The Best Secured Credit Cards

The Best Secured Credit Cards Credit cards provide a method of funding for some of life’s unexpected or major expenses, but these revolving credit accounts are not readily available to certain individuals. If you are just starting out in your financial life and have not yet established a credit history or profile, securing a new[…]

First Progress Platinum Prestige Secured Credit Card

First Progress is offering a variety of options for those seeking secured credit cards. The First Progress Platinum Prestige MasterCard Secured credit card offers all of the advantages of any MasterCard, and, while being a secured credit card, can help you build up credit if you have none or if your credit is poor. Secured[…]

Credit One Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card Review

For those folks who may have struggled with credit issues in the past, the Credit One Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card may be just the solution as you are trying to pull yourself back into the world of good credit. This card offers plenty of benefits and perks, and can help you to bring your[…]

Easy Approval Credit Cards for Those with Bad to Fair Credit

You certainly do not have to have pristine credit in order to qualify for a credit card. There are easy approval credit cards for those with bad to fair credit. While great credit will definitely get you better perks, you can still get a card that will help you to rebuild your credit, and the[…]

American Express Serve: Prepaid Debit at its Best

With prepaid debit cards making a huge dent in the way people are using credit and spending money, American Express offers up the American Express serve card, a prepaid debit card with some very attractive features. Prepaid debit cards are great for people with limited budget, tight constraints on spending, poor credit, or those who[…]

Merrick Bank Secured Visa Credit Card Review

Credit can jump up and down at times, but sometimes, your past causes almost irreparable damage to your credit scores.  Identity theft, fruitless spending, the list can go on forever.  Whatever the case, several banks have caught on to a need for those that need help.   Merrick Bank is one of them that has unveiled[…]

The Open Sky Visa Secured Credit Card

We’ve written about secured credit cards here extensively.  Many people on this earth have had bad ‘luck’ with credit cards in their younger days, either with controlling their spending, or going bankrupt due to outside forces acting on them.  That’s okay.  Life isn’t over. The Open Sky Visa Secured Credit Card is a card built[…]

5 Best Secured Credit Cards of 2014

Secured credit cards are sometimes overlooked in the world of credit card reviews.  No bonuses? No rewards? No points? No thanks, some say.  However, they are credit card products for a reason, because they serve a very important need.  Those of us that have had credit troubles in the past, or a bankruptcy, need a[…]

BankAmericard Secured Credit Card Review

Sometimes, your credit falls below the level that you want it to be.  Sometimes, it’s not your fault, like identity theft, and sometimes it’s those giant chandeliers that you maybe didn’t need.  Whatever the case, there are cards out there to resurrect your credit score from the depths of the FICO underworld.  The BankAmericard Secured[…]

Capital One Secured: a credit lifesaver

Maybe you’re recovering from some poor decisions. Or maybe you don’t have much of a credit history at all. Either way, don’t despair — the only way to get more credit is to use what you’ve got. And you do want to improve your credit score, because a low one will haunt you when you[…]