What Is The Best College Savings Option For My Child?

With the average 2017 college graduate having $39,000+ in student loans and the cost of college steadily increasing, parents cannot begin saving too soon for the college education of their children. As tuition costs continue to increase faster than inflation, simply saving for college with traditional savings accounts isn’t the best college savings option for[…]

Discover it Chrome for Students Now Offers $20 Cashback Bonus!

Discover is well known for providing great benefits, especially when it comes to credit cards for students. The latest offering from Discover it Chrome for Students features a perk of a $20 cash back bonus, which is always going to be a welcome gift for any student! Here are some of the important highlights for[…]

What’s the Right Age to Get a Credit Card?

What’s the right age to get a credit card? It’s never too early to start building good credit. Well, the average 11-year-old does not need to be thinking about their credit—but any should be learning about responsible spending as soon as they start getting an allowance or earning money from babysitting, odd jobs or a[…]

Introducing the Discover it Chrome for Students

It’s not always easy for students to get approved for credit cards, and there are only a few decent ones out there. Fortunately, Discover recognizes the need for students to begin building their credit and offers several great options for student credit cards, including the Discover it Chrome. Let’s take a look at some of[…]