Earn More Credit Card Rewards Through Online Shopping Portals

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For those looking to get the most out of their credit card rewards programs, exploring the online shopping portals is a must! Many of the big credit card companies are now offering these portals, and partnering with a wide variety of merchants and retailers, to offer you deep discounts on merchandise and services.

Most of the time they are easy to use and you can really get some great deals if you are willing to shop around a bit. Do you have a few questions about how these online shopping portals work?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Does Every Credit Card Company Offer Online Shopping Portals?

Most of the major credit cards have affiliations with online shopping portals. It pays to check out the options. For example, Chase offers the Ultimate Rewards Mall, while Discover offers ShopDiscover.com to its cardholders. You can use evreward.co to check out the best options before visiting the online shopping portals, to see what the current deals are.

Do I Have to Pay With The Same Credit Card?

This one is a little bit of a gray area. Most of the online shopping portals say that you have to use a certain credit card, but the reality of it is that you usually can use any card that you like. Of course, each credit card that is affiliated with each portal wants you to use their card, because they benefit from that spending, but you can often take your pick and use another if that suits you.

When you use the credit card that referred you to the portal, that credit card usually gets a commission from the merchant. So, by using the credit card to make the purchase, that credit card company gets big benefits in exchange for finding you the great offers through the shopping portals.

Keep in mind that many of the portals may state that you cannot use gift cards, but, in reality, they do not usually detect whether a credit card number is associated with an account or gift card, so you may actually get this to work for you!

How Are the Points Awarded?

When you visit the online shopping portals through a link from your credit card company and then use that credit card to make your purchase, a cookie is stored on your computer that eventually tells your credit card company to add a certain number of points to your account.

There are a few cards that are better at this than others, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card. Other cards are getting on the bandwagon, but are slower to get up to speed.


Online shopping portals not only offer you great discounts on products and services, but you can often get bonus points for shopping there, if you understand the systems that are in place. It is important to understand how the points systems work for your card, because each card may be a little different.

But, finding the best deals is the first step, and then paying for the purchase with the card that is going to offer you the best points rewards is the next step. Once you master this sequence, you will become quite the expert when it comes to accruing points and getting great discounts.

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