What are Bitcoins?

Heard someone talking about Bitcoins lately? Did it make you feel a tad bit old, as you had no idea what was being referred to? Were you a bitconfused?! Well, let’s unravel the mystery for you and tell you all that you wanted to know about this new-age digital currency! What’s a bitcoin after all?![…]

Is Apple Pay safe to use?

With the present day society inching closer and closer to the cashless, cordless and wireless way of living with each passing day, there’s no way you could’ve missed the modern-day tech giants urging you to ‘pay your way’ or providing you ‘an easier way to pay’ in the recent times. Apple is one of them,[…]

5 Examples of Mobile Payments

5 Examples of Mobile Payments A recently carried out survey by Accenture revealed that even though 52% of North Americans are well aware of the mobile payments, only 18% use them regularly. High-income households and millennials are the most frequent mobile payment users with 38% and 23% of them using such payment modes at least[…]