Introducing the Barnes & Noble MasterCard

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There are always nerds among us, those that prefer the written word to television or film.  I can say that, I’m one of them (at times).  And, for an eternity, the number one name in “brick and mortar” booksellers has been Barnes & Noble.  That business model, of course, has been challenged in recent years by’s dominance.  However, the need for a physical book, immediately, still exists, and Barnes & Noble is the most ubiquitous of the major bookstores around.  Now, there’s a credit card available to you eggheads out there: the Barnes & Noble MasterCard.  Let’s check out the benefits below.



  • Sign-Up Bonus

By no means earthshattering, the sign-up bonus for getting a Barnes and Noble MasterCard is a $25 gift card.  While something is always better than nothing, there are drastically higher sign-up offers out there for credit card members.  If you are loyal Barnes and Noble customer, though, the $25 is a welcome gift.

  • Annual Fee

One benefit of the credit card is that there is no annual fee.  This is properly aligned with the rather small amount of benefits.  However, no annual fee means no cost of ownership if you pay your bills each month.

  • Barnes and Noble Discounts

On every purchase at Barnes and Noble stores, you’ll earn 5% cash back on all purchases.  A notable benefit to this is that it is “stackable” with other discounts you may already have with Barnes and Noble.  This includes your membership discount or any coupons you may be using.

  • Regular Spend Cash Back Bonus

In addition to the 5% cash back at Barnes and Noble stores, you’ll also receive a very standard 1% cash back on all other purchases.  This isn’t anything groundbreaking, but better than nothing, for sure.

  • Bonus Gift Cards

Another side benefit of card ownership of the Barnes and Noble credit card is that for every $2,500 spent on the credit card, you’ll earn another $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.  This is effectively an extra 1% reward back to consumers for regular spending.  Definitely a benefit for major spenders on the card.

  • APR/Cash Advances

APR for the card depends on your credit worthiness.  You’ll either be charged a 13.99% or 24.99% APR when you have a balance on the card, and that’s the same for Balance Transfers.  For Cash Advances, you’ll be charged 25.24%, and if you miss a payment, you’ll be charged 27.24%.  There is a foreign transaction fee of 3% on this credit card.


Obviously aimed at loyal Barnes and Noble customers, this credit card is perfect for them.  However, if you never shop at Barnes and Noble, or only read on an Amazon Kindle, this credit card won’t do much for you.  There are other, more worthy annual fee-free credit cards out there that you can apply for.

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