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Part 3

What Does My Score Mean?

Part 4
What Does My Score Mean?

Credit scores do not follow a precise guideline, and these scores may carry different values depending on the lender and financial market.  But you can get a general idea of where your credit score falls compared to other consumers and what kind of credit you qualify for as a result.    

meta-chart (2)


This chart may seem daunting, but keep in mind that the average U.S. credit score is approximately 687.  Having a score over 680 will make the vast majority of consumer loans available to you, but you likely won’t be offered competitive interest rates or bonuses until your score is well into the “Good” or “Excellent” range.   


If you have no credit score/history, this simply means that there is no information to report and you have never had credit/taken out a loan.  If you are struggling to be approved for credit because of your lack of credit history, you might consider looking into a secured credit card, which allows you to build up positive credit without the lenders needing to put anything at stake.


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