina Chaise Lounge

  • Lounge Dimensions
    • 30” wide
    • 32.5” tall
    • 65.5” deep

Q: Is there a weight limit on the Island Gale Swing Chair?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 528 lbs. This reading chair should comfortably be able to fit 2 adults.

Q: Do you need to assemble the chairs?

The Island Gale Swing Chair, the Stone & Beam Armchair, and the Antonina Chaise Lounge only require minimal assembly. You do not need to have any special tools or equipment. You should be done in less than 30 minutes.

Q: Are these chairs only for reading?

Absolutely not! You can use all three of these beautiful chairs to entertain, watch movies, or anything else you might do in your living space. They are also fairly easy to clean. What’s great about all three of these options is how you can dress them up or down with accent pillows and throws.

However, if you choose to keep things minimal, all three of these chairs are beautiful and stylish enough to make a statement of their own. 

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