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Worksheet 3:

What are My Day-to-Day Expenses?

Part 1

For this worksheet, we’re going to try and get a quick snapshot of your daily spending habits.  You can either fill out this worksheet over the course of a week or sit down and tackle it all at once.  If you have access to your purchase history on a debit or credit card statement, this will be a little easier, otherwise you can just think back and try to remember what you purchased on a given day.


You’ll want to try and do this with your “typical” week – one without any unusual events or changes to your schedule.  Go day-by-day and write down what and how much you spent on daily purchases, and we’ve provided space for you to make additional notes when you feel they’ll be helpful for tracking your spending (ex: “coffee date with Mom” or “purchased graduation present for Steve.”)


Examples of Day-to-Day Expenses:

  • Coffee
  • Restaurants/Fast food
  • Going out (ex: drinks, taxi expenses)
  • Movies
  • Groceries
  • Clothing/Retail
  • Health products (ex: protein powder, vitamins)
  • Hobbies (ex: hunting, gaming)



What? How much? Why?








What? How much? Why?








What? How much? Why?








What? How much? Why?








What? How much? Why?








What? How much? Why?








What? How much? Why?






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