Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard vs. the US Airways Premier World MasterCard

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Two airlines in the Star Alliance (for now, anyway), Lufthansa and US Airways, both have co-branded cards issued by Barclays.  For Lufthansa, there is the Lufthansa Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®, and for US Airways, there is the The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®.  They each have their unique benefits, so let’s check out which one deserves the last spot in your wallet!

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The Face Off 

  • Annual Fee

The Lufthansa card features a $79 annual fee.  However, one benefit is if you have Senator or HON Circle elite status with Lufthansa, that fee is waived each year.  For US Airways, the $89 fee is to be paid regardless of elite status.  Advantage, Lufthansa!

  • Sign-Up Bonus

Sign Up Bonus for the Lufthansa Credit card is 20,000 award miles after first purchase or balance transfer.  To earn another 30,000 award miles, cardmembers will have to spend $5,000 within the first 90 days of account opening.  For the US Airways Credit card, you’ll get 40,000 bonus miles, plus 10,000 miles with a balance transfer within 90 days of account opening.   I believe the advantage goes to Lufthansa for this one, but things may change after December 15th, when the current 50,000 point offer expires.

  • Bonus Miles

Earning Lufthansa miles on your credit card is easy when you get two points per dollar spent on Lufthansa and the Miles and More Integrated Airline Partners.  You’ll receive one mile per dollar on every other dollar spent.  That offer is identical for the US Airways credit card.  It’s a tie!

  • Extra Benefits

The Lufthansa card offers a free companion ticket after the first year of cardmembership and no foreign transaction fees.  The US Airways credit card offers the chance to redeem US Airways award flights for 5,000 fewer miles, Zone 2 boarding, and annual companion ticket for $99, first class check-in, and a free US Airways day pass each year.  While no foreign transaction fees is a powerful benefit, I think for domestic travelers, the US Airways card is a better fit.



I think that while there is a $10 cheaper annual fee, the US Airways Premier World MasterCard wins in a landslide.  With more bonus points earned for a first purchase, first class benefits at check-in, Zone 2 boarding, a free day pass, and 5,000 fewer points needed for award tickets on US Airways, I see the extra $10 as easily justified.

Thus, I would recommend US Airways for anyone planning to fly domestically.  However, if one does a lot of travel to Europe, things change.  The foreign transaction fees abroad can really add up, so not getting charged fees in other countries is huge.  Also, Lufthansa will have more award availability in first class and more award space for flights to Europe than US Airways, even though you can redeem US Airways miles on Lufthansa flights.


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