Citi Forward Review: Students Learn and Earn Points!

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College students are not generally known for having good credit. While some have learned at an early age how to budget and manage their money successfully, many are swayed by the endless credit card offers that come pouring in, thinking that there is some free money out there waiting to be spent.

The Citi Forward card is designed to help students build credit while saving money and earning great rewards. The built in features help students get on the right financial track as they are rewarded for financial responsibility. Here are some of the most important features to know about the card before making your decision!


0% Interest on Purchases for the First 7 Months!

Pay no interest on your purchases for the first seven months that you have the Citi Forward card. After this introductory period is over, your interest rate will be determined by your credit score, and may range from 13.99% to 23.99% APR. But, be careful to pay your bill on time, because a few late payments will get you stuck with a high 29.99% APR as a result.

No Annual Fee!

Saving every dollar possible is important for most students, so having a credit card with no annual fee is very attractive. The Citi Forward card has no annual fees, so this means you keep more money in your pocket or to use for tuition expenses.

Start Earning ThankYou Points Right Away, With Great Bonus Offers

Start earning ThankYou points with your first purchase. Earn one ThankYou point for every dollar you spend. After spending $500 in the first three months, receive a bonus of 2500 points, assuming you have paid your bills on time and stayed under your credit limit. Various promotional programs throughout the year may offer additional bonus ThankYou points (sometimes up to 5 points per dollar spent) in certain spending categories or at certain locations.

Reduce Your Interest Rate with Good Credit Habits!

You can earn a 0.25% APR reduction when you 1) make at least once purchase, 2) pay your bill on time, and 3) keep your spending within your credit limit 3 billing periods in a row. This is a simple way for you to save money and pay less interest. You can reduce your overall APR by up to 2 points total during the time that you have this credit card.

Earn an Extra 100 Points per Month Just for Paying Your Bill on Time!

Get rewarded for having good credit habits and earn 100 points each month simply for paying your bill on or before the due date. Not only does this help you earn points faster, but this type of incentive will help you to build up a great credit score by encouraging you to always pay your bill promptly and avoid extra charges. This means you can earn 1200 bonus points per year, just for paying your bill! (Note: This doesn’t apply when you have a zero balance.)

Earn Bonus Points for Having Fun!

Enjoy taking advantage of promotional offers to earn extra ThankYou points for doing things you like to do like going to the movies, eating out or just buying books or music.

Redeem Points for Many Great Rewards

Once you start to accumulate ThankYou points, you can redeem them for a variety of great rewards, ranging from gift cards to your favorite stores, to concert tickets through Live Nation, to travel and merchandise awards. If you prefer, you can redeem your ThankYou points for a statement credit to save some money on your bill instead.

Protection From Fraud and Identity Theft

As with all Citi cards, Citi Forward cardholders are protected from fraud and identity theft. Privacy is always protected, and security is a priority with Citibank.



Students already have to work hard, so why not get rewarded for your hard work and responsibility? The Citi Forward card has many advantages for college students, to help them build up terrific credit for the long term, as well as enjoy the many rewards that can be earned just by using the card for everyday spending.

With so many ways to earn ThankYou points, a great introductory 0% APR rate, and many options for redeeming the points for statement credits or terrific rewards, there are few better options for credit cards for most college students.