What’s the difference between the FICO and FAKO credit score?

Ever applied for credit? Then you must’ve definitely come across the term ‘credit score.’ Actually, there are all sorts of credit scores in the lending marketplace, resulting in plenty of confusion among the consumers. Many of them can be seen wondering, “Which credit score should I refer to?!” So, will the REAL credit score please[…]

What makes up my credit score?

The dreaded credit score. It’s a term we’ve all heard on those cheesy commercials for payday loans- “Bad credit? No credit? No problem!” Most of us don’t fully understand what a credit score is and how it functions. But what most of us also don’t understand is just how important our credit scores really are.[…]

Which Credit Cards Offer Your Credit Score for Free?

Getting your credit score often requires you to pay a fee, or apply for a loan or credit card without knowing exactly where you stand. But, that is all about to change! Some credit cards are now offering free credit scores, and they are printing them right on the credit card statements. Because knowing your[…]

Best Ways to Check Your Credit Score for Free

Much has been written on this site about credit score, and how important they are.  For one, they determine whether or not you can get approved for those credit cards you so need!  The best cards for rewards, miles, and points are the ones that are offered to those with excellent credit (at least above[…]

What is a FICO Credit Score?

I remember back in college, that no one knew a thing about credit scores.  ‘If you leave 20% on your card each month, you’ll have a higher credit score, because credit card companies like seeing that they are making money off of you.’  Having the gut reaction that this just wasn’t true, I decided to[…]

Barclaycard and Discover offer free FICO Credit Score Monitoring

Knowing your credit score is important. Whether you’re applying for a new credit card, mortgage, or any other line of credit, your credit score plays a very important role in not only whether you’ll be approved, but the interest rate you will receive. Having a good score can mean the difference in approval, and having[…]

Applying for a Credit Card with Bad or No Credit

Bad credit or no credit — either way, it can be tough to get a credit card. But it is important to do so. Even if you don’t feel like you need a credit card, it remains the best way to build credit and improve your score. A sketchy credit score can keep you from[…]