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What is Your Debt Personality?

Part 1


Overspending – You spend more than you earn, whether that’s by $1 or $100.  You may struggle with impulse spending or have monthly living expenses that exceed what you can afford.  




Lost Without an Emergency Fund – You manage to make ends meet each month, but when the unexpected happens you don’t have any emergency savings to turn to.




Secured Debt – You have a car loan, mortgage, or some other form of “collateral” debt that you are currently paying off.




Student Loans – You’ve graduated college and are now living the American dream, but your student loans are starting to catch up with you.  You’re unsure what the best course of repayment is.




Tax Payments – You owed more in taxes than expected or you neglected to file your taxes in previous years and now owe the IRS more than you can afford.



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