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Worksheet 2:

What are My Living Expenses?

Part 1

You’ll be calculating everything according to a per-month cost on this worksheet, so you may need to break down quarterly or yearly bills.  FIrst, make note of any recurring home-related expenses that you may have.  


Mortgage/Rent Utilities Home Insurance Internet/Phone Child Care
$ $ $ $ $

Next, write down any travel (in the commuting sense, not in the vacation sense) expenses that you pay on a regular basis.  Provide your best estimate for things like fuel costs.


Car Insurance Fuel Car Maintenance Public Transit Access Misc.
$ $ $ $ $

Don’t worry about totals right now, just write down minimum payments in this section.


Credit Card Payments Student Loan Payments Tax Payments Auto Loan Payments Misc.
$ $ $ $ $

We obviously can’t forget health expenses – again, make your best estimate for things like prescription and co-pay costs for a given month.


Health Insurance Prescriptions Co-Pays Medical Debt Payments Gym Membership
$ $ $ $ $

This section has a couple more suggestions for expenses you may have overlooked, as well as a few more Misc. boxes for those expenses we didn’t even think of.


Subscriptions Pet Supplies Misc. Misc. Misc.
$ $ $ $ $


Monthly Total Annual Total
$ $

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