Best Messenger Bag for Your Morning Commute

With companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple rising toward the top of Fortune’s 500, the rigid formality of the stereotypical office environment is relaxing. While there will always be a place for a traditional look, an increasing number of 9-to-5-ers at the top of their game are donning innovative, casual attire and accessories. These modern[…]

The New Hawaiian Airlines Business MasterCard Review

Who doesn’t like Hawaii?  Besides those afraid of islands and beautiful surroundings, Hawaii is a dream vacation for many on both sides of the Pacific.  With great water, beaches, pineapples, and great golf, it’s a major vacation destination for not only mainlanders but also Japanese tourists due to its ‘Middle of the Pacific’ location. Hawaiian[…]

US Bank Business Platinum Credit Card Review

Everyone loves a credit card.  But, with more and more credit cards coming out by the week (or at least it seems like that), which ones are worth it?  Which ones deserve to be in your wallet?  We have a new credit card to take a look at from US Bank this week, the US[…]

U.S. Bank Business Platinum Visa Credit Card Review

Business owners looking for smart ways to save money and increase convenience of spending will find the US Bank Business Platinum card intended for small businesses to be a great choice. Finding a great business card is not always easy, so let us help you sort through the options until you find the perfect card[…]

How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Your Business

Searching for the perfect credit card for your business? Let us help. Small business owners face many challenges during the start up process – developing a business plan, creating sales leads, planning marketing and branding, to name a few. There are plenty of other important decisions to make, too especially when it comes to finances.[…]

Earn more Membership Rewards with the AmEx OPEN Savings Program

Have you heard of the American Express OPEN Savings Program? If not, listen up! Everyone loves a good deal.  And for those who run a small business, every percentage discount counts.  But, many may not know that their business credit card from American Express can save them some money (or earn them some more Membership Rewards[…]

Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card from American Express

With travel credit cards seeming to only be increasing restrictions and limitations, it is important to choose exactly the right one that works for you. Each will have different benefits and advantages, or certain restrictions that would make it less desirable for your unique situation. For business travelers, the choice is easy: the Gold Delta[…]

Business Green Rewards Charge Card from American Express

Membership Rewards points are some of the most valuable points out there on the market.  Its transfer partners, spanning some of the most elite airlines on earth (Emirates, anyone?) and hotel properties around (Starwood!), make it so.  Earning more of these points in a quicker way can benefit a business owner looking to take a[…]

The Plum Card from American Express Open Card Review

There are many options for credit and charge cards out there for business owners.  Between the major issuers, there are literally dozens.  However, each is targeted at a different business owner, as each business is uniquely different.  The Plum Card from American Express may be a card that you have not heard of before, so[…]

American Express Blue Business Card Review

American Express, after taking a look at all of their options, must have 1,000 different business credit card offers.  If one of your businesses can’t be assisted by one of their cards, are you sure it’s a business?  Only kidding.  There’s another option out there for people who enjoy low hassle business credit: the Blue[…]