How to Make More Money Doing what you Already Do Now

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In conversations about how and where you can earn more cash with work and services, the most common answer is that you should pick up a side gig and moonlight on another business venture that you have running alongside your fulltime operation. Freelancing as a side gig is a fantastic way to make extra cash, absolutely, but that isn’t where it stops in terms of how you can pick up more cash.

An unsung answer to making more money while you keep your fulltime operation going strong is that you increase the amount of work and the variety of work you cover during the day. While doing more work may not sound as fun as having a gig on the side, just keep reading and you’ll see that making more money doesn’t have to be about starting a whole new set up outside of your already existing job: you can just add more to what you’ve already got working for you already.

Below is how you can make more money by doing what you are already doing now.


Study the professionals.

The people that get hired the most and can move from job to job with little to no uneasiness are the people who are in demand. The people who are at the top of their fields, the people who are the best at what they do, and the people who are otherwise unignorable in their area of expertise are the people who can essentially decide where they want to work, when, and even decide a good amount of how much they want to get paid while doing it. While this dream scenario may not be true for you just yet, you can definitely and realistically get very close to this level of professionalism by continuing with the tips discussed later in this article.


Don’t be afraid to ask how the pros became pros.

Like how young basketball players who want to make it into the NBA watch clips of their idols dunking and dribbling and expertly weaving through the defense all the way up to the line to execute a perfect and flawless layup, so should you watch what these unignorable experts as they go about their jobs. Find out what they are good at, how they do it, and if you feel you can approach them without immediate rejection or security jumping you (some jobs can be pretty secretive), ask them how they got to be where they are and what they do.

By analyzing what they do, you essentially can replicate it after discovering the basics of how they go about it. With enough studying, you can begin to replicate their success, but in your own style.


Work to stand out from the others.

What makes someone unignorable? Well the answer is a very long one, but it really depends on what you do and can do. Any way that you can make yourself more valuable to your employer is your secret to earning more money per paycheck, and that starts happening when you expand your already existing knowledge and skill set.

Take language for example. If you are reading this, then chances are you speak English, and if your employer speaks English and all their clients speak English too, then speaking English does not really count as a skill now does it? Now imagine if your employer picks up a client that speaks German, or Chinese? What if it just so happened that you speak German or Chinese too?

For people in this position, they are in prime real estate to make themselves more valuable to their employer due to their possession of a skill that is in demand and an immediate help to their employer. You could work as a translator, or even earn a promotion to be a correspondent that is sent back with them to Germany or China to run operations over there! – All because you possessed a skill that most others do not.

This possession of a useful skill will eventually translate into raised paycheck after salary renegotiations and proof that you really can provide what you say you can.


Find training for skills you lack or want to sharpen.

Sticking with the language example, learning another language or picking up a skill that the majority does not can sometimes be expensive for you to pick up if you don’t already have it in your arsenal. Instead of going straight for something like the costly Rosetta Stone, think creatively: how can I pick up this skill without having to pay for it?

If it is a language, you can try your HR department to see if they offer any kind of onsite training or lessons on picking up another language, or even any other skills that they are willing to pass onto their employees to better increase workflow. The company wants the most out of their employees and if you have a desire to acquire more skills to make your employers life that much easier, then the company will always be willing to nurture that desire. It’s worth a trip down to HR or your boss’s office to find out what lessons and education they can equip you with for free, wouldn’t you say?


What does your boss need done that he can’t cover?

If you are having a hard time discovering what someone in your job can really do to make more money while they are already at work, then just take a look at your boss and ask. Check in to see if there is anything you can take off of their plate (considering you have enough room on yours to take on some more). Your boss will be relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about as many tasks, and you will also be placed on his radar of people who are actually willing to step up. Come time a promotional opportunity rolls around or that corner office becomes vacant, your name will more than likely be put on the short list.

So step up and see what needs there are to be done, and if you don’t know how to do them, then go find a way to educate yourself on how. The more you know, the better off you will be due to all the opportunities becoming available to you. Keep it up, and you will become pretty unignorable yourself.


Becoming unignorable.

When you go about making yourself unignorable, you are placing yourself in a position of being in demand. Your ever increasing skill set is what makes you as a worker marketable, and opens up the door to you being able to take your services elsewhere to someone who will appreciate and be willing to compensate for your skills that much more.

If your employer sees that you truly are valuable, and is not willing to compensate you accordingly to stay, then maybe it is time you explore your other options to see who else is willing to pay for your in-demand and highly skilled services.

Chances are that you have established yourself at your current place of employment already, and your employers know just how valuable you are to them. This places you in a positon to bargain with them, and renegotiate your salary terms. The more skills you have and unignorable you are, the higher you can suggest your salary be.


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to earning more at your current place of employment. Really, it’s about finding ways that you can become that much better at your job and that much more valuable to your employers. Learning another language to fill a need, picking up another degree (which many times your employer will pay for, did you know that?), and just finding ways to pick up the slack around your office by working closer with your boss are all ways to make yourself more valuable and unignorable at work. All these things point you to be in a position to start earning more than you already do at your current job. It all starts with you deciding that you want to do more.


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