JetBlue Plus Card

A Review of the Three New JetBlue Cards

Anyone who travels frequently knows it can get a bit pricey. This is why major card companies such as Chase, American Express, etc. have come up with a “frequent traveler miles” system that allows a card holder to gain miles to travel with every purchase made; allowing for an easier and more affordable way to[…]

Airline Credit Cards that Offer FREE Checked Bags

There’s a lot of schlepping involved with traveling.  Some people, it seems, brings their entire closet with them when they go abroad.  However, for the vast majority of us, one or two checked bags is enough to get us through a typical vacation. With the increase in budget cuts of airlines, and their insistence on[…]

Korean Air SKYPASS Visa Signature Review

US Bank may be a bank that you normally not think of as a travel credit card issuer, but, in fact, they do!  One such credit card is the Korean Air Skypass Visa Signature card.  There is a business version of this card as well, with a smaller bonus of 10,000 miles.  The sign-up bonus[…]

Frontier Airlines World MasterCard Offers Two New Great Options!

Barclays Bank has done it again, with another great offer for a travel rewards credit card. The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard offers many advantages for those with great credit, and getting to your next travel destination is going to be much easier with the number of points that you can earn by using this card. For[…]

Best Airline Travel Credit Cards for 2014

We all need to fly somewhere one of these days.  Credit cards help us do that.  One strategy for many is the sign-up bonus, another is the bonus points you earn from spending in varied categories.  This post is to view several credit cards co-branded with airlines that offer some of the best deals for[…]

US Bank LifeMiles Visa Signature Travel Rewards Credit Card Review

The US Bank LifeMiles Visa Signature card is fairly standard as far as airline cards go. It lets you accumulate miles for the Avianca and TACA airlines, which primarily serve South America. Thus, this travel rewards card would be good to pair with the LANPASS card if you are looking to travel to South America[…]

US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Credit Card Review

If you travel to Mexico often, or would like to, you would have to be “loco” to pass up the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature credit card. Just for using the card, either paying the annual fee or making just one purchase, you get 20,000 bonus miles. That’s enough for a one way ticket from[…]

Barclay’s US Airways Dividend Miles Premier World Credit Card Review

  Edit: The US Airways rewards credit now has a sign-up bonus of 40,000 miles after your FIRST purchase!  Edit: American Airlines and US Airways are merging, and the US Airways card will be disappearing in 2015. You may want to get it while you can!    Link: The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®   The[…]

US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Credit Card Review

If it’s air travel that you are after, the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards credit card has you covered. This card offers a solid and flexible rewards schedule and the possibility of really maxing out your value when it comes time to redeem points. You get 2 points per $1 in the category you spend[…]