Review of the Best Online Budget Software

Very few actually enjoy the task of budgeting. Understanding and maintaining a cash flow system for income, bills and savings each month takes equal parts effort and time – and when the numbers fail to create a surplus, the big bad “b” word turns into a despised chore. Fortunately, the fusion of technology and innovation[…]

Where Can I get a Life Insurance Policy?

Discussing life insurance – and one’s mortality – is typically far from a priority in most households. Securing a policy to cover the financial needs left after one passes away, however, is an important aspect of smart money management. Life insurance coverage can be a complicated matter given the number of “flavors” available and the[…]

How Carrying a Credit Card Balance Affects Your Credit Score

Your credit score is not something magically assigned to you for no reason. It comes from a string of events, many of which you have control over, and it has a dramatic impact on your overall financial health. Once you realize the amount of control that you have, much of which comes from understanding how[…]