What Is The Best College Savings Option For My Child?

With the average 2017 college graduate having $39,000+ in student loans and the cost of college steadily increasing, parents cannot begin saving too soon for the college education of their children. As tuition costs continue to increase faster than inflation, simply saving for college with traditional savings accounts isn’t the best college savings option for[…]

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Should I Refinance My Private Student Loans?

There’s no denying that college is expensive. A recent report shows that the average 2018 college graduate has nearly $40,000 in student loans. Depending on the salary of their first “real” job, a graduate might be struggling to make the monthly payments once their student loans enter repayment status. This is where refinancing comes into[…]

This is why it’s OKAY to have a job that has nothing to do with your degree

College is a time that is deliriously difficult. This goes without saying for a long list of reasons that span from “I’m totally broke all of the time!” to “I am buried in essays and reports and projects and have no time to actually be a person!” Before any of those problems come to pass[…]

529 College Savings Accounts

Why Parents Should Establish 529 College Savings Accounts

The majority of parents are not utilizing 529 college savings accounts to save for their child’s future college education. Recently, financial website WalletPath conducted a survey in the United States and found that 68% of respondents either don’t have nor do they plan on establishing a 529 college savings account for their child or children.[…]

Students and Credit Cards

When one enters college, there are very few, but very specific, thoughts on one’s mind.  Graduating, finding a job, and beer money were at the top of my list.  Near the very bottom was my personal credit.  Living in the dorms, existing one ramen cup and Coors Light at a time doesn’t leave much time[…]

Discover It for Students: a class act

Link: Discover it® for Students Between all-night cram sessions and finding new ways to dress up ramen, most college students need a credit card that is simple to understand and, let’s face it, a little forgiving. Luckily, the Discover It for Students card offers all that plus a fairly generous rewards system. This makes it a[…]