Best Messenger Bag for Your Morning Commute

With companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple rising toward the top of Fortune’s 500, the rigid formality of the stereotypical office environment is relaxing. While there will always be a place for a traditional look, an increasing number of 9-to-5-ers at the top of their game are donning innovative, casual attire and accessories. These modern[…]

the best hammocks

The Best Camping Hammock for Camping and Backpacking

Is there anything more relaxing than swinging in a hammock and listening to nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees? I don’t think so! If you are looking for the best camping hammock for your next camping or backpacking trip, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to replace your[…]

Top 6 hidden costs that can trip up your travel budget

A weaker euro and pound has made international travel even more attractive for the average US tourist, especially in a year when the dollar was already going great guns and has been the strongest in the past one decade. Nevertheless, any sort of travel these days involves so many hidden expenses such as tourist taxes,[…]

Comparing the Discover it Miles vs. The Barclaycard Arrival Plus

A number of varied travel credit cards are available to individuals with the wanderlust bug. Utilizing rewards credit cards with extensive travel benefits, from frequent flyer points bonuses or statement credits on travel related purchases, can have a major impact on the total cost of your next big trip. But, it can be a challenge[…]

Is now a good time to travel to Europe because of Brexit?

Hell yeah, say travel experts! It’s no news that UK’s decision of leaving the European Union had sent shock waves throughout the world when the announcement was made on June 23, 2016. Although it may take months and perhaps even years for the full impact of this decision to become evident, one aspect that will[…]

What is Brexit? And how does it impact the American economy?

Technocrats and politicians of all stripes have been doing their best to convince Americans that the recent exit of Britain from the EU is not going to have any economic impact on them. However, is that really so? Let’s find out what the Brexit means and what it means for the American economy. Brexit is[…]