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Barclaycard Announces New AAdvantage Aviator Cards

As the US Airways and American Airlines merger becomes more of a reality, many customers are wondering what will happen to their miles, whether a new frequent flyer program will arise from the merger or how it might change. The details are not yet finalized, and the timing is not completely pinpointed, but there are[…]

A Comparison of the Top 3 Fixed Value Travel Rewards Cards

Travel credit cards offer some of the best rewards in the business. Usually you can earn tons of points, and, in some cases, these points can be redeemed for travel rewards worth more than $1 per point. Let’s take a closer look at the top three fixed value travel reward cards that you can choose[…]

The Chase Freedom Quarter 4 Spending Bonuses, 2014

Chase has announced its Quarter 4 spending bonuses for the Chase Freedom card. When you shop in these categories, you will earn 5% cash back on all of your purchases, up to a total of $1,500 in spending. This adds up to a bonus of up to $75, right in your pocket! For the final[…]

Capital One BuyPower Credit Card Review

For Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac loyalists, your card has arrived! With the Capital One BuyPower credit card, you can earn tons of points that can go toward the purchase of your next vehicle. Use this card over the course of a year or two and you will find that you can build up a great[…]

Card Comparison: The Discover it and the Discover it Chrome

Discover it offers two different options for you—the regular Discover it and the Discover it Chrome. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences so that you can decide if one or the other is better for you. Each of these cards currently offers two separate ways to enjoy the benefits, so, hopefully we[…]

The Best Credit Cards for Restaurant Dining

Love dining out? Then maybe getting a credit card that helps you specifically earn points for dining is a great idea for you. There are several cards out there that are aimed toward those who just love being in restaurants—whether you prefer sitting on a nice outdoor deck during the warm summer months, or cozying[…]

Introducing the Discover it Chrome Card

The latest offering from Discover, the Discover it® chrome credit card actually has two different offers available to applicants. Both are great offers and very attractive to just about anyone. Let’s take a look at what the Discover it Chrome has to offer and you can decide for yourself which offer you like best! Apply Now:[…]

Introducing the Discover it Chrome for Students

It’s not always easy for students to get approved for credit cards, and there are only a few decent ones out there. Fortunately, Discover recognizes the need for students to begin building their credit and offers several great options for student credit cards, including the Discover it Chrome. Let’s take a look at some of[…]

Why You Shouldn’t Apply for the Wells Fargo Cash Back Card

For those already doing banking business at Wells Fargo, the Wells Fargo Cash Back credit card may seem like the next logical step in your relationship. With a hearty 3% cash back on certain categories (drug store, grocery and gas station purchases), the card offers the everyday person plenty of opportunities to maximize their cash[…]

Earn More Rewards with Chase Freedom Cash Back Boost

With the Chase Freedom® cash back rewards already being pretty fantastic, you might find it hard to believe you can do better. But, when you use the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal to redeem your rewards, you can get some really amazing deals through their Cash Back Boost. With hundreds of merchants to choose from, you can certainly[…]