Review of the USAA Cash Rewards Credit Cards

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Cash rewards credit cards are among the most popular. Although travel cards offer some great perks, not everyone takes advantage of redeeming those hard earned points. Cash, on the other hand, is always appreciated and nearly always redeemed.

Let’s take a look at the USAA Cash Rewards cards to see what they have to offer, and perhaps help you make the choice regarding which of the many credit cards available is right for you.

Three Cash Rewards Choices From USAA

USAA offers three great choices in the category of cash rewards cards, the USAA Cash Rewards® World MasterCard®, USAA Cash Rewards® Visa®, and the USAA Cash Rewards® American Express®. The points earned for USAA cards is somewhat different than what you might expect from other cash back rewards cards, and, the accumulation of points tends to be a little lower. In addition, there are not any bonus or rotating categories, so there are fewer opportunities for you to pack on the points.

Points Reward Earning Schedule

As we mentioned, the points earned with the USAA cash rewards programs are at a different rate than some of the other front runners. With USAA, you will earn a rewards rate that is based on your spending. In other words, the more you spend, the higher your rewards rate will be. Here is an example of the rewards earning schedule:

Amount Spent Yearly:                     Rewards Earning Rate:

$0-5,000                                              0.45%
$5,000-10,000                                    $22.50 plus 0.85% on net purchase amount over $5,000
$10,000-17,000                                  $65.00 plus 1% on net purchase amount over $10,000
$17,000 and above                            $135 plus 1.25% on net purchase amount over $17,000

As you can see, those who have higher spending amounts are going to see the most benefits when it comes to the cash back rewards. Those with spending on the lighter end will not accumulate large amounts of cash back very quickly. Rewards are disbursed yearly, every January, and the amount of cash back that you can earn is unlimited.

How to Get More Points

There are a few ways that you can earn more points, in the form of online shopping discounts through the USAA MemberShop Portal. Here you can make purchases from a wide variety of partner merchants and get nice discounts and rebates. This definitely helps to offset the somewhat lower cash back earning rates.

Other Great Benefits

When it comes to cash back rewards cards, USAA may not be offering the highest earning rates, but they also charge no annual fees and have fairly low and very competitive APRs to offer. So, while there may not be sign up bonuses of cash back or other rewards, you can enjoy a consistently low interest rate and never pay an annual fee.

USAA is a highly respected financial institution, one that has customers that have been loyal for decades because of the quality service and value. USAA is only open to those in the military or those in military families, and by limiting their customer base, they are able to focus on the highest levels of service.


Although the USAA cards may be lacking some of the bells and whistles offered by some of the other major credit cards these days, if you are a member of the military, then you may want to take advantage of the benefits offered. In addition to the cash back rewards, there are benefits for those cardholders who may be deployed, including deferred interest, no foreign transaction fees, and more.

This is a bank that is very respected and has consistently high reviews, so don’t pass over their offers too quickly, without taking a closer look!

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