Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators To Delight The Palate

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You love your red wine, with the occasional white wine to spice it up a bit. It’s what keeps you relaxed and sane at the end of the day. It gets your blood moving and your heart pumping. So, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. I’ve spent many evenings researching the best wine cooler refrigerators and want to share what I’ve found.

Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators For You

Whether you’re running out of space in your refrigerator or decided to start collecting wine, you’ve committed to buying one of the best wine cooler refrigerators. Purchasing one doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, it should feel as comforting as drinking from your wine glass. Once I finish telling you about the best wine cooler refrigerators you can buy today, you’ll have all you need to take that next step, worry-free.

When it comes to buying the best wine cooler refrigerators for your home, it mainly depends on preference. But our top pick for your wine’s personal home is the . Read on to find out why.

Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators Top Pick:

The features an elegant, modern design that keeps your wine at the perfect temperature to preserve freshness for as long as you want.


The is a single-zone wine cooler refrigerator. The single-zone wine cooler only has one temperature setting throughout. If you’re a red wine person, having one temperature for your wine is all you need. The temperature ranges from 54° F to 66° F.

If you’re looking to use the for storage, then keeping your wine at a solid 55° F will suffice. This best wine cooler refrigerators option isn’t for white wine serving temperatures, because white wines need to be served anywhere between 46° F to 60° F. But that doesn’t mean you can’t store it since experts recommend storing red and white wine at the same temperature.

The humidity in the is around 70-75% which directly correlates to the temperature. Note that the humidity that’s inside your best wine cooler refrigerators matters. If the air inside is too dry, the cork will dry out and cause oxidation. The oxidation can then cause a perfectly good bottle of wine to go to waste.


The is a freestanding stainless steel wine cooler refrigerator with a 120V input voltage, so you can place it anywhere in your home that you would like. If you know you’re going to drinking your wine in your favorite chair while listening to your favorite record on one of these record players, then place it next to it. As long as you have an outlet near your desired location, anywhere’s perfect. The dimensions are 18.1″ W x 20.9″ D x 29.2″ H in case your perfect spot is in a tight area.

It’s designed to hold 28 Bordeaux-styled 750mL bottles. But, if you want to use it for bigger wine bottles, then you can remove a shelf to accommodate them. There are 6 chrome-plated curved wire shelves. The curved shelves give each bottle their own placement in the cooler, but it isn’t too deep to give it an awkward look.

Light bulbs inside a wine cooler refrigerator can cause the wine corks to dry up. That doesn’t mean you need a flashlight everytime you want to grab a bottle of wine because the features a cool blue interior LED light. The LED light illuminates the inside at a 60 Hz frequency so that you can see without causing any harm to your bottles. Besides the LED light, it comes with a digital temperature display so you can monitor and change it with the push of a button.


The is a thermoelectric wine cooler refrigerator. Thermoelectric cooling doesn’t require the internal parts to move very much, so it’s quiet. This is perfect if you prefer your home to have as few humming noises as possible. Even if you don’t mind the frequent humming of your refrigerator or the swishing and rocking of the washing machine, it’s nice to not have to worry about another background noise. It’s also vibration-free.

Besides being quiet and still, thermoelectric cooling is also easier on your energy bill since it requires less power to operate.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers:

  • Thermoelectric cooling is heat sensitive. You shouldn’t have to worry about this too much if you’re placing your best wine cooler refrigerators option somewhere with a consistent temperature. You’ll have to worry about it if you plan on storing it in a basement where the temperature is unstable and can usually be on the warm side. The best way to avoid overheating the bottles is to place them in an area in your home that you know the temperature doesn’t fluctuate.
  • It isn’t suitable for placing majority Pino Noir type 750mL bottles inside. While you can place larger styled bottles inside the , placing too many inside there can cause a tightness between the shelves. The tightness will make the shelves extremely difficult to slide out. Even though this is one of the best wine cooler refrigerators option, this tightness can be an issue.

Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators Runner-Up:

The is similar to the because it’s a freestanding stylish stainless steel and black wine cooler refrigerator. It gets the job done for not only one red wine, but white too.


The is a dual-zone wine cooler refrigerator. If you’re a red and white wine lover, this is perfect for you because it’s programmed to keep your white wines chilled and your red wines slightly warmer for optimal taste. Whites are known for their sweet, crisp taste and reds are known for their smoothness. It’s best to keep them at separate serving temperatures so that you get the taste you crave.

The top zone temperature range is 54° to 66°F, and the bottom zone’s range is 46° to 66°F. While the lower zone’s temperature can chill white wines, it doesn’t limit what type of wine you can place on the lower racks. If you’re not much of a white wine person, then you can use the bottom rack for your reds since it goes up to 66°F like the top zone.

Additionally, you can use the top zone for storage and the bottom one for serving because storage and serving temperatures aren’t the same. You don’t eat the food you store in your freezer at that temperature, you eat it warmed. It’s the same with wine.

