Best Yoga Pants: Our Top 3 Picks

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Headstand woman in the Best Yoga Pants

Three Best Yoga Pants on the Market

This year’s best yoga pants all have a blissful fit and feel to light up all our seven chakras! As a 300-hour certified yoga teacher and yogini since age 8, I spend hundreds of hours each year embraced by my beloved yoga pants. Now, I invite you to take a deep inhaling breath into the belly. Exhale, and let go of any unflattering yoga pants from the past. The era of the supposedly-unflappable waistband that flops in the middle of your best Natarajasana is officially over. I am here to help you find the best yoga pants for you.

Best Yoga Pants Winner: Beyond Yoga 

Best Yoga Pants are Beyond Yoga High Waist Stirrup Leggings

Beyond Yoga High Waist Stirrup Leggings are the ones I’ve been waiting for. They feel equally at home in a sweaty class or on a chilly evening on the shore. While they are on the more expensive side, their versatility and performance features are investment-worthy. They’re sure to last through any weekend workshops or 30-day challenges you’ll want to commit to this year.

The best way I like to find my favorite yoga pants is through touch. Beyond Yoga High Waist Stirrup Leggings have an airy hand-feel that reminds me of super soft cupcakes! Yet, these yoga pants are an indulgence you can feel good about afterward. Wrapping your figure in lavish, luxurious support, these yoga pants easily slide on and off thanks to the premium 4-way stretch fabric. Excellent fabric recovery ensures these yoga pants withhold their cozy, supportive shape over time.

Winning Yoga Pants

Performance features abound in these High Waist Stirrup Leggings. Let’s start at the top with the lavish 5-inch waistband that truly stays with you through the challenges of any yoga pose – from balancing in Crescent to letting it all go in peaceful Savasana. The high waist style is loved for slimming your silhouette – perfect for getting back in shape or tackling tough New Year’s resolutions.

Retro chic stirrup pants take a page from French equestrian fashion, so you’ll nail the athleisure look that’s trending right now. Yoginis know the best yoga pants are a pleasure to wear through anything the day can throw at us, and High Waist Stirrup Leggings are no exception – they’re perfect for our active lifestyles.

However, I have few cons to report about this legging. Please note that it is only offered in one length. Not a big deal for most, but ladies on the very tall or very short side may find that one length doesn’t suit their needs. Flashier yoginis may feel limited by the color selection. At the time of publishing, only a few colors are offered. Try Beyond’s Long Legging if you desire a wider palette or extra length.

Best Yoga Pants Runner Up: 90 Degrees by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

Power Flex Yoga Pants offered in Black and Charcoal 2 pack

The price of yoga pants seems to climb higher and higher each season. Sure we have practically infinite choices now – but if other options are too spendy, the 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants may be just the right choice for you. I’m excited about the Power Flex Yoga Pants’ fabric – the hand-feel is very soft and silky. These leggings offer a solid amount of compression without being too tight.

Let’s talk about the fit and rise. The Power Flex Yoga Pants will fit most women as high to mid-rise, however, if you’ve got a shorter torso like me they will likely fit as high rise. Thus, women with a long torso will likely find they are more of a mid-rise yoga legging. Those looking for a sculpting effect will be pleased with their performance. However, don’t expect any miracles here if you’re concerned about the muffin top effect. Be prepared to wear a top long enough to cover your tummy.

Best Assets of Power Flex

The pros of Power Flex Yoga Pants are plentiful.  These leggings are incredibly easy to wear and a versatile activewear piece. They will take you through a busy schedule from daywear into the night and hold up to most activities.  If you’re looking for a wide color selection, these may be the best yoga pants for you!  With over a dozen colors to choose from, your second chakra will love the creative opportunities.

Now let’s talk about a few potential flaws (but not dealbreakers). If you like the convenience and freedom of going commando beneath your yoga pants, these may not be the ones for you. I haven’t had any “visibility” issues with this brand, but a few users have complained.  If you’re concerned about this issue, be sure to do the “flashlight test” before you wear them to class!

Another caution is never to put these yoga pants in the dryer – especially on a heat setting. The manufacturer recommends always laying these leggings flat to dry. Hand washing is the best option to ensure the fabric stays durable and lasts. With a bit of care, these pants are sure to be there to celebrate when you reach your goals this year.



Honorable Mention: Teeki

Woman wearing Teeki Hot Yoga Pants, she is in a forearm headstand with split legs.

Certainly a bohemian cult favorite in the hot yoga community, Teeki Yoga Hot Pants may win you over too. If you’re the kind who must have your yoga fix with an extra serving of sweat, these leggings are made for you!

Since heated yoga is especially close to my heart, I can relate. My two teacher trainings took place deep in the steamy rainforest of Costa Rica. Sweating from dawn to dusk every day for six weeks – in a rancho without A/C – taught me very quickly to appreciate good material. Now I know it’s key to choose the best yoga pants to keep my cool.

