Get Freelance Work Online Using These Platforms

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You’ve probably heard the term “Uber economy” or “gig economy.” Employers are increasingly outsourcing work to independent contractors that their own employees used to perform. Companies are able to cut costs by hiring “on-demand” without having to pay a full-time salary, benefits, or vacation to these contractors. See this post to check out 30 free job posting websites.

Not every job can be contracted out, but the 21st-century employment landscape is differing itself from last century’s employment model. To “catch the wave” you will need to establish yourself as a freelancer on the internet.

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing means that you can work for multiple companies (usually called clients). This might mean you physically travel to various places of business to perform or you might be able to work from your living room sofa. You can freelance in just about anything from graphic design, writing, social media management, or customer service.

As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can work virtually anywhere and perform any task.

While freelancing might sound like a liberating experience in many ways compared working for a traditional employer, it is just like other self-employment ventures. To make a living, you need to work.  When you go on vacation, the articles will not write themselves and most clients will not pay you for vacation. You may have weeks of high unemployment followed by only a few tasks the next week.

Is Freelancing Steady Income?

This largely depends on your niche, desired pay, and web presence. Even the most active freelancers might experience “freelance drought” from time to time when clients do not need any projects completed. Unless you have a retainer to hedge against the lack of work, you do not make money during these times.

One silver lining to slow periods is that you can use this time to learn new skills and refine your own portfolio. Freelancing trends and technology are constantly changing. You need to be flexible to adapting your services to meet the evolving demands of the client.

Where Should I Begin If I Want To Get Freelance Work Online?

As a beginner freelancer, it can be difficult to find steady clients because you do not have an established web presence or reputation. The best advice is to create a portfolio on all the major freelancing platforms mentioned below. Diversify your niche offerings into two or three different specialties.

For example, you might decide to write blog posts, be a social media manager, or design websites. If you can find a one or two clients in each of these various niches, you might have enough work to earn a full-time income.

Depending on your expertise level, you might also have to charge your clients less than desired to secure a job. If you do a good job, you will receive good feedback that other clients will see. With time, you can raise your asking price as the amount of positive feedback will be your biggest selling point. Plus, some of your former clients might also refer you to somebody else.

Websites To Use To Get Freelance Work Online

Whether you are intending to use freelancing to earn a side income or to replace your full-time job, every new freelancer needs to start somewhere. One starting point for securing clients might be calling connections that you have made through networking or through previous employers.

Not every aspiring freelancer has this luxury. That is why online platforms exist that allow you to get in contact with clients searching for the services you offer.

Here are a couple of sites to help you get freelance work online.


This website gets its name from the fact that a customer can buy a “gig” starting at $5. The more time-consuming and advanced the gig, the more you can charge. If you create eBook covers, you could charge $30 or $40 per design.

With Fiverr, you create a profile, upload a picture, and describe the services you provide in a “gig package” with the appropriate price points. Using the eBook cover design as an example, customers will use a keyword like “eBook covers” and the search results will populate with the profiles of several freelancers. If you have completed any book covers in the past, upload these to your portfolio to help win a contract.

Fiverr is very popular with clients because they can get quality work for the fraction of the cost. The adverse effect of this perception is that the earning potential of freelancers is limited. People come to this site thinking they can buy a gig for five bucks, instead of $100, so you cannot price your gigs much higher than that. But, established Fiverr freelancers always have waiting lists and earn a full-time income from this site.


Freelancer works similar to Fiverr and SEOClerk in the manner of advertising the projects you offer. But, the earnings potential is higher here than the other sites (there are cheap gigs here too though). Depending on the project, you can be paid hourly or at a fixed-rate, depending on the client.

There are two ways to find work on Freelancer. Clients can submit a project and make an offer to a freelancer or invite freelancers to submit bids. There are payment protection measures in place that will pay the freelancer after certain amounts of progress are made during the project.

For instance, if you design a website, the first milestone might be creating an “About Me” page, the second milestone will be creating a “Resources” page, and the final milestone might be creating a blogroll.


Upwork is probably one of the best sites to find credible clients and land high-paying contracts at the same time. Upwork’s commission fees are relatively high compared to the others on this list (20% for the first $500 per client & 10% on all earnings from $501 to $5,000), but it is one of the easiest platforms to secure clients. It is easier for freelancers to secure jobs as they bid for jobs using “Connects” instead of hoping you land on the first page of a client’s search results using other platforms.

With the free plan, each freelancer receives 60 connects each month. Most jobs require 2 connects to submit a proposal. That roughly equals one proposal per day. Some jobs are long-term and others are short-term, but clients are seeking all kinds of services, including virtual assistants.


FreeeUp with 3 E’s is a newcomer to the freelancer marketplace. What makes them unique is their approach to qualifying freelancer candidates. The marketplace itself actively recruits and interviews possible candidates in various fields, then selects only the top 1% to be listed as available freelancers. When a business owner needs to hire a freelancer, FreeeUp internally handles the request for skill by selecting a pre-vetted candidate.

They also blog advice on managing remote work and general freelance tips for business owners and workers alike.


The final recommendation is to use Indeed, one of the larger job boards available online. This website posts jobs for full and part-time employment for many industries. But, you can also get freelance work online and “work from home jobs” on this site. You might need a specialty skill and prior experience to qualify for most of these postings, but it can be a good resource to search to find credible companies that will pay decent wages to freelancers.

Get Freelance Work Online: Final Thoughts

With any of these sites, you can get freelance work online and earn an income. One platform might be better for your skillset than another. It can be time-consuming to research and create accounts on all the various freelance platforms. But, the time investment can pay dividends if it allows you to earn a living through freelancing.

It is definitely possible to get freelance work online without using these sites, but it is a lot harder without being established. These platforms allow clients the opportunity to discover you and build a digital portfolio. If clients do not know you exist, it’s hard to find work.

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