Capital One Journey Student Card: Earn While You Learn

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For students, there needs to be more to life planning than finding out what is happening this week around campus. If you’re in the “student” category, it’s important to be thinking about your credit and your future, while you are having fun (and hopefully getting a degree that gets you a great career).

With that said, having a credit card to use while you are in college can be handy, if you learn how to use it responsibly. The Capital One Journey Student credit card is designed for students who generally have average credit scores and light to moderate spending habits. There are many attractive features for students, and when you can earn cash back on all of your spending, you will have more in your pocket for spending on the weekends.

Earn 1% Cash Back on All Purchases

With the Capital One Journey Student credit card, you will earn 1% cash back rewards on all of your purchases. There is no limit (other than your credit limit) to how much you can spend to earn this cash back. There are no special categories, so use your Capital One Journey Student card wherever you use any other credit card. The cash back rewards never expire, so you can build them up over an extended period of time and save for something big, or you can opt to have them cashed in regularly for some extra dough.

Bonus Rewards

One of the really great things about the Capital One Journey Student credit card is that you earn an additional 25% cash back based on your cash back rewards for each month. This ends up netting you a full 1.25% cash back on all of your rewards. For students, this can be a great gift! It might not seem like a lot of money on a couple of purchases, but it certainly adds up over a couple of months and puts cash right back in your wallet, ready to spend on collegiate necessities or fun and games. You can use the cash back rewards as a credit on your account, or you can request that check be sent directly to you, whatever the current circumstances require in your situation.

No Annual Fee, Ever!

When you use the Capital One Journey Student card, you will never be charged an annual fee. Most credit cards do charge an annual fee for their use, but this one is free, all the time. All you are responsible for is paying off your purchases and any interest that accrues.

Reasonable APR

Although not the lowest around, the Capital One Journey Student credit card offers a competitive 19.8% APR on purchases and balance transfers. It’s true that you can find lower APRs, but not always with the cash back rewards, and it is certainly more of a challenge for students. This card is specifically designed with the college student in mind, ideally one that will keep balances paid off and avoid accruing high debt levels. After all, the student loans are going to leave you in enough debt, you don’t want to add any unnecessary credit card debt to that figure!

100% Coverage in Fraud Situations

Capital One offers top fraud protection, with 0% liability in the event of fraudulent transactions. If your credit card is lost or stolen, immediately report it and you will not be held liable for any unauthorized purchases that are made. This is certainly wonderful peace of mind when it comes to your credit, because you are at a point in your life when you need to be building it up—one instance of fraud can set you back years if you are not properly protected.



This card is a great option for those college students who are looking to build up their credit history while earning some cash back on their purchases. Just as an example, if you spend $1000 per month on expenses, you will earn $10, with an extra $2.50 bonus cash back. After six months at this rate, you will have a cash back reward of $75. That’s enough to make a dent in your spending money, and well worth the investment for any student. Who wouldn’t take $75 for free?

Compare the options and you will find that the Capital One Journey Student card has everything you need and more. With additional perks like car rental insurance, 24-hour travel assistance, extended warranties and more, you will find that Capital One is clearly dedicated to making the lives of all of their customers, college students included, easier!