Melting is a good thing when we’re talking about relaxing deeply into an asana. Finishing the session in a puddle on the floor, however, is not how heated yoga class has to end. Fortunately, Teeki’s environmentally-conscious team has solved the dreadful “swamp dilemma” once and for all.

My Teekis are the yoga pants I wear most frequently to class (I’ve done that for about a year now). Teeki Hot Yoga Pants are also a favorite amongst the teaching staff at the heated vinyasa studio where I’m a regular. These inspiring ladies march around a humid, 100-degree studio while demonstrating, motivating, and assisting 30 students, often teaching 2 or 3 classes in a row. Clearly, they know Teeki’s are the best yoga pants to sustain energy in the heated environment.

The Best Hot Yoga Pants

Teeki Hot Yoga Pants are packed with performance features to align with your heated yoga practice. Immediately these leggings feel different from most yoga pants. Sweep fingers over the fabric and notice its consistency is as light as whipped butter.

Don’t worry about deciding on high-waist or low-rise, because these yoga pants do both!  The foldable waistband goes from high-rise to low-rise at your whim.  Once you effortlessly slip into these yoga pants, you may forget you’re wearing anything at all. Opacity is no worry. These yoga leggings reveal nothing besides your lithe body lengthening and lifting to new levels.


Eco-Friendly Athleisure

Wearing Teeki Hot Yoga Pants helps you stand out as a daring free-spirit who loves life. This designer is well-known for bringing us vivid prints that evoke spirituality and honor the beauty of nature. I won’t spill all the details about Teeki’s patterns (there are too many to name anyhow)! Take a look for yourself, especially if you’ve ever desired to be wrapped in the watercolors of a desert sunset, or to embody the phases of the moon.

The only feature more striking than the beauty of Teeki’s imagery is the fabric. First, the majority of the fabric comes from recycled water bottles – a material called P.E.T. Silky spandex offers an unbeatable feeling as the fabric stretches in all 4 directions wherever and whenever you move.

Tracing the steps in Teeki’s manufacturing process shows the company’s dedication to consciousness. Heat printing processes used to illuminate the vivid graphics are designed to limit the release of chemical by-products. Teeki even manages to conserve 90% of water usage that is typical in the textile industry. The result is a line of hot yoga pants we can wear with complete confidence.

Teeki Loves the Heat

Heated studios like Core Power Yoga and Bikram are popular. We are now seeing many studios follow the trend, adding heated classes to their schedule. Thus I feel it’s necessary to include this hot yoga option. Teekis are my best hot yoga pick yet they are also loved by those who like to workout under the sun or in the water, such as stand up paddleboarders and surfers. Those looking for an athletic pant that handles major moisture may want to consider a pair of Teekis.

You may be curious why I didn’t rank them first or second. A few reasons are behind my decision. Teekis may not be the best yoga pants for everyone reading this review. One look and the bold patterns, prints, and colors simply may not suit all yogini’s style vibes. Teekis are statement pants which yoginis seeking subtlety may skip over.

Sizing is another factor that may rule out yoginis who have difficulty finding the right fit. At the time of publishing, Teeki offers most leggings in size XS to Large with a weight range from 80 to 160 pounds. Although the patterns are plentiful, the sizes could be limiting.

Selecting The Best Yoga Pants

Yoga practice isn’t the only time we reach for our workout pants anymore. The new consensus is that yoga pants are the perfect partner to help us glide effortlessly through a day of errands, work, or shuttling kids around. When I start the day wearing a fresh pair of my favorite yoga leggings, I immediately exhale a breath of relief as I’m reminded of the sweet bliss that comes after a challenging yoga session. Deciding to step into a pair of stretchy yoga leggings inspires me to be mindful while moving my body and sets a beautiful tone for the day.

Choose the best yoga pants for your yoga setting

With such uplifting benefits, yoginis may wonder how to choose the right pair of yoga pants. I consider these 3 main factors when it’s time to purchase a new pair of yoga pants:

1. Touch: Feeling the Best Yoga Pants

Wearing yoga pants can and should be a sensory experience! The first touch will tell you a lot about the features and suitability of each pair. Tuning into your intuition is key. If you don’t like the feeling of a pair, feel free to move on in your search. The best yoga pants are usually those that attract you immediately and encourage you to take a closer look. After all, you’ll want to be wearing them as often as possible to deepen your yoga practice this year. Taking the time to choose wearable workout pants that you love ensures you’ll add convenience to your life.

Touch tells a story. You’ll usually feel whether the yoga pants run warm or cool by running your fingers down the pant leg. Gently hold the fabric between your fingers so the fabric is doubled, then pinch your fingers together and notice the fabric density. If you feel your fingers easily touching one another through the fabric, you’ll know this is on the lightweight side. Alternately, if the fabric feels spongy and cushion-like between your fingers, this means it’s probably a heavier, thicker fabric. When you know what you’re looking for, this test can save time by narrowing down the pairs you take into the dressing room.