Our TRPM5 taste buds are more receptive to warm foods and beverages, hence why cold foods taste unappealing. Drinking wine that is too cold will throw off its flavor, making it taste weak, but drinking wine that is too warm makes it too strong for our taste buds to appreciate. Serving at a different, warmer temperature than storing gives your wine that perfect aroma you need to enjoy the flavors. To achieve the flavor of wine that you desire, take your wine from the storage zone and place it at serving temperature for about thirty minutes.


The has a stainless door and a black exterior body. Its dimensions are 33.5″ H x 14″ W x 22.25″ D, so while it’s taller than the , it’ll still give your home a sophisticated look. It holds 24 standard sized 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles but removing a shelf can help store your larger bottles. To remove the wooden shelves, you can swing the door open 180° so that there are no tight fits for handling your delicate beverages.

This model is freestanding with an input voltage of 115V so you’re able to place it wherever you need it to go. But it’s not suitable for replacing a built-in wine cooler refrigerator. For it to function properly, it needs constant ventilation.

The door is made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is tougher than regular glass and more resilient to breakage. This is perfect if you’re known to have a heavy hand and are worried that you’ll cause some damage by being too rough. It also comes with a safety lock to keep people who aren’t supposed to be messing with your wine out.

The control panel features a button for your cool blue LED light and buttons to monitor and control the temperature. The gives you the option to use your LED light or let your wine age without it on 24/7.


Similar to the, the is a thermoelectric wine cooler refrigerator. To really get complete silence from the , make sure to place it on level ground and away from any obstructions. It’s also vibration-free. The less jolting your aging wine has to experience, the better it will taste because. Jolting before it’s time will cause the sediments in the bottle to become disturbed.

Besides being good for your wine, this best wine cooler refrigerators option also helps the environment. Thermoelectric cooling systems pull air from the inside of the cooler and push the heat outside of it into its surrounding environment. As hazardous as it sounds, it’s the complete opposite because it has no harmful substances, unlike regular refrigerators.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers:

  • The mandatory 180° door open makes placement difficult. The door needs to be opened 180° to take a shelf rack out. The wide range makes it difficult to place in areas that are pretty tight. The doors also aren’t reversible. You’ll want to place the in an area that it won’t be constricted.
  • No back-stop for shelves. The wooden shelves that your wine bottles would live on will need to be handled very carefully to avoid a mess. When pulling out the shelves, there’s nothing anchoring them to the back of the so if you pull too hard or too far, they’ll fall. To avoid all your wine bottles falling to the floor or getting too shaken up before opening them, pull the shelves out gently.
  • Not enough space between the shelves. The shelves not having a back-stop is important because that’s the only way to get your wine out. There’s not enough space between the shelves to pull your wine bottle directly from it after opening the door. So, if you wanted to just forgo pulling out the shelves for once and opt to just grabbing your prize, you can’t.

Respectable Third in the Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators:

The is a freestanding, automatic defrosting wine cooler refrigerator.


Similar to the , the only has one temperature zone. The temperature range is between 43°F – 57°F. It’s perfect for white wine and also red wines that can be stored or served at temperatures around 57°F.

Although it isn’t a dual-zone wine cooler refrigerator, the top racks are warmer than the lower ones. It’s equipped to handle temperature changes in the environment. The and are both thermoelectric wine coolers so it’s more heat sensitive than the . The can handle high heat temperatures, keeping your wines safe and cool through any season.


The comes in either stainless steel and black or just black. Its dimensions are 20.1″ x 17.5″ x 32.8″. The door is reversible with a recessed pocket style handle, so you can open it from either side without difficulty. They’re also made from tempered glass so that your wine is protected from harmful UV rays.

This best wine cooler refrigerators pick is designed to fit 36 standard sized 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles. It allows you to grow your collection and enjoy a greater variety of wine compared to the and .

If you’re looking to house larger bottles, you’ll need to remove a shelf and place them front to back and then back to front. This arrangement allows you to place five larger bottles on a shelf without jamming them in there. The bottom two shelves face sideways while the top shelves face forward. The shelves are always in a locked position. Removing them from it requires you to pull upward to unlock them and then pull out. Then once you’re done with the shelf, you push it inward until it locks back in place.

The interior uses a blue LED light that lets you see your wine without the heat of an incandescent light bulb.


The is a compressor-type cooling system. It operates like a standard refrigerator, so unlike the and , it’s not quiet. It uses a vapor compression cycle which takes heat from the inside of the unit and spits it out. If you’re wondering what a vapor compression system sounds like, think of the sound an air conditioner makes. It runs by long coils in the interior and exterior of the . The interior coil absorbs the heat from the inside and the exterior coil radiates it into the environment. This mechanism leaves only cold air inside.

Compressor wine coolers can reach temperatures of around 30° because of the systematic way that it operates. This is why the provides colder air than the and . Both theand are thermoelectric wine cooler refrigerators.

