All that you wanted to know about credit utilization

Credit utilization is a frequently used term in any conversation related to credit scores and/or credit reports. In fact, if you’re someone who keenly follows the concept of credit, you must have definitely heard about credit utilization before and would at least have a vague idea about it. What’s meant by credit utilization? Technically speaking,[…]

Credit Ladder Review

Review of Credit Ladder

Your credit report is an important part of your financial identity. A good credit report gets crunched by crediting scoring companies to produce a numerical score to relay your creditworthiness. This credit score will influence your ability to secure loans and credit cards, as well as what kind of interest rates you will be charged from[…]

How To Dispute Inaccurate Information on My Credit Report

How to Dispute Inaccurate Information on My Credit Report

How to Dispute Inaccurate Information on My Credit Report? You’ve got your eye on a new credit card with great rewards and a sweet sign-up bonus. You completed the application, and you know that it’s just a formality because you have good credit and there will be no problem getting that new card. But then,[…]


The Mysterious Wonders of Your Credit Have you ever asked yourself how long a credit inquiry actually stays on your credit report? Do you even know what a credit inquiry is? These are two questions that you really should know the answer to, and if you don’t know the answers, then I advise you to[…]

Should You Use a Credit Repair Service?

Does credit repair really work? Unfortunately, many of the ads that you will encounter will be for scams that can actually make your credit worse. Or, just take your money and give you nothing in return. There are definitely credit repair companies that are reputable, though, and these may be able to help speed up[…]

The Difference Between a Credit Score and Credit Report

Credit scores and credit reports are not the same thing, though the terms are often used interchangeably. It is important to understand the terminology and use it correctly, especially if you are in the process of applying for any credit or loan. Not understanding the difference and the effect that each of these things has[…]

The Most Common Credit Report Errors and How to Correct Them

You might be surprised to realize how common it is to have errors on your credit report! This is one of the most important reasons that you should be monitoring your credit, at least once per year, to ensure that all the information contained within is accurate and true. Mistakes are easily made, so do[…]

Applying for a Credit Card with Bad or No Credit

Bad credit or no credit — either way, it can be tough to get a credit card. But it is important to do so. Even if you don’t feel like you need a credit card, it remains the best way to build credit and improve your score. A sketchy credit score can keep you from[…]