Merrick Bank Secured Visa Credit Card Review

Credit can jump up and down at times, but sometimes, your past causes almost irreparable damage to your credit scores.  Identity theft, fruitless spending, the list can go on forever.  Whatever the case, several banks have caught on to a need for those that need help.   Merrick Bank is one of them that has unveiled[…]

The Open Sky Visa Secured Credit Card

We’ve written about secured credit cards here extensively.  Many people on this earth have had bad ‘luck’ with credit cards in their younger days, either with controlling their spending, or going bankrupt due to outside forces acting on them.  That’s okay.  Life isn’t over. The Open Sky Visa Secured Credit Card is a card built[…]

5 Best Secured Credit Cards of 2014

Secured credit cards are sometimes overlooked in the world of credit card reviews.  No bonuses? No rewards? No points? No thanks, some say.  However, they are credit card products for a reason, because they serve a very important need.  Those of us that have had credit troubles in the past, or a bankruptcy, need a[…]

BankAmericard Secured Credit Card Review

Sometimes, your credit falls below the level that you want it to be.  Sometimes, it’s not your fault, like identity theft, and sometimes it’s those giant chandeliers that you maybe didn’t need.  Whatever the case, there are cards out there to resurrect your credit score from the depths of the FICO underworld.  The BankAmericard Secured[…]

First Progress Platinum Secured Credit Cards

Sometimes, your credit just isn’t where it should be.  Maybe you ran into trouble with employment, and had to miss a few payments.  Or, maybe, in your wayward youth, you made a few ridiculous purchases and never paid them back.  This post isn’t here to judge you.  It’s here to get you back on the[…]

Citibank Secured Credit Card Review

If you’ve already looked into the Citi Secured MasterCard, you might be a bit confused, since there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it in the Citibank website. Your eyes aren’t fooling you – it isn’t there. In order to get the details on this card, you need to head to a Citibank branch[…]

US Bank AeroMexico Visa Secured Credit Card Review

With so many cards available to potential card members, some slip through the cracks.  One card that may have been overlooked by you is the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Secured Credit Card, a card that earns AeroMexico miles (great for those that travel a lot in the SkyTeam network).  The US Bank Secured line of[…]

US Bank LANPass Visa Secured Credit Card Review

There are times when there aren’t many cards that you may qualify for.  One reason the LANPass Visa Secured Credit Card exists is to help those with damaged credit rebuild it through a safe, self-funded method.  The card is great for South American travel in Chile, so let’s check out some cardmember benefits below! Benefits[…]