New 100,000 Marriott Business Credit Card Offer from Chase

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There are a ton of reward programs out there, but not all are created equal. Signing up for a good deal that automatically gives you points for spending a minimum amount is exactly what you should be looking for. The Marriott Rewards program is currently offering 100,000 points on its business credit card (application here: as a bonus after you spend 5,000$ in the first 3 months. This deal is amazing considering you would have to spend 20,000$ at Marriotts around the world to accumulate that many reward points. This makes it an absolute steal for anyone who can grab this offer.


Marriott points can be used on so much more than just hotel rooms. With their points you can splurge on yourself with a little shopping. 100,000 points can get you the next big tech item you have been wanting like Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch (55,000 points), or you can spend it on something to block out all the sun on those sandy beaches you are sure to visit with left over points after getting some Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses (55,000 points). Shopping not only is a great way to spend a few points, but it makes buying your next new toy a little easier on your wallet. With 100,000 points in the Marriott Rewards program some serious shopping can be done without having to spend a single extra dollar. This is the perfect way to splurge on something for yourself or a loved one or for helping take a bite out of that Christmas list that never seems to end.

If shopping is not your cup of tea, you can also book your next cruise through Marriott’s reward program. Cruises start at 149$ and for every 63,000 points you have you get 250$ worth of credit you can use, which will bring your price for a cruise for two as low as about 50$! This also means you would have enough points left over for some shopping, flying, or any other services the Marriott rewards program has. While cruising is a wonderful way to spend your points, you also get 6 points per dollar spent on up to 60,000 points on the cruise when you book a balcony or suit room! This is more points offered per dollar than any other way through the Marriott Rewards program.
Maybe you’re not a shopper, and cruising makes you sick. Maybe you’re more of the giving type and have a huge heart. The Marriott Rewards program has an amazing set of non-profit organizations they team up with where you can use points to give as donations. The organizations include some really amazing non-profits including the Children’s Miracle Network, Peace One Day, and Habitats for Humanities. Not only does giving back feel good, but finding a cause that hits close to home, or one that you are just truly passionate about and helping them out is a wonderful thing to do. Everyone needs a little light in their life and by helping out those organizations you can be helping building houses, giving kids second chances, and so much more. This is one of the most meaningful ways your Marriott points can be used. You can give a portion of your points (2,500 is 5$) and feel great about yourself! With the rest you can shop, cruise, or whatever else floats your boat!

The Marriott Business Credit Card’s 100,000 point offer is one that you should not miss out on. The points can be used for so much from shopping, to giving, to cruising. These points can be used all over the world and are very versatile compared to other rewards programs out there. With 100,000 points you can get the latest tech gadget you have been eyeing, you can grab a quick cruise for you and your love, or so much more. These points normally would take a ton of spending to accumulate, and with so many options these points are some of the best. The Marriott Business Credit Card not only gives you great points per dollar conversion on everything you buy (from 1:1 all the way up to 6:1), these points have a lot of bang for their buck. Grab this deal while you can, it is sure to not disappoint.

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