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Barclay’s US Airways Dividend Miles Premier World Credit Card Review


Edit: The US Airways rewards credit now has a sign-up bonus of 40,000 miles after your FIRST purchase! 

Edit: American Airlines and US Airways are merging, and the US Airways card will be disappearing in 2015. You may want to get it while you can! 


Link: The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®


The US Airways Premier World MasterCard® could be the ticket to your next great adventure. After paying the annual fee and meeting the tiny minimum spend of just one purchase or balance transfer, you get 40,000 bonus miles.

Combine this with the fact that you also receive a 5,000 mile discount off award flights, and you’re well on your way. With award flights starting at 25,000 miles (or 20,000 miles with the discount), you could use that sign-up bonus to jet off to Canada or Alaska. Or, take advantage of the great off-peak season rates for Hawaii and Europe, which start at just 35,000 miles (or 30,000 for the primary cardholder).

The annual fee of $89 is not waived for the first year, but is totally worth paying for the perks of the US Airways card. After you pay it and every year that you do thereafter, you receive a kit in the mail that includes an airport lounge day pass for one use, a coupon for a $75 discount off US Airways Club Membership (which also gives you access to United Clubs and Star Alliance lounges), and a Companion Certificate.

The Companion Certificate is good for two companion flights at $99 per year. The companion tickets get attached onto your qualifying flight that costs $250 or more. To be clear, the two companion flights are for one use. You can’t get just one companion flight twice. So if you will only have one companion, the second companion flight will go to waste.

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard® also gets you first class check-in as well as Zone 2 priority boarding. Not having to wait in lines makes the airport experience much better. Plus, if you spend $25,000 in a year, 10,000 of your rewarded miles get converted to Preferred miles, which get you closer to elite status.

Another thing that happens when you meet that minimum spend is that all the award flight processing fees get waived. You still have to pay taxes on those award flights, though. There’s no escaping taxes.

The rewards rate is fairly typical for an airlines card: get 2 miles per $1 spent on US Airways or US Airways Vacations (US Airways tickets bought through another channel don’t count), and 1 mile per $1 spent on everything else.

There’s also a couple other things to be cautious about. First, the US Airways MasterCard has a relatively strict activity requirement. You need to have some kind of activity every six months or else your account could be closed, which includes “forfeiture of all outstanding miles earned.” Second, the bonus is only for first time US Airways MasterCard holders. The T&C warn that if they find out you’ve had one of these cards before, they might take away the bonus or simply charge you for what they think it’s worth!

It’s worth mentioning that there’s a cheaper version, the US Airways World MasterCard (no “premier”), which comes with a $49 annual fee, one $149 companion ticket, only 15,000 bonus miles, reduced rewards earning rate, and less perks. In general, the Premier version will be worth it for most people — the bonus difference alone pays for the annual fee difference for a few years.

Both versions of the card have a foreign transaction fee and no checked bag perks, which we think is totally lame for a card marketed towards travelers. This may not be the strongest airline card, but if you fly (or plan to fly) US Airways a good bit, then you can’t pass it up. Check out our guide to the details below, with the [World version in brackets] where it’s different.


Apply Now: The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®


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