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Citi Simplicity Card Review: Yes, It’s That Simple!

Citibank has made a huge effort toward eliminating some of the confusing fine print that has been frustrating for many consumers. When details are buried in endless paragraphs of fine print and disclaimers, it can be difficult to truly understand what you are signing up for, what the advantages are, and what you need to be aware of in terms of disadvantages. The Citi Simplicity card provides just that—simplicity for users.

0% Introductory APR for the First 18 Months

With a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 18 months, you can save yourself oodles of money by not paying any interest. This can help you get out of debt, especially if you transfer balances from higher rate credit cards. All of the money that you put toward your payment goes toward paying off your balance – the bank keeps nothing! At the end of the introductory period, you will have a rate of 12.99-21.99% on the remaining balance transferred or any balance of purchases on your card, depending on your credit rating. Obviously, the better your credit is, the lower your APR will be.

Clear Policies About Fees: None!

The Citi Simplicity has a very clear policy about fees. There aren’t any. None – not any annual fees, not even late fees. There really aren’t any! Most cards will charge somewhere between $25-35 for late payments, but you won’t have to worry about this happening with the Simplicity card. Not only are there no late payments, but you won’t be surprised by a sudden interest rate spike when you make a late payment (usually after you are late twice within 6 months). Again, other cards will bump up your APR, sometimes to nearly 25% when you make a late payment, but your rate will stay consistent with the one you received at the time you were approved for the card, even if you make late payments. This can be a huge relief for those who are not as good about deadlines, or for when money is tight during certain months. Make your payment when you can, worry free, with the Citi Simplicity card.

Low Balance Transfer Charges

When you want to transfer a balance from a credit card with a higher interest rate, you will pay a low 3% charge for the transfer. For example, if you transfer $1,000, your charge will be $30. Some cards charge up to 5%, so you can keep your charges down and put more money toward your balance when you use the Citi Simplicity card to pay off the high interest debt.

Extra Perks for Citi Simplicity

Many of the credit cards that offer 0% APR have fewer perks than those with low or regular interest rates, but the Citi Simplicity offers many of the great benefits of those cards as well. For example, you are eligible for Price Protection from Citi when you use the Simplicity card. This means that when you make a purchase and then discover that another merchant offers the same exact item for less, you can get a refund up to $250 to make up the difference. This may not cover the entire difference (and, you should be aware that this protection does not apply when you make purchases over the internet), but it sure does help, especially when you find a sale price within 60 days on a high-end item, like electronics. Those consumers who are vigilant about price searching will find that they can really get the best deals with this type of protection!

Access to Private Pass

Private Pass is Citibank’s way of offering their customers excellent access to concert tickets, entertainment specials, and more. If you are considering purchasing tickets to a concert, theme park, sporting event or other entertainment event, check with Private Pass first to see what the deals are for presale or premium seating or even VIP packages. Citi wants their customers to have only the best when it comes to entertainment! With no fees to enroll for this great perk, it is something that helps set Citibank apart from the rest.

Get Real Information, From Real Human Beings!

Many of the large banks offer automated support when you have questions, problems or concerns. But, with Citi, you can quickly get a human being on the line to help you resolve any issues that arise. Sure, you can still access balance and payment due dates automatically, but when you really need someone, getting answers is quick and simple, and you won’t find that you are stuck in and endless hold loop listening to bad music.


The Citi Simplicity offers all of the perks that any Citicard holder gets, and more special deals like the ones above! Although this card does not offer any cash back rewards, the extended 0% APR and lack of annual fee or penalty charges makes it a great option for the longterm. Eliminate confusion and try Simplicity today!