2. Comfortable Yoga Pants 

A word to the wise: don’t try to squeeze into a pair of “goal leggings”. Trust me. I’ve tried it and that pair usually ends up going straight to eBay or the donation bin. This is a bad idea you will likely regret. Far too many options exist with yoga pants today. Fabrics range from snug compression to buttery-soft and featherweight second skin that feels as free as if you’re wearing nothing at all.

If you haven’t found your bliss yet in a pair of yoga pants, keep trying until you find what feels great on your body at the present moment. Being comfortable is part of self-love and you’ll feel better about yourself when your pants fit well. Yoga is all about loving yourself and finding peace right where you’re at in the present moment. Even if you don’t feel happy with your progress right now, you’ll be hard-pressed to get results if you feel distracted by an ill-fitting pair of yoga pants.

With yoga leggings, the fit is extremely personal to you, so don’t let sizing sway you – let your feelings lead the way on this purchase! Be sure to give your yoga pants a test in front of a full-length mirror when trying on, whether it’s at home or at a store. Practice performing your favorite yoga pose. If something doesn’t feel right, stop there, make a note of the brand and style, and move on to the next pair. If the yoga pants seem to be working for you, then evaluate the fit while doing a runner’s lunge and a chair pose.

The Mirror Test

With your back facing the mirror, bend over and reach for your toes. Look between your legs at the rear view – is the waistband staying in place? Are you showing off anything you wouldn’t want a yoga classmate to see? Heel-toe your feet apart to a wide stance and check the crotch for transparency (wearing bright underwear can help with this one). Better to test now in privacy than be shocked in the middle of class!

Woman on yoga mat wearing yoga pants and sports bra

3. Performance is Personal

Quieting our monkey mind and deciding on the best yoga mat to balance upon is tricky enough. Then you find there are thousands of yoga pants to choose from. Ever wonder why the options are so vast? It’s important to know that different features and fabrics will help you thrive in different yoga settings. Matching fabric qualities with the type of yoga you’re practicing is essential. Today’s yoga pants are showing up in new and innovative fabrics. We’re seeing companies create their yoga and activewear collections from recycled fabrics – even PET water bottles!

I know firsthand that yoga pants can make or break the entire experience. Too-heavy fabric in a heated class fills up with sweat, and you risk becoming overheated and lethargic. Yet, I’ve found that wearing certain hot yoga pants in a non-heated or restorative class is just as uncomfortable. The cooling effect of some performance fabrics can quickly turn to chilly in a breezy studio. One time I had to cut my sunrise sadhana short before I learned to choose the best yoga pants to keep me cozy while meditating in the courtyard. You get the idea. Know your fabrics and features before you head to the nearest yoga studio.

Recap of our top picks:

Here are the three picks you’ll want to consider:

Best Yoga Pants for Most Women: Beyond Yoga High Waist Stirrup Leggings

Runnerup: Best Yoga Pants: 90 Degrees by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

Best Hot Yoga Pants: Teeki Hot Yoga Pants

Budget-Friendly Tip:

Since there are so many companies and styles of yoga pants now, I’ve often scored amazing deals during manufacturer sales. As long as you’re certain about your size, you are likely to find a gorgeous pair of yoga pants at a reasonable price. Check out the end of season sales when sellers are clearing out inventory. It can be especially helpful if you live in an area with an extended cold or warm season. You can really get your money’s worth with a bit of shopping savvy.

Questions & Answers

Q: Yikes! Why are many major brand yoga pants so expensive, is it really worth it?

A: Okay, let me level with you a bit. True, today many popular yoga pants range from $80 to $200. If you’re not into yoga, it may seem frivolous to spend a $100 bill on yoga pants. But if you’re looking to bring yoga and a more peacefulness into your lifestyle, you may be interested.

A stylish pair of yoga leggings are the foundation of your new favorite outfit – and many of mine have been lately. Add a simple T-shirt and your go-to shoes: boots, wedges, heels – it’s not just about trainers and sneakers anymore! The best yoga pants easily take you from day into night. Imagine starting the day with a gentle morning flow, walking into a casual work day and on to a meeting over coffee. Instantly you’re ready to slip into your ritual evening class without a hitch. So you see that investing in the right pair of yoga pants could make your busy life a bit more simple and less hectic. What price would you pay for that?

Q: I’m new to yoga and still not sure exactly how to choose the best pants for me. What should I do?

A: Not to worry! The best yoga leggings are like a trusted best friend – highlighting your best features, smoothing over the not-so-savory ones, and supporting you through every challenge. Go for comfort and select a medium-weight pair with moisture-wicking properties to get you off to a good start. As you discover what kind of yoga practice lights you up, you will find a pair that’s just right for you.

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