Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Policy

WalletPath was created to help inform consumers of the top recommendations of items, tools, and gear based on expert use and opinion. We want to help people avoid the unnecessary stress of sifting through numerous options and reading endless reviews to find the smartest purchase. That is why we work with a team of experts who have personally used the products and can make the smartest recommendations on what to look out for.We have a variety of expert advice ranging from the top coffee gadgets to camping tools. We’ve worked with people from all works of life to get the best information. From electricians with 20+ years of experience to expert musicians, our writers have years of research and practice with these tools. This knowledge helps them better navigate the numerous choices available so that they may offer guidance to our readers.

We know how valuable your time and money is. We know all too well how expensive and time-consuming it can be to find the best products. In fact, that’s why we created this site. We decided to create a space dedicated to helping consumers find quality options, based on actual usage.

Our Process

The products featured on WalletPath are not only well-researched, they are also practical and worthy of investment. From advice on the best baby carrier options to finding the right kayak for your adventures, we’ve got a plethora of subjects to explore. You may even find that item that you didn’t know you needed (but now can’t live without)!

Note that the writers, contributors, and editors at WalletPath work hard to ensure that we follow ethical standards. Our experts aren’t given products to endorse. Rather, they are regular consumers looking for the best options for their money. They themselves have spent hours researching, testing, and analyzing various items and simply want to share their experience with other consumers.

Our Audience

Our guidelines for our expert contributors are that they write about their experiences while keeping their writing reader-friendly. We ask them to write to a general audience and dive deeper into their review if the topic is a little more complicated than normal. Knowledge equals more buying power after all.

Quality is the most important factor to us. Therefore, we always ensure that our contributors know what they’re writing about and our editors confirm the topics. We read through other reviews and incorporate our exclusive Consumer Analytics section based on other consumer reviews.

The products featured on WalletPath have been researched and written to be beneficial to you. We don’t just choose an item because it’s trendy or the most expensive. Instead, we choose items that the average consumer would be interested in. In fact, we often end up recommending and buying these products ourselves!

Affiliate Commission

While we do participate in an affiliate program, our writers are never told what to write about nor are persuaded to recommend anything specific. They are also unaware of the affiliate relationships we have. Our contributors independently provide their knowledge and come up with their own topics.

If our readers choose to purchase items that we have recommended in our articles, we may receive some commission on the sale. Should the reader return the item, we do not make a sale. That is why we work to find the best options available. We have no agenda or motivation to mislead by offering only the most expensive product.

Honestly, we prefer to have our readers trust. In fact, we welcome comments regarding our articles and why they did or didn’t work. While we always aim to find the best, we also believe that having conversations with our readers only helps us to be better. Should an item be unavailable, please leave a comment on the article or contact us so that we may correct the issue.

We geek out over products and hope that it translates to a more efficient buying process for you.