Cards That Earn Bonus Rewards On Every Dollar Spent

There are plenty of options for cards that earn bonus rewards for spending. These are cards that offer you either cash back or points on each purchase you make. Some of the most popular rewards credit cards will give you bonus points or bonus cash back. The Discover It, for example, offers bonus cash back on[…]

Hyatt Visa Hotel Card from Chase Bank

For those who travel with a degree of frequency, having the right travel rewards credit card is a must. Watching frequent flyer miles, free or discounted hotel stays and travel necessity discounts rack up is part of the fun of hitting the road or the skies, but not all travel cards offer the same benefits.[…]

Marriott Premier Hotel Credit Card Review

Easily one of the largest hotel brands in the world, Marriott has over 4000 properties in as many as 80 countries. Travel to any part of the world and you’ll find a Marriott there! If you’re a business traveler who prefers staying at Marriott hotels every time he/she’s on a tour, or a leisure traveler[…]

Top 10 Points Credit Cards for Everyday Spending Bonuses

When it comes to everyday spending bonuses, you have plenty of cards to choose from. We’ve selected the top ten credit cards for everyday spending, meaning you can get more than a 1% rewards rate on more than one “everyday spending” category, such as gas or groceries. In this post, we’re focusing on credit cards[…]

Marriott Rewards Premier Card Now Offers 70,000 Points

One of the more popular hotel rewards cards, the Marriott Rewards Premier Card, is well known for allowing you to earn great rewards that can be redeemed at Marriott hotels and resorts around the world. This card is a step up from the standard Marriott Rewards credit card, and one you might consider. Especially since[…]

Get 60,000 Points with Citi Hilton HHonors Card

Another sign-up bonus boost?  Say it is so!  Usually, a successful application to the Citi Hilton HHonors nets you 50,000 Hilton HHonors points after meeting the spend requirements, but not so today!  Now, you’ll earn 60,000 Hilton HHonors points at sign-up.  What else is available on the card?  Let’s check out the benefits below!  […]

SPG Card by Amex Increases Sign-Up Bonus

Everyone loves an ‘offer boost’ for that credit card they’ve been watching.  Boy, have the past two months been full of those!  The latest to offer up a little more to ‘sweeten the points pot’ is the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card by American Express.  Usually, the sign-up bonus is 25,000 points, but now, for[…]

Amex Hilton HHonors Credit Card Review

Many other cards from Hilton have been covered on this site.  It seems a little ridiculous that there are four Hilton credit cards spread over two different credit card issuing banks, but this is the world we live in.  This article is aimed at reviewing the most basic of Hilton credit cards issued by American[…]

Earn More Points & Miles with Dining Programs

Some think that dining out is an unnecessary splurge, and that it should be avoided. While it is true that dining out can get pretty pricey, especially if you are drawn to the higher-end restaurants, when you use a credit card associated with a dining program that helps you accrue points for cash back or[…]

A Beginner’s Guide To Points and Miles

Are you a newbie to rewards travel?  It’s a little intimidating, diving into this whole ‘points and miles’ thing.  I know when I first heard about this hobby/lifestyle/obsession, I had a difficult time grasping just where to start my search for information.  Well, if you are like I was at that moment, you’re probably pretty[…]