MGM M Life Rewards Credit Card Review

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If you’re someone who visits the Las Vegas casinos pretty often, you’d be aware that the dozen plus MGM Resorts on the strip have ended their long-time policy of providing free parking. The new parking rates vary from property to property and are in the range of $8 to $18 per day for the self and valet parking facilities. This may prove to be a huge deterrent for people who used to just parks their cars, play for a few hours, and then leave.

MGM MLife Cards

However, you need not worry about any such parking woes if you have the MGM Resorts’ also recently launched M Life Credit Card! This card not only saves you the parking charges, but also gets you other benefits like discounted stays, priority reservations, free room upgrades and much more. Let’s carry out a detailed review of this card and see if it’s really worth carrying in your wallet.

MGM Resorts launched this new M Life Rewards credit card in collaboration with the First Bankcard, a First National Bank of Omaha’s division, and one of the leading issuers of credit cards. The rewards program is open to all the guests, and is targeted at transforming the everyday visitors to MGM properties into VIPs. The card holders get rewarded for almost every dollar they spend at the renowned MGM destinations throughout the US.

Some quick facts related to the card

  • The website has been specially set up to enable cardholders to go through the personalized offers and create their own itineraries. Furthermore, members can stay updated about their current tier credits, PointPlay, FreePlay, Express Comps, tier level and other M Life info through the M Life mobile app.
  • Card holders can earn rewards at 15 different MGM resorts destinations throughout US, including Detroit, Mississippi and Las Vegas. The rewards can be earned on dining, spas, entertainment, stays, casino play and more attractions.
  • Benefits, rewards and various offers increase with every tier level, starting from the basic Sapphire status and advancing onto the Pearl, Gold, Platinum and the invitation-only Noir status.
  • The extent of benefits vary depending on the tier level of the card, and reflect in the special room offers, priority reservations, room upgrades, VIP services, presale access to flight tickets, privileged access to concert tickets, show-seating upgrades and much more.
  • The VIP access facility isn’t just limited to the MGM properties and can be availed at various M Life preferred partners.
  • Some of the participating resorts in the promotion are MGM Grand, Aria, Delano Las Vegas, Excalibur, Beau Rivage, Vdara, The Signature MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, The Mirage, Gold Strike, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, New York – New York, Bellagio and MGM Grand Detroit.
  • The M Life membership comes free of cost.

Some main benefits of the card

Following are some of the primary marketing points of the MGM M Life Rewards card:

  • A sign up bonus of 10,000 points, provided you spend at least $ 1000 during the first three months.
  • The point structure of the card is as follows:
  • 3 points for every dollar spent at the M Life rewards destinations.
  • 2 points for every dollar spent at supermarkets and gas stations.
  • 1 point for every dollar spent everywhere else.
  • Zero foreign transaction fees
  • Zero annual fee
  • Priority check-in facility at all the M Life rewards destinations
  • Points earned on the card can be redeemed for Express Comps or FreePlay.
  • 1 tier credit awarded for every point earned
  • Automatic upgrade of the status to the Pearl level, which gets you buffet-line pass and complimentary self-parking at various M Life rewards destinations in Las Vegas and much more.

The actual worth of the points

How a rewards credit card fares depends a lot on how the points earned on it can be redeemed. As also mentioned above, the points earned on MGM M Life card can be redeemed for Express Comps or FreePlay at various M Life destinations. Let’s look into these two in some detail below:

  • As evident from its name, FreePlay refers to the basic gambling credits. You can use these credits for a large majority of video poker and slot games.
  • Express Comps on the other hand are resort credits. So, anything charged to a room can possibly be paid via Express Comps. These comps are basically perceived as the fastest, best and most convenient method to comp oneself at various M Life hotels, entertainment venues and restaurants. So, if you get that sudden urge to eat something while gambling in the casinos, you can use these comps for grabbing a bite at the closest participating venue. As they appear in their actual dollar value, these Express Comps make rewards’ redemptions simpler and transparent.

Every M life point is equivalent to 1 cent, no matter whether you use it in the form of FreePlay or Express Comp. Hence, the signup bonus of 10,000 points can be converted into $ 100. Please also note that you must redeem at least 1000 points or $ 10 while using them for the Express Comps. The Express Comps are capped at $ 5000 in general and at $ 10,000 in case of Noir status.

Different status levels

The different status levels of the card is another major benefit apart from the different bonus categories and the signup bonus. An automatic Pearl status is granted to all cardholders if they keep their cards in good standing and constantly active. In addition, 1 tier credit is awarded for every M Life point earned.

Pearl Status

Every cardholder signs up with the basic Sapphire status and gets graduated to the Pearl status by earning 25,000 tier credits or maintaining good account activity. Some of the benefits of Pearl status are:

  • 10% discount at all participating retail outlets
  • 10% bonus on the Express Comps and points
  • Buffet line pass at various M Life rewards destinations in Las Vegas
  • Complimentary self-parking at various M Life rewards destinations in Las Vegas

Gold, Platinum and Noir status

Following are some of the respective unique benefits of these three different status levels:

Gold status – Earned by accumulating 75,000 tier credits

  • VIP access to various pool day clubs and nightclubs
  • Priority check-in at various hotels
  • 20% bonus on the Express Comps and points

Platinum status – Earned by accumulating 200,000 tier credits

  • Annual complimentary Royal Caribbean Cruise
  • Priority taxi and valet service
  • 15% discount at all the participating retail outlets
  • 30% bonus on the Express Comps and points

Noir status – Earned by invitation only

  • Annual complimentary Royal Caribbean Cruise
  • Complimentary limousine service from and to the airport
  • 40% bonus on the Express Comps and points
  • Guaranteed reservations at various restaurants, shows and rooms

Status match with Hyatt

Please note that M Life and Hyatt have a strategic partnership with each other. So, if you already have a Hyatt Card, you can match it to a corresponding M Life card status and enjoy its benefits.

  • The basic membership Hyatt card can be matched to the Sapphire status M Life card
  • The Platinum status Hyatt card can be matched to the Gold status M Life card
  • The Diamond status Hyatt card can be matched to the Platinum status M Life card

Final Verdict

Considering that many resorts and hotels on the strip have started charging for parking, you may simply be interested in this zero annual fee card for enjoying free parking benefit. How often you’d actually get to use that free parking facility is something you need to consider. Signup bonus isn’t exceptional as you’re getting only around $ 100 value. There are plenty of other rewards credit cards out there that give you better cash bonus. Bonus spending categories aren’t too interesting either, when compared to other rewards cards. So, get it only if you’re a regular at Las Vegas and that too at the MGM properties.

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