They can’t get as cold as compressor wine coolers can. The is also likely to cost less overall because it operates in cycles. When the air inside reaches your desired temperature, it turns off then cycles back on when it gets too hot. It isn’t on all the time so parts last longer. The longer your parts last, the less you have to spend on maintenance. Since it only comes on when necessary, it’ll last as long as you’ll expect your refrigerator to.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers:

  • No digital built-in thermostat. To control the temperature, there’s a node inside. There isn’t a digital control panel so that you can see what temperature your wine cooler is producing. You’ll have to buy an additional thermostat and keep it inside there to monitor the temperature.
  • Produces a small vibration. It’s a compressor-type cooler and emits a humming sound and small vibration. The powerful moving parts create the slight vibration. I’ve mentioned before that any sort of vibration is bad for your wine. To accommodate for the vibration, this model uses rubber bushing. Rubber bushing is a vibration isolator that acts as a buffer. It’s an interference between two parts and in this case, the floor and the wine cooler.
  • No Safety Lock. If you have small children at home you’ll have to be extremely careful that they don’t take a liking to it. Even if you don’t have kids at home, a safety lock is just comforting to have. You can buy an additional fridge door latch, a button strap fridge lock, or a multi-function lock. While it might not keep out a curious teen, it’ll stop the little ones from getting in.

In A Cherishable Fourth in the Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators List:

The is a sleek black freestanding beauty that’ll look lovely inside your home. This best wine cooler refrigerators pick is more suitable for people who are occasional wine lovers or who just starting a collection.


Thetemperature ranges between 50º – 64ºF. It’ll keep your red wines warm enough for a serving or your white wines cool enough for storage. If you’re wanting to use the for white wine short-term use, you’ll need to place it in your refrigerator for 30 minutes before it’s cold enough.

It’s insulated with solid polyurethane heavy foam (CFC-free) which eliminates airflow inside the cooler. It’s also closed with thermopane, tempered smoked door. Thermopane glass contains air and gas between the two layers of glass. It makes the glass stronger and warm to the touch, to prevent frost and condensation. This door ensures that the interior is odor-free and has a consistent humidity. The darkness from the door prevents sunlight and UV rays from coming into contact with your wine. The less sunlight that hits your wines, the truer the wine will remain to its flavor.


This wine cooler refrigerator was designed to fit into your home decor since black looks nice everywhere. The dimensions are 9.9″ x 19.7″ x 25″. Placing it wherever you want to in the house won’t be a hassle because it’s extremely sleek with a recessed pocket styled handle.

Its sleekness is because it can only fit 12 standard sized 750ml 2.75″ Bordeaux bottles on its shelves. Like the other wine cooler refrigerators, you’ll need to remove a shelf to place larger bottles. They’ll sit more comfortable if you place them in neck first.

It features a control panel on the top of the door for temperature and light control. It also comes with a safety lock and two keys for it in case you need a spare. The door seal helps keep air out and humidity in. Note that the blue LED light is bright enough to light up a portion of your kitchen.

The five wired shelves are curved so that they fit each bottle perfectly. It also only runs on 65 W, so it’s perfect for conserving energy.


The is also a thermoelectric wine cooler that’s quiet and built to keep the sediments in your wine undisturbed.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers:

  • The door isn’t reversible. A reversible door would allow you to place your wine cooler anywhere you want to. You still can technically place it anywhere you want. The only difference is you’ll have to make sure that you’re placing it in an area that the door can be opened and closed freely.
  • Must be placed in your home. The temperature difference found in an attic, basement, and garage are too different and will cause the Ivation 12 to not cool properly. Since it has a safety lock and is so sleek, I’m sure you can find somewhere to place it that will make both you and your wine happy.

Conclusion of the Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators For You

If you’re just trying to dip your toes into the waters of wine collecting or growing your collection, then the is one of the best wine cooler refrigerators for you. But, you know your circumstances better than I do, I’m just here to provide you with a starting point. If you’re still on the fence about what you should do, then the FAQs below should help you decide.


  1. Can I age cheese in my wine cooler refrigerator? Yes, it’s perfect for aging cheese, whether it’s Cheddar, Gruyere, Manchego, or whatever cheese you had in mind. The temperature for aging cheese is 50º. My suggestion is to get a dual-zone wine cooler, like the and place your red wines in the top zone and your cheese and/or white wines in the lower zone. If you’re leaning towards the and secretly love cheese, then dipping your toes in aging cheese will prove to be an experience that’s good for you and your health.
  2. Why can’t I just store my wine in my refrigerator? Your wine thrives off of the humidity. Your fridge thrives off of the dry air. Fridges take the humidity out of them and that’s terrible for your wine you plan on using in the next week or the next year. A dry cork means oxygen can get inside and oxidation can occur, leaving your once prized possession a foul, tasting mess. Wine cooler refrigerators are designed to keep the humidity in so your wine is always in the best conditions.
  3. Since I’m starting my collection, shouldn’t I just buy a wine cellar? Sure, but wine cellars are thousands of dollars while the best wine cooler refrigerators, which is similar to a mini fridge, only cost a few hundred bucks. Starting small and working your way to something larger is always the best course of action. Owning a wine cooler refrigerator can help you really see what you’ll need from your future cellar and plus, always think about space.

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