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Online shopping portals are extremely popular, and nearly every credit card company now offers one to cardholders, giving them some really great deals or opportunities to earn extra points. They are pretty easy to use and most of them work in similar ways, let’s take a look at some tips for getting the most out of them. Shop Discover is one of the best when it comes to great deals, so we will focus for now on how to best use that one!



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Here are three ways that you can maximize your savings and your points earnings with ShopDiscover!

  1. Review the retailer list before making any purchases. Basically, you should always make it a habit to see if a retailer you are about to make a purchase from is associated with ShopDiscover. You will be delighted to find out that may companies that you do business with already are, and that you can get some great deals on items you were planning on purchasing anyway. And, since the list is ever-changing and ever-growing, it is important to stay on top of it to prevent missing any great bargains.
  2. Maximize your Discover points redemption. Sure, getting a statement credit or cash back in your checking account is great. But, what can be even greater is that you can get even better deals by redeeming through ShopDiscover. For example, you might get a $25 gift certificate for only 20,000 points—which would only be $20 if you took the cash redemption. So, basically, consider all of your options before redeeming.
  3. Use coupon codes wisely. Make sure that, if you are using a coupon code, that you have it ready before you go to the ShopDiscover portal. If not, then when you click on the coupon code, you may be redirected to a different place—with a different cookie placed on your computer, effectively clearing out the one for the ShopDiscover portal and affecting your points. Understand how this works before you use any coupon code, no matter how great it might sound. Most coupon codes are associated with some affiliate and when you click through, that affiliate gets the commission. Make sure you are getting the best of both worlds by knowing the coupon code but accessing the merchant through the ShopDiscover portal.

Discover was among the very first to offer online shopping portals, and they have one of the most extensive portals around with an endless selection of merchants and deals, and some of the best point earning options, too.

When you enter the ShopDiscover portal, a cookie is placed on your computer’s browser, and when you make a purchase, you end up getting credit and points for your purchase. Discover gets a commission for your shopping, and this is another reason that they are able to pass along such great deals to their customers